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2003 University of Maryland, College Park, College Park, MD 
Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Veterinary Science Biology, Microbiology Biology
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2020 Favero LM, Chideroli RT, Ferrari NA, Azevedo VAC, Tiwari S, Lopera-Barrero NM, Pereira UP. Prediction of New Drug Candidates Against the Multidrug-Resistant and Potentially Zoonotic Fish Pathogen Serotype III . Frontiers in Genetics. 11: 1024. PMID 33005185 DOI: 10.3389/fgene.2020.01024   
2020 Sheng J, Ren M, Han Z, Sun J, Zhao Y, Liu S. Genetic and antigenic heterogeneity of GI-1/Massachusetts lineage infectious bronchitis virus variants recently isolated in China. Poultry Science. 99: 5440-5451. PMID 33142461 DOI: 10.1016/j.psj.2020.08.037   
2020 Oscarsson J, Claesson R, Bao K, Brundin M, Belibasakis GN. Phylogenetic Analysis of Strains Isolated from Several Oral Infections Identified a Novel RTX Toxin, FtxA. Toxins. 12. PMID 33143036 DOI: 10.3390/toxins12110687   
2020 Romanò A, Gazzola A, Bianchini V, Cortimiglia C, Maisano AM, Cremonesi P, Graber HU, Vezzoli F, Luini M. From Goats Are Genetically Heterogeneous and Distinct to Bovine Ones. Frontiers in Veterinary Science. 7: 628. PMID 33033723 DOI: 10.3389/fvets.2020.00628   
2020 Gustavo Ramirez-Paredes J, Verner-Jeffreys D, Papadopoulou A, Monaghan SJ, Smith L, Haydon D, Wallis TS, Davie A, Adams A, Migaud H. A commercial autogenous injection vaccine protects ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta, Ascanius) against Aeromonas salmonicida VAPA type V. Fish & Shellfish Immunology. PMID 33011432 DOI: 10.1016/j.fsi.2020.09.040   
2020 Liu B, Wang Y, Liu Y, Chen Y, Liu Y, Cong X, Ji Y, Gao Y. Molecular evolution and characterization of hemagglutinin and neuraminidase of influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 viruses isolated in Beijing, China, during the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 influenza seasons. Archives of Virology. PMID 33145635 DOI: 10.1007/s00705-020-04869-z   
2020 Zilch TJ, Lee JJ, Bressan GC, McDonough SP, Mohammed HO, Divers TJ, Chang YF. Evaluation of new leptospiral antigens for the diagnosis of equine leptospirosis: An approach using pan-genomic analysis, reverse vaccinology, and antigenic selection. Equine Veterinary Journal. PMID 33135163 DOI: 10.1111/evj.13380   
2020 Gao C, Wang Y, Hu H, Zhou W, Yin J, Li Y, Bergmann SM, Wu S, Zeng W, Wang Q. Assessment of a natural grass carp reovirus genotype II avirulent strain GD1108 shows great potential as an avirulent live vaccine. Microbial Pathogenesis. 104602. PMID 33157219 DOI: 10.1016/j.micpath.2020.104602   
2020 Mechesso AF, Moon DC, Kang HY, Song HJ, Kim SJ, Choi JH, Kim MH, Na SH, Kim HY, Jung BY, Yoon SS, Lim SK. Emergence of in Diseased Pigs in South Korea. Microorganisms. 8. PMID 33036214 DOI: 10.3390/microorganisms8101538   
2020 Li J, Bi J, Zhang P, Wang Z, Zhong Y, Xu S, Wang L, Li B. Functions of a C-type lectin with a single carbohydrate-recognition domain in the innate immunity and movement of the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum. Insect Molecular Biology. PMID 33145845 DOI: 10.1111/imb.12680   
2020 Park DH, Park DH, Lee HC, Youn HN, Ju HS, Kim KJ, Go SH, Lee DY, Lee JB, Lee SW, Song CS. Genetic characterization and pathogenicity analysis of recently isolated Fowl adenovirus 8b in Korea. Avian Diseases. PMID 33152753 DOI: 10.1637/aviandiseases-D-20-00097   
2020 Mescolini G, Lupini C, Franzo G, Quaglia G, Legnardi M, Cecchinato M, Tucciarone CM, Blanco A, Turblin V, Biarnés M, Tatone F, Falchieri M, Catelli E. What is new on molecular characteristics of Avian metapneumovirus strains circulating in Europe? Transboundary and Emerging Diseases. PMID 32794302 DOI: 10.1111/tbed.13788   
