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2020 Rebhahn JA, Quataert SA, Sharma G, Mosmann TR. SwiftReg cluster registration automatically reduces flow cytometry data variability including batch effects. Communications Biology. 3: 218. PMID 32382076 DOI: 10.1038/s42003-020-0938-9  0.36
2016 Pichichero ME, Casey JR, Almudevar A, Basha S, Surendran N, Kaur R, Morris M, Livingstone AM, Mosmann TR. Functional Immune Cell Differences Associated with Low Vaccine Responses in Infants. The Journal of Infectious Diseases. PMID 26908730 DOI: 10.1093/Infdis/Jiw053  0.36
2015 Rebhahn JA, Roumanes DR, Qi Y, Khan A, Thakar J, Rosenberg A, Lee FE, Quataert SA, Sharma G, Mosmann TR. Competitive SWIFT cluster templates enhance detection of aging changes. Cytometry. Part a : the Journal of the International Society For Analytical Cytology. PMID 26441030 DOI: 10.1002/Cyto.A.22740  0.92
2015 Brinkman RR, Aghaeepour N, Finak G, Gottardo R, Mosmann T, Scheuermann RH. State-of-the-Art in the Computational Analysis of Cytometry Data. Cytometry. Part a : the Journal of the International Society For Analytical Cytology. 87: 591-3. PMID 26111230 DOI: 10.1002/Cyto.A.22707  0.92
2015 Deng N, Mosmann TR. Optimization of the cytokine secretion assay for human IL-2 in single and combination assays. Cytometry. Part a : the Journal of the International Society For Analytical Cytology. 87: 777-83. PMID 25919308 DOI: 10.1002/Cyto.A.22668  0.92
2015 Kvistborg P, Gouttefangeas C, Aghaeepour N, Cazaly A, Chattopadhyay PK, Chan C, Eckl J, Finak G, Hadrup SR, Maecker HT, Maurer D, Mosmann T, Qiu P, Scheuermann RH, Welters MJ, et al. Thinking outside the gate: single-cell assessments in multiple dimensions. Immunity. 42: 591-2. PMID 25902473 DOI: 10.1016/J.Immuni.2015.04.006  0.92
2014 Miao H, Sangster MY, Livingstone AM, Hilchey SP, Zhang L, Topham DJ, Mosmann TR, Holden-Wiltse J, Perelson AS, Wu H, Zand MS. Modeling the dynamics and migratory pathways of virus-specific antibody-secreting cell populations in primary influenza infection. Plos One. 9: e104781. PMID 25171166 DOI: 10.1371/Journal.Pone.0104781  0.92
2014 Bobo B, Phelan D, Rebhahn J, Piepenbrink MS, Zheng B, Mosmann TR, Kobie JJ, DeLouise LA. Microbubble array diffusion assay for the detection of cell secreted factors. Lab On a Chip. 14: 3640-50. PMID 25079889 DOI: 10.1039/C4Lc00580E  0.92
2014 Rebhahn JA, Deng N, Sharma G, Livingstone AM, Huang S, Mosmann TR. An animated landscape representation of CD4+ T-cell differentiation, variability, and plasticity: insights into the behavior of populations versus cells. European Journal of Immunology. 44: 2216-29. PMID 24945794 DOI: 10.1002/Eji.201444645  0.92
2014 Deng N, Weaver JM, Mosmann TR. Cytokine diversity in the Th1-dominated human anti-influenza response caused by variable cytokine expression by Th1 cells, and a minor population of uncommitted IL-2+IFNγ- Thpp cells. Plos One. 9: e95986. PMID 24788814 DOI: 10.1371/Journal.Pone.0095986  0.92
2014 Naim I, Datta S, Rebhahn J, Cavenaugh JS, Mosmann TR, Sharma G. SWIFT-scalable clustering for automated identification of rare cell populations in large, high-dimensional flow cytometry datasets, part 1: algorithm design. Cytometry. Part a : the Journal of the International Society For Analytical Cytology. 85: 408-21. PMID 24677621 DOI: 10.1002/Cyto.A.22446  0.92
2014 Mosmann TR, Naim I, Rebhahn J, Datta S, Cavenaugh JS, Weaver JM, Sharma G. SWIFT-scalable clustering for automated identification of rare cell populations in large, high-dimensional flow cytometry datasets, part 2: biological evaluation. Cytometry. Part a : the Journal of the International Society For Analytical Cytology. 85: 422-33. PMID 24532172 DOI: 10.1002/Cyto.A.22445  0.92
2013 Sharma SK, Roumanes D, Almudevar A, Mosmann TR, Pichichero ME. CD4+ T-cell responses among adults and young children in response to Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae vaccine candidate protein antigens. Vaccine. 31: 3090-7. PMID 23632305 DOI: 10.1016/J.Vaccine.2013.03.060  0.92
2013 Weaver JM, Yang H, Roumanes D, Lee FE, Wu H, Treanor JJ, Mosmann TR. Increase in IFNγ(-)IL-2(+) cells in recent human CD4 T cell responses to 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza. Plos One. 8: e57275. PMID 23526940 DOI: 10.1371/Journal.Pone.0057275  0.92
2013 Aghaeepour N, Finak G, Hoos H, Mosmann TR, Brinkman R, Gottardo R, Scheuermann RH. Critical assessment of automated flow cytometry data analysis techniques. Nature Methods. 10: 228-38. PMID 23396282 DOI: 10.1038/Nmeth.2365  0.92
2012 Moore KW, Vieira P, Fiorentino DF, Trounstine ML, Khan TA, Mosmann TR. Pillars article: homology of cytokine synthesis inhibitory factor (IL-10) to the Epstein-Barr virus gene BCRFI. Science. 1990. 248: 1230-1234. Journal of Immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950). 189: 2072-6. PMID 22908364  0.92
