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Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 
Microbiology Biology
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2021 Medrano-González PA, Rivera-Ramírez O, Montaño LF, Rendón-Huerta EP. Proteolytic Processing of CD44 and Its Implications in Cancer. Stem Cells International. 2021: 6667735. PMID 33505471 DOI: 10.1155/2021/6667735   
2021 Lei B, Tang Q, Sun S, Zhang X, Huang Y, Xu L. Insight into the mechanism of tetrachlorobisphenol A (TCBPA)-induced proliferation of breast cancer cells by GPER-mediated signaling pathways. Environmental Pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987). 275: 116636. PMID 33582643 DOI: 10.1016/j.envpol.2021.116636   
2021 Kim SH, Cho JH, Park BO, Park BC, Kim JH, Park SG, Kim S. Phosphorylation of REPS1 at Ser709 by RSK attenuates the recycling of Transferrin receptor. Bmb Reports. PMID 33407999   
2021 Luo Y, Liu Y, Wang C, Gan R. Signaling pathways of EBV-induced oncogenesis. Cancer Cell International. 21: 93. PMID 33549103 DOI: 10.1186/s12935-021-01793-3   
2021 Rogers EM, Allred SC, Peifer M. Abelson kinase's intrinsically disordered region plays essential roles in protein function and protein stability. Cell Communication and Signaling : Ccs. 19: 27. PMID 33627133 DOI: 10.1186/s12964-020-00703-w   
2021 Chander Y, Kumar R, Khandelwal N, Singh N, Shringi BN, Barua S, Kumar N. Role of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase signalling in virus replication and potential for developing broad spectrum antiviral drugs. Reviews in Medical Virology. PMID 33450133 DOI: 10.1002/rmv.2217   
2021 Kwon JJ, Hahn WC. A Leucine Rich Repeat Protein Provides a SHOC2 the RAS Circuit: A Structure-Function Perspective. Molecular and Cellular Biology. PMID 33526449 DOI: 10.1128/MCB.00627-20   
2021 Dehghanian SZ, Pan CT, Lee JM, Shiue YL. ABT-751 Induces Multiple Anticancer Effects in Urinary Bladder Urothelial Carcinoma-Derived Cells: Highlighting the Induction of Cytostasis through the Inhibition of at Both Transcriptional and Post-Translational Levels. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 22. PMID 33478005 DOI: 10.3390/ijms22020945   
2021 Matsuoka Y, Al-Shareef H, Kogo M, Nakahara H. Effects of decreased Rac activity and malignant state on oral squamous cell carcinoma in vitro. Plos One. 16: e0212323. PMID 33444335 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0212323   
2021 Kuravi S, Cheng J, Fangman G, Polireddy K, McCormick S, Lin TL, Singh AK, Abhyankar S, Ganguly S, Welch DR, Jensen RA, McGuirk JP, Balusu R. Preclinical evaluation of gilteritinib on NPM1-ALK driven Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma Cells. Molecular Cancer Research : McR. PMID 33514657 DOI: 10.1158/1541-7786.MCR-20-0738   
2021 Ding Y, Jiang Y, Im ST, Myung S, Kim HS, Lee SH. Diphlorethohydroxycarmalol inhibits melanogenesis via protein kinase A/cAMP response element-binding protein and extracellular signal-regulated kinase-mediated microphthalmia-associated transcription factor downregulation in α-melanocyte stimulating hormone-stimulated B16F10 melanoma cells and zebrafish. Cell Biochemistry and Function. PMID 33474761 DOI: 10.1002/cbf.3620   
2021 Cheng J, Lucas PC, McAllister-Lucas LM. Canonical and Non-Canonical Roles of GRK2 in Lymphocytes. Cells. 10. PMID 33546162 DOI: 10.3390/cells10020307   
2021 Fang Y, Yan C, Zhao Q, Xu J, Liu Z, Gao J, Zhu H, Dai Z, Wang D, Tang D. The roles of microbial products in the development of colorectal cancer: a review. Bioengineered. 12: 720-735. PMID 33618627 DOI: 10.1080/21655979.2021.1889109   
2021 Basolo A, Matrone A, Elisei R, Santini F. Effects of tyrosine kinase inhibitors on thyroid function and thyroid hormone metabolism. Seminars in Cancer Biology. PMID 33476722 DOI: 10.1016/j.semcancer.2020.12.008   