2020 Neupane S, Ghosh A, Gunther S, Martin K, Zurek L. gen. nov., sp. nov., from the gastrointestinal tract of the biting midge () larva, belongs to a novel lineage fam. nov., ord. nov. and classis nov. of the phylum . International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology. PMID 33125314 DOI: 10.1099/ijsem.0.004543   
2020 Cox GJ, Griffith B, Reed M, Sandstrom JD, Peterson MP, Emery D, Straub DE. A vaccine to prevent egg layer peritonitis in chickens. Avian Diseases. PMID 33125038 DOI: 10.1637/aviandiseases-D-20-00093   
2020 Men X, Zhao G, Zhao W, Zhang J, Yang Y, Chen C. Pathogen identification in culture-negative cerebrospinal fluid specimens of patients with purulent meningitis using next-generation sequencing technology. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology. 13: 2427-2438. PMID 33042356   
2020 Timurkan MO, Aydin H, Dincer E, Coskun N. Molecular characterization of canine coronaviruses: an enteric and pantropic approach. Archives of Virology. PMID 33005986 DOI: 10.1007/s00705-020-04826-w   
2020 Ogali IN, Okumu PO, Mungube EO, Lichoti JK, Ogada S, Moraa GK, Agwanda BR, Ommeh SC. Genomic and Pathogenic Characteristics of Virulent Newcastle Disease Virus Isolated from Chicken in Live Bird Markets and Backyard Flocks in Kenya. International Journal of Microbiology. 2020: 4705768. PMID 32908524 DOI: 10.1155/2020/4705768   
2020 Díaz FJ, Aguilar-Jiménez W, Flórez-Álvarez L, Valencia G, Laiton-Donato K, Franco-Muñoz C, Álvarez-Díaz D, Mercado-Reyes M, Rugeles MT. Isolation and characterization of an early SARS-CoV-2 isolate from the 2020 epidemic in Medellín, Colombia Biomedica : Revista Del Instituto Nacional De Salud. 40: 148-158. PMID 33152198 DOI: 10.7705/biomedica.5834   
2020 Wu F, Lv Y, Zhang S, Liu L, Wu Y, Zhao P, Peng Z, Liu S, Zhang Z, Li W. Isolation and Characterization of a Variant Psedorabies Virus HNXY and Construction of rHNXY-∆/∆. Animals : An Open Access Journal From Mdpi. 10. PMID 33020441 DOI: 10.3390/ani10101804   
2020 Nguyen VA, Ogura K, Matsue M, Takemoto N, Mukai K, Nakajima Y, Hoang TL, Iwata Y, Sakai N, Wada T, Hashimoto W, Okamoto S, Ichimura H. Novel Hyaluronate Lyase Involved in Pathogenicity of subsp. . Frontiers in Microbiology. 11: 552418. PMID 33072013 DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2020.552418   
2020 Moon DC, Mechesso AF, Kang HY, Kim SJ, Choi JH, Kim MH, Song HJ, Yoon SS, Lim SK. First Report of an Strain Carrying the Colistin Resistance Determinant from a Dog in South Korea. Antibiotics (Basel, Switzerland). 9. PMID 33147688 DOI: 10.3390/antibiotics9110768   
2020 Espiritu HM, Mamuad LL, Jin SJ, Kim SH, Kwon SW, Lee SS, Lee SM, Cho YI. Genotypic and Phenotypic Characterization of from Bovine Digital Dermatitis. Microorganisms. 8. PMID 33023205 DOI: 10.3390/microorganisms8101520   
2020 Vale AP, Leggett B, Smyth D, Leonard F. Challenges in the veterinary microbiology diagnostic laboratory: a novel species as presumptive cause for feline unilateral conjunctivitis. Access Microbiology. 2: acmi000118. PMID 32974584 DOI: 10.1099/acmi.0.000118   
2020 Kim I, Chhetri G, Kim J, Kang M, Seo T. sp. nov., a carotenoid pigment-producing bacterium isolated from surface seawater. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology. PMID 33054906 DOI: 10.1099/ijsem.0.004515   
2020 Chen L, Xiang B, Hong Y, Li Q, Du H, Lin Q, Liao M, Ren T, Xu C. Phylogenetic analysis of infectious bronchitis virus circulating in southern China in 2016-2017 and evaluation of an attenuated strain as a vaccine candidate. Archives of Virology. PMID 33067648 DOI: 10.1007/s00705-020-04851-9   