2012 Qi Y, Operario DJ, Georas SN, Mosmann TR. The acute environment, rather than T cell subset pre-commitment, regulates expression of the human T cell cytokine amphiregulin. Plos One. 7: e39072. PMID 22720031 DOI: 10.1371/Journal.Pone.0039072  0.92
2012 Li X, Miao H, Henn A, Topham DJ, Wu H, Zand MS, Mosmann TR. Ki-67 expression reveals strong, transient influenza specific CD4 T cell responses after adult vaccination. Vaccine. 30: 4581-4. PMID 22554464 DOI: 10.1016/J.Vaccine.2012.04.059  0.92
2011 Wu H, Kumar A, Miao H, Holden-Wiltse J, Mosmann TR, Livingstone AM, Belz GT, Perelson AS, Zand MS, Topham DJ. Modeling of influenza-specific CD8+ T cells during the primary response indicates that the spleen is a major source of effectors. Journal of Immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950). 187: 4474-82. PMID 21948988 DOI: 10.4049/Jimmunol.1101443  0.92
2011 Mace CR, Topham DJ, Mosmann TR, Quataert SA, Treanor JJ, Miller BL. Label-free, arrayed sensing of immune response to influenza antigens. Talanta. 83: 1000-5. PMID 21147350 DOI: 10.1016/J.Talanta.2010.11.002  0.92
2010 Qi Y, Operario DJ, Oberholzer CM, Kobie JJ, Looney RJ, Georas SN, Mosmann TR. Human basophils express amphiregulin in response to T cell-derived IL-3. The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. 126: 1260-6.e4. PMID 21036386 DOI: 10.1016/J.Jaci.2010.08.040  0.92
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2010 Naim I, Datta S, Sharma G, Cavenaugh JS, Mosmann TR. SWIFT: Scalable weighted iterative sampling for flow cytometry clustering Icassp, Ieee International Conference On Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing - Proceedings. 509-512. DOI: 10.1109/ICASSP.2010.5495653  0.92
2009 Hilchey SP, Kobie JJ, Cochran MR, Secor-Socha S, Wang JC, Hyrien O, Burack WR, Mosmann TR, Quataert SA, Bernstein SH. Human follicular lymphoma CD39+-infiltrating T cells contribute to adenosine-mediated T cell hyporesponsiveness. Journal of Immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950). 183: 6157-66. PMID 19864600 DOI: 10.4049/Jimmunol.0900475  0.92
2009 Henn AD, Rebhahn J, Brown MA, Murphy AJ, Coca MN, Hyrien O, Pellegrin T, Mosmann T, Zand MS. Modulation of single-cell IgG secretion frequency and rates in human memory B cells by CpG DNA, CD40L, IL-21, and cell division. Journal of Immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950). 183: 3177-87. PMID 19675172 DOI: 10.4049/Jimmunol.0804233  0.92
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2009 Lee HY, Topham DJ, Park SY, Hollenbaugh J, Treanor J, Mosmann TR, Jin X, Ward BM, Miao H, Holden-Wiltse J, Perelson AS, Zand M, Wu H. Simulation and prediction of the adaptive immune response to influenza A virus infection. Journal of Virology. 83: 7151-65. PMID 19439465 DOI: 10.1128/Jvi.00098-09  0.92
2009 Seavey MM, Mosmann TR. Estradiol-induced vaginal mucus inhibits antigen penetration and CD8(+) T cell priming in response to intravaginal immunization. Vaccine. 27: 2342-9. PMID 19428849 DOI: 10.1016/J.Vaccine.2009.02.025  0.92
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2009 Hilchey SP, Hyrien O, Mosmann TR, Livingstone AM, Friedberg JW, Young F, Fisher RI, Kelleher RJ, Bankert RB, Bernstein SH. Rituximab immunotherapy results in the induction of a lymphoma idiotype-specific T-cell response in patients with follicular lymphoma: support for a "vaccinal effect" of rituximab. Blood. 113: 3809-12. PMID 19196657 DOI: 10.1182/Blood-2008-10-185280  0.92
2009 Wang JC, Kobie JJ, Zhang L, Cochran M, Mosmann TR, Ritchlin CT, Quataert SA. An 11-color flow cytometric assay for identifying, phenotyping, and assessing endocytic ability of peripheral blood dendritic cell subsets in a single platform. Journal of Immunological Methods. 341: 106-16. PMID 19049809 DOI: 10.1016/J.Jim.2008.11.002  0.92
2008 Zaiss DM, Sijts AJ, Mosmann TR. Enumeration of cytotoxic CD8 T cells ex vivo during the response to Listeria monocytogenes infection. Infection and Immunity. 76: 4609-14. PMID 18678661 DOI: 10.1128/Iai.00563-08  0.92
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2006 Kobie JJ, Shah PR, Yang L, Rebhahn JA, Fowell DJ, Mosmann TR. T regulatory and primed uncommitted CD4 T cells express CD73, which suppresses effector CD4 T cells by converting 5'-adenosine monophosphate to adenosine. Journal of Immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950). 177: 6780-6. PMID 17082591 DOI: 10.4049/Jimmunol.177.10.6780  0.92
2006 Snyder-Cappione JE, Divekar AA, Maupin GM, Jin X, Demeter LM, Mosmann TR. HIV-specific cytotoxic cell frequencies measured directly ex vivo by the Lysispot assay can be higher or lower than the frequencies of IFN-gamma-secreting cells: anti-HIV cytotoxicity is not generally impaired relative to other chronic virus responses. Journal of Immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950). 176: 2662-8. PMID 16456029 DOI: 10.4049/Jimmunol.176.4.2662  0.92
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