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2002 University of Alabama, Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, United States 
Genetics, Oncology, Molecular Biology, Immunology
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2020 Chen Y, Hoffmeister LM, Zaun Y, Arnold L, Schmid KW, Giebel B, Klein-Hitpass L, Hanenberg H, Squire A, Reinhardt HC, Dührsen U, Bertram S, Hanoun M. Acute myeloid leukemia-induced remodeling of the human bone marrow niche predicts clinical outcome. Blood Advances. 4: 5257-5268. PMID 33108453 DOI: 10.1182/bloodadvances.2020001808   
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2020 de Camargo Reis Mello D, Rodrigues LM, D'Antola Mello FZ, Gonçalves TF, Ferreira B, Schneider SG, de Oliveira LD, de Vasconcellos LMR. Biological and microbiological interactions of Ti-35Nb-7Zr alloy and its basic elements on bone marrow stromal cells: good prospects for bone tissue engineering. International Journal of Implant Dentistry. 6: 65. PMID 33099690 DOI: 10.1186/s40729-020-00261-3   
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