2020 Zukancic A, Khan MA, Gurmen SJ, Gliniecki QM, Moritz-Kinkade DL, Maddox CW, Alam MT. Staphylococcal Protein A () Locus Is a Hot Spot for Recombination and Horizontal Gene Transfer in Staphylococcus pseudintermedius. Msphere. 5. PMID 33115833 DOI: 10.1128/mSphere.00666-20   
2020 Liu Q, Chen W, Elbediwi M, Pan H, Wang L, Zhou C, Zhao B, Xu X, Li D, Yan X, Han X, Li H, Li Y, Yue M. Characterization of Resistome and Plasmidome in Pork Production System in Jiangsu, China. Frontiers in Veterinary Science. 7: 617. PMID 33062654 DOI: 10.3389/fvets.2020.00617   
2020 Findlay J, Mounsey O, Lee WWY, Newbold N, Morley K, Schubert H, Gould VC, Cogan TA, Reyher KK, Avison MB. Molecular epidemiology of producing CTX-M and plasmid AmpC-type β-lactamases from dairy farms identifies a dominant plasmid encoding CTX-M-32 but no evidence for transmission to humans in the same geographical region. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. PMID 33067197 DOI: 10.1128/AEM.01842-20   
2020 Nguyen MM, Gil J, Brown M, Cesar Tondo E, Soraya Martins de Aquino N, Eisenberg M, Erickson S. Accurate and sensitive detection of Salmonella in foods by engineered bacteriophages. Scientific Reports. 10: 17463. PMID 33060781 DOI: 10.1038/s41598-020-74587-8   
2020 Buys A, Crafford J, van Heerden H. Development and evaluation of indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for the determination of immune response to multiple clostridial antigens in vaccinated captive bred southern white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum simum). Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica. 62: 57. PMID 33028379 DOI: 10.1186/s13028-020-00555-x   
2020 Alreshidi M, Noumi E, Bouslama L, Ceylan O, Veettil VN, Adnan M, Danciu C, Elkahoui S, Badraoui R, Al-Motair KA, Patel M, De Feo V, Snoussi M. Phytochemical Screening, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antiviral, Cytotoxic, and Anti-Quorum-Sensing Properties of L. Aerial Parts Methanolic Extract. Plants (Basel, Switzerland). 9. PMID 33114026 DOI: 10.3390/plants9111418   
2020 Pinto TCA, Costa NS, Pina SECM, Souza ARV, Oliveira LMA, Moura CAB, Kegele FCO, Merquior VLC, Botelho ACN, Peralta JM, Teixeira LM. Virulence-Associated Characteristics of Serotype 14 and Serogroup 9 Clones Circulating in Brazil: Association of Penicillin Non-susceptibility With Transparent Colony Phenotype Variants. Frontiers in Microbiology. 11: 2009. PMID 32983022 DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2020.02009   
2020 Seeyo KB, Nishi T, Kawaguchi R, Ungvanijban S, Udon R, Fukai K, Yamakawa M, Rukkwamsuk T. Evolution of antigenic and genetic characteristics of foot-and-mouth disease virus serotype A circulating in Thailand, 2007-2019. Virus Research. 198166. PMID 32961212 DOI: 10.1016/j.virusres.2020.198166   
2020 Delghandi MR, El-Matbouli M, Menanteau-Ledouble S. -The Causative Agent of Bacterial Kidney Disease in Salmonid Fish. Pathogens (Basel, Switzerland). 9. PMID 33076564 DOI: 10.3390/pathogens9100845   
2020 Figueroa C, Veloso P, Espin L, Dixon B, Torrealba D, Elalfy IS, Afonso JM, Soto C, Conejeros P, Gallardo JA. Host genetic variation explains reduced protection of commercial vaccines against Piscirickettsia salmonis in Atlantic salmon. Scientific Reports. 10: 18252. PMID 33106499 DOI: 10.1038/s41598-020-70847-9   
2020 Sutili FJ, Golombieski JI, Schneider SI, Battisti EK, Braz PH, Gressler LT, Zanella R. Effects of chlorantraniliprole insecticide on innate immune response of silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen) naturally infected with Aeromonas hydrophila. Microbial Pathogenesis. 104584. PMID 33075516 DOI: 10.1016/j.micpath.2020.104584   
2020 Akter N, Hashim R, Pham HQ, Choi SD, Lee DW, Shin JH, Rajagopal K. Antimicrobial Peptide Is Antagonistic to . Frontiers in Microbiology. 11: 570851. PMID 33162953 DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2020.570851   