2021 Santharam MA, Shukla A, Ihsan AU, Cloutier M, Levesque D, Ramanathan S, Boisvert FM, Ilangumaran S. SILAC proteomics implicates SOCS1 in modulating cellular macromolecular complexes and the ubiquitin conjugating enzyme UBE2D involved in MET receptor tyrosine kinase downregulation. Biochimie. PMID 33493533 DOI: 10.1016/j.biochi.2021.01.012   
2021 Feng PP, Qi YK, Li N, Fei HR. Scutebarbatine A induces cytotoxicity in hepatocellular carcinoma via activation of the MAPK and ER stress signaling pathways. Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology. e22731. PMID 33512038 DOI: 10.1002/jbt.22731   
2021 Han Z, Zhang Z, Guan Y, Chen B, Yu M, Zhang L, Fang J, Gao Y, Guo Z. New insights into Vitamin C function: Vitamin C induces JAK2 activation through its receptor-like transporter SVCT2. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. PMID 33484802 DOI: 10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2021.01.120   
2021 Mayoral-Varo V, Sánchez-Bailón MP, Calcabrini A, García-Hernández M, Frezza V, Martín ME, González VM, Martín-Pérez J. The Relevance of the SH2 Domain for c-Src Functionality in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells. Cancers. 13. PMID 33530373 DOI: 10.3390/cancers13030462   
2021 Cota CD, Dreier MS, Colgan W, Cha A, Sia T, Davidson B. Cyclin-dependent Kinase 1 and Aurora Kinase choreograph mitotic storage and redistribution of a growth factor receptor. Plos Biology. 19: e3001029. PMID 33395410 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.3001029   
2021 Kong S, Ding L, Fan C, Li Y, Wang C, Wang K, Xu W, Shi X, Wu Q, Wang F. Global Analysis of Lysine Acetylome Reveals the potential role of CCL18 in non-small cell lung cancer. Proteomics. e2000144. PMID 33570763 DOI: 10.1002/pmic.202000144   
2021 Kotrasová V, Keresztesová B, Ondrovičová G, Bauer JA, Havalová H, Pevala V, Kutejová E, Kunová N. Mitochondrial Kinases and the Role of Mitochondrial Protein Phosphorylation in Health and Disease. Life (Basel, Switzerland). 11. PMID 33498615 DOI: 10.3390/life11020082   
2021 Beavo JA, Golkowski M, Shimizu-Albergine M, Beltejar MC, Bornfeldt KE, Ong SE. Title: Phosphoproteomic Analysis as an Approach for Understanding Molecular Mechanisms of cAMP-dependent Actions. Molecular Pharmacology. PMID 33574048 DOI: 10.1124/molpharm.120.000197   
2021 Dhole B, Gupta S, Kumar A. Triiodothyronine stimulates steroid and VEGF production in murine Leydig cells via cAMP-PKA pathway. Andrologia. e13972. PMID 33440041 DOI: 10.1111/and.13972   
2021 Zhang L, Yan H, Tai Y, Xue Y, Wei Y, Wang K, Zhao Q, Wang S, Kong D, Midgley AC. Design and Evaluation of a Polypeptide that Mimics the Integrin Binding Site for EDA Fibronectin to Block Profibrotic Cell Activity. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 22. PMID 33557232 DOI: 10.3390/ijms22041575   
2021 Won HR, Lee P, Oh SR, Kim YM. Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate Suppresses the Expression of TNF-α-Induced MMP-1 via MAPK/ERK Signaling Pathways in Human Dermal Fibroblasts. Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin. 44: 18-24. PMID 33390545 DOI: 10.1248/bpb.b20-00304   
2021 Deng H, Zeng L, Chang K, Lv Y, Du H, Lu S, Liu Y, Zhou P, Mao H, Hu C. Grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus) Cdc25a down-regulates IFN 1 expression by reducing TBK1 phosphorylation. Developmental and Comparative Immunology. 104014. PMID 33460677 DOI: 10.1016/j.dci.2021.104014   
2021 Tang B, Sun R, Wang D, Sheng H, Wei T, Wang L, Zhang J, Ho TH, Yang L, Wei Q, Huang H. ZMYND8 preferentially binds phosphorylated EZH2 to promote a PRC2-dependent to -independent function switch in hypoxia-inducible factor-activated cancer. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 118. PMID 33593912 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2019052118   
