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University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 

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2013 Suomalainen M, Luisoni S, Boucke K, Bianchi S, Engel DA, Greber UF. A direct and versatile assay measuring membrane penetration of adenovirus in single cells. Journal of Virology. 87: 12367-79. PMID 24027314 DOI: 10.1128/JVI.01833-13  0.52
2013 Engel DA. The influenza virus NS1 protein as a therapeutic target. Antiviral Research. 99: 409-16. PMID 23796981 DOI: 10.1016/j.antiviral.2013.06.005  0.52
2013 Gupta A, Jha S, Engel DA, Ornelles DA, Dutta A. Tip60 degradation by adenovirus relieves transcriptional repression of viral transcriptional activator EIA. Oncogene. 32: 5017-25. PMID 23178490 DOI: 10.1038/onc.2012.534  0.52
2012 Jablonski JJ, Basu D, Engel DA, Geysen HM. Design, synthesis, and evaluation of novel small molecule inhibitors of the influenza virus protein NS1. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry. 20: 487-97. PMID 22099257 DOI: 10.1016/j.bmc.2011.10.026  0.52
2011 Frieman M, Basu D, Matthews K, Taylor J, Jones G, Pickles R, Baric R, Engel DA. Yeast based small molecule screen for inhibitors of SARS-CoV. Plos One. 6: e28479. PMID 22164298 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0028479  0.52
2011 Schaack J, Qiao L, Walkiewicz MP, Stonehouse M, Engel DA, Vazquez-Torres A, Nordeen SK, Shao J, Moorhead JW. Insertion of CTCF-binding sites into a first-generation adenovirus vector reduces the innate inflammatory response and prolongs transgene expression. Virology. 412: 136-45. PMID 21272906 DOI: 10.1016/j.virol.2010.12.053  0.52
2011 Hagan KA, Reedy CR, Uchimoto ML, Basu D, Engel DA, Landers JP. An integrated, valveless system for microfluidic purification and reverse transcription-PCR amplification of RNA for detection of infectious agents. Lab On a Chip. 11: 957-61. PMID 21152489 DOI: 10.1039/c0lc00136h  0.52
2011 Walkiewicz MP, Basu D, Jablonski JJ, Geysen HM, Engel DA. Novel inhibitor of influenza non-structural protein 1 blocks multi-cycle replication in an RNase L-dependent manner. The Journal of General Virology. 92: 60-70. PMID 20881091 DOI: 10.1099/vir.0.025015-0  0.52
2009 Walkiewicz MP, Morral N, Engel DA. Accurate single-day titration of adenovirus vectors based on equivalence of protein VII nuclear dots and infectious particles. Journal of Virological Methods. 159: 251-8. PMID 19406166 DOI: 10.1016/j.jviromet.2009.04.010  0.52
2009 Basu D, Walkiewicz MP, Frieman M, Baric RS, Auble DT, Engel DA. Novel influenza virus NS1 antagonists block replication and restore innate immune function. Journal of Virology. 83: 1881-91. PMID 19052087 DOI: 10.1128/JVI.01805-08  0.52
2008 Rao M, Casimiro MC, Lisanti MP, D'Amico M, Wang C, Shirley LA, Leader JE, Liu M, Stallcup M, Engel DA, Murphy DJ, Pestell RG. Inhibition of cyclin D1 gene transcription by Brg-1. Cell Cycle (Georgetown, Tex.). 7: 647-55. PMID 18239461  0.52
2007 Chen J, Morral N, Engel DA. Transcription releases protein VII from adenovirus chromatin. Virology. 369: 411-22. PMID 17888479 DOI: 10.1016/j.virol.2007.08.012  0.52
2005 Xue Y, Johnson JS, Ornelles DA, Lieberman J, Engel DA. Adenovirus protein VII functions throughout early phase and interacts with cellular proteins SET and pp32. Journal of Virology. 79: 2474-83. PMID 15681448 DOI: 10.1128/JVI.79.4.2474-2483.2005  0.52
2004 Johnson JS, Osheim YN, Xue Y, Emanuel MR, Lewis PW, Bankovich A, Beyer AL, Engel DA. Adenovirus protein VII condenses DNA, represses transcription, and associates with transcriptional activator E1A. Journal of Virology. 78: 6459-68. PMID 15163739 DOI: 10.1128/JVI.78.12.6459-6468.2004  0.52
2003 Spector DJ, Johnson JS, Baird NL, Engel DA. Adenovirus type 5 DNA-protein complexes from formaldehyde cross-linked cells early after infection. Virology. 312: 204-12. PMID 12890633 DOI: 10.1016/S0042-6822(03)00194-6  0.52
2002 Kulesza CA, Van Buskirk HA, Cole MD, Reese JC, Smith MM, Engel DA. Adenovirus E1A requires the yeast SAGA histone acetyltransferase complex and associates with SAGA components Gcn5 and Tra1. Oncogene. 21: 1411-22. PMID 11857084 DOI: 10.1038/sj.onc.1205201  0.52
2001 Kleemann-Fischer D, Kleemann GR, Engel D, Yates JR, Wu JJ, Eyre DR. Molecular properties of matrilin-3 isolated from human growth cartilage. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. 387: 209-15. PMID 11370843 DOI: 10.1006/abbi.2000.2256  0.52