2020 Ji S, Gong Q, Zhang W, Zheng J, Peng B, Yang M. Recombinant Vibrio parahaemolyticus ghosts protect zebrafish against infection by Vibrio species. Fish & Shellfish Immunology. PMID 33038509 DOI: 10.1016/j.fsi.2020.10.009   
2020 Tapia-García EY, Arroyo-Herrera I, Rojas-Rojas FU, Ibarra JA, Vásquez-Murrieta MS, Martínez-Aguilar L, López-Lara IM, Whitman WB, Estrada de Los Santos P. Paraburkholderia lycopersici sp. nov., a nitrogen-fixing species isolated from rhizoplane of Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. var. Saladette in Mexico. Systematic and Applied Microbiology. 43: 126133. PMID 32998072 DOI: 10.1016/j.syapm.2020.126133   
2020 Zhang L, Pan C, Feng E, Hua X, Yu Y, Wang H, Zhu L. [Biosynthesis of polysaccharide conjugate vaccines against Klebsiella pneumoniae serotype O2 strains]. Sheng Wu Gong Cheng Xue Bao = Chinese Journal of Biotechnology. 36: 1899-1907. PMID 33164465 DOI: 10.13345/j.cjb.200014   
2020 Fu H, Yu P, Liang W, Kan B, Peng X, Chen L. Virulence, Resistance, and Genomic Fingerprint Traits of Isolated from 12 Species of Aquatic Products in Shanghai, China. Microbial Drug Resistance (Larchmont, N.Y.). PMID 33156741 DOI: 10.1089/mdr.2020.0269   
2020 Paul D, Dhar D, Chakravarty A, Bhattacharjee A. Transcriptional Analysis of IncF-Mediated -Positive Plasmid Characterized from ST448. Microbial Drug Resistance (Larchmont, N.Y.). PMID 33026961 DOI: 10.1089/mdr.2019.0486   
2020 Zakaria Z, Hassan L, Sharif Z, Ahmad N, Ali RM, Husin SA, Hazis NHBA, Sohaimi NFM, Bakar SA, Garba B. Analysis of Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis isolates from chickens and chicken meat products in Malaysia using PFGE, and MLST. Bmc Veterinary Research. 16: 393. PMID 33069231 DOI: 10.1186/s12917-020-02605-y   
2020 Jiang N, Xin S, Li J, Su C, Zhang L, Yang Y. Isolation and characterization of from captive caracals (). International Journal For Parasitology. Parasites and Wildlife. 13: 196-201. PMID 33145163 DOI: 10.1016/j.ijppaw.2020.10.006   
2020 Vasquez I, Cao T, Chakraborty S, Gnanagobal H, O'Brien N, Monk J, Boyce D, Westcott JD, Santander J. Comparative Genomics Analysis of Isolated from Lumpfish () in Newfoundland Reveal Novel Chromosomal Organizations. Microorganisms. 8. PMID 33121102 DOI: 10.3390/microorganisms8111666   
2020 Zhou J, Ma WW, Qu JH, Li HF, Yang BB, Qu LB, Wang LF. sp. nov., a red-pigmented bacterium from freshwater lake sediment, and proposal of as a latter heterotypic synonym of . International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology. PMID 33048042 DOI: 10.1099/ijsem.0.004502   
2020 Ma J, Wang P, Tang J, Zheng L, Li S, Huo Y. Epidemiological and phylogenetic analysis of mumps virus isolated from 2016 to 2019 in Henan Province, China. Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases. PMID 33132301 DOI: 10.7883/yoken.JJID.2020.649   
2020 Ben-Assa N, Coyne MJ, Fomenkov A, Livny J, Robins WP, Muniesa M, Carey V, Carasso S, Gefen T, Jofre J, Roberts RJ, Comstock LE, Geva-Zatorsky N. Analysis of a phase-variable restriction modification system of the human gut symbiont Bacteroides fragilis. Nucleic Acids Research. PMID 33045731 DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkaa824   
2020 Park CY, Chun SJ, Jin C, Le VV, Cui Y, Kim SY, Ahn CY, Oh HM. sp. nov. isolated from culture of microalga sp. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology. PMID 33052083 DOI: 10.1099/ijsem.0.004508   
2020 Liang W, Zhou D, Geng C, Yang K, Duan Z, Guo R, Liu W, Yuan F, Liu Z, Gao T, Zhao L, Yoo D, Tian Y. Isolation and evolutionary analyses of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in Asia. Peerj. 8: e10114. PMID 33150069 DOI: 10.7717/peerj.10114