1999 Murphy DJ, Hardy S, Engel DA. Human SWI-SNF component BRG1 represses transcription of the c-fos gene. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 19: 2724-33. PMID 10082538  0.52
1996 Miller ME, Cairns BR, Levinson RS, Yamamoto KR, Engel DA, Smith MM. Adenovirus E1A specifically blocks SWI/SNF-dependent transcriptional activation. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 16: 5737-43. PMID 8816487  0.52
1995 Gedrich RW, Engel DA. Identification of a novel E1A response element in the mouse c-fos promoter. Journal of Virology. 69: 2333-40. PMID 7884879  0.52
1995 Zhou Q, Gedrich RW, Engel DA. Transcriptional repression of the c-fos gene by YY1 is mediated by a direct interaction with ATF/CREB. Journal of Virology. 69: 4323-30. PMID 7769693  0.52
1995 Zhou Q, Engel DA. Adenovirus E1A243 disrupts the ATF/CREB-YY1 complex at the mouse c-fos promoter. Journal of Virology. 69: 7402-9. PMID 7494244  0.52
1995 Miller ME, Engel DA, Smith MM. Cyclic AMP signaling is required for function of the N-terminal and CR1 domains of adenovirus E1A in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Oncogene. 11: 1623-30. PMID 7478587  0.52
1992 Gedrich RW, Bayley ST, Engel DA. Induction of AP-1 DNA-binding activity and c-fos mRNA by the adenovirus 243R E1A protein and cyclic AMP requires domains necessary for transformation. Journal of Virology. 66: 5849-59. PMID 1326646  0.52
1991 Engel DA, Muller U, Gedrich RW, Eubanks JS, Shenk T. Induction of c-fos mRNA and AP-1 DNA-binding activity by cAMP in cooperation with either the adenovirus 243- or the adenovirus 289-amino acid E1A protein. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 88: 3957-61. PMID 1850843  0.52
1989 Müller U, Roberts MP, Engel DA, Doerfler W, Shenk T. Induction of transcription factor AP-1 by adenovirus E1A protein and cAMP. Genes & Development. 3: 1991-2002. PMID 2559873  0.52
1989 Hardy S, Engel DA, Shenk T. An adenovirus early region 4 gene product is required for induction of the infection-specific form of cellular E2F activity. Genes & Development. 3: 1062-74. PMID 2550320  0.52
1989 Choubey D, Snoddy J, Chaturvedi V, Toniato E, Opdenakker G, Thakur A, Samanta H, Engel DA, Lengyel P. Interferons as gene activators. Indications for repeated gene duplication during the evolution of a cluster of interferon-activatable genes on murine chromosome 1. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 264: 17182-9. PMID 2477366  0.52
1988 Engel DA, Hardy S, Shenk T. cAMP acts in synergy with E1A protein to activate transcription of the adenovirus early genes E4 and E1A. Genes & Development. 2: 1517-28. PMID 2850966  0.52
1988 Engel DA, Snoddy J, Toniato E, Lengyel P. Interferons as gene activators: close linkage of two interferon-activatable murine genes. Virology. 166: 24-9. PMID 2457983 DOI: 10.1016/0042-6822(88)90142-0  0.52
1987 Samanta HK, Engel D. Deionization of formamide with Biorad AG501-X(D). Journal of Biochemical and Biophysical Methods. 14: 261-6. PMID 3693798 DOI: 10.1016/0165-022X(87)90051-0  0.52
1987 Gribaudo G, Toniato E, Engel DA, Lengyel P. Interferons as gene activators. Characteristics of an interferon-activatable enhancer. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 262: 11878-83. PMID 3624238  0.52
1987 Vennström B, Beug R, Damm K, Engel D, Gehring U, Graf T, Muñoz A, Sap J, Zenke M. Biological effects of the v-erbA oncogene in transformation of avian erythroid cells. Hormone and Metabolic Research. Supplement Series. 17: 14-9. PMID 2895057  0.52
1986 Samanta H, Engel DA, Chao HM, Thakur A, García-Blanco MA, Lengyel P. Interferons as gene activators. Cloning of the 5' terminus and the control segment of an interferon activated gene. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 261: 11849-58. PMID 3017948  0.52
1985 Engel DA, Samanta H, Brawner ME, Lengyel P. Interferon action: transcriptional control of a gene specifying a 56,000-Da protein in Ehrlich ascites tumor cells. Virology. 142: 389-97. PMID 4060577 DOI: 10.1016/0042-6822(85)90346-0  0.52
1983 Srimatkandada S, Medina WD, Cashmore AR, Whyte W, Engel D, Moroson BA, Franco CT, Dube SK, Bertino JR. Amplification and organization of dihydrofolate reductase genes in a human leukemic cell line, K-562, resistant to methotrexate. Biochemistry. 22: 5774-81. PMID 6661412  0.52
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