2021 An T, Hu H, Li Z. The kinetoplastid-specific phosphatase KPP1 attenuates PLK activity to facilitate flagellum inheritance in . Science Signaling. 14. PMID 33563698 DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.abc6435   
2021 Bearss JJ, Padi SK, Singh N, Cardo-Vila M, Song JH, Mouneimne G, Fernandes N, Li Y, Harter MR, Gard JM, Cress AE, Peti W, Nelson AD, Buchan JR, Kraft AS, et al. EDC3 phosphorylation regulates growth and invasion through controlling P-body formation and dynamics. Embo Reports. e50835. PMID 33586867 DOI: 10.15252/embr.202050835   
2021 Zuchman R, Koren R, Horwitz BA. Developmental Roles of the Hog1 Protein Phosphatases of the Maize Pathogen . Journal of Fungi (Basel, Switzerland). 7. PMID 33530602 DOI: 10.3390/jof7020083   
2021 Stanford SM, Collins M, Diaz MA, Holmes ZJ, Gries P, Bliss MR, Lodi A, Zhang V, Tiziani S, Bottini N. The low molecular weight protein tyrosine phosphatase promotes adipogenesis and subcutaneous adipocyte hypertrophy. Journal of Cellular Physiology. PMID 33615467 DOI: 10.1002/jcp.30307   
2021 Van AN, Kunkel MT, Baffi TR, Lordén G, Antal CE, Banerjee S, Newton AC. Protein kinase C fusion proteins are paradoxically loss-of-function in cancer. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 100445. PMID 33617877 DOI: 10.1016/j.jbc.2021.100445   
2021 Chen J, Wang Y, Zhao D, Zhang L, Zhang W, Fan J, Li J, Zhan Q. Chrysin serves as a novel inhibitor of DGK/FAK interaction to suppress the malignancy of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC). Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica. B. 11: 143-155. PMID 33532186 DOI: 10.1016/j.apsb.2020.07.011   
2021 Kliche J, Kuss H, Ali M, Ivarsson Y. Cytoplasmic short linear motifs in ACE2 and integrin β link SARS-CoV-2 host cell receptors to mediators of endocytosis and autophagy. Science Signaling. 14. PMID 33436498 DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.abf1117   
2021 Day EK, Zhong Q, Purow B, Lazzara MJ. Data-driven computational modeling identifies determinants of glioblastoma response to SHP2 inhibition. Cancer Research. PMID 33574084 DOI: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-20-1756   
2021 Ho HY, Lin CC, Chuang YC, Lo YS, Hsieh MJ, Chen MK. Apoptotic effects of dehydrocrenatidine via JNK and ERK pathway regulation in oral squamous cell carcinoma. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & Pharmacotherapie. 137: 111362. PMID 33578238 DOI: 10.1016/j.biopha.2021.111362   
2021 Bi L, Liu Y, Yang Q, Zhou X, Li H, Liu Y, Li J, Lu Y, Tang H. saponin H inhibits the proliferation of glioma cells through the A1 and A3 adenosine receptor‑mediated pathway. International Journal of Molecular Medicine. 47. PMID 33537802 DOI: 10.3892/ijmm.2021.4863   
2021 Hossain S, Lash E, Veri AO, Cowen LE. Functional connections between cell cycle and proteostasis in the regulation of Candida albicans morphogenesis. Cell Reports. 34: 108781. PMID 33626353 DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2021.108781   
2021 Antoniades I, Kyriakou M, Charalambous A, Kalalidou K, Christodoulou A, Christoforou M, Skourides PA. FAK displacement from focal adhesions: a promising strategy to target processes implicated in cancer progression and metastasis. Cell Communication and Signaling : Ccs. 19: 3. PMID 33413438 DOI: 10.1186/s12964-020-00671-1   
2021 Shao H, Foley DW, Huang S, Abbas AY, Lam F, Gershkovich P, Bradshaw TD, Pepper C, Fischer PM, Wang S. Structure-based design of highly selective 2,4,5-trisubstituted pyrimidine CDK9 inhibitors as anti-cancer agents. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 214: 113244. PMID 33581551 DOI: 10.1016/j.ejmech.2021.113244   
2021 Koch PA, Dornan GL, Hessenberger M, Haucke V. The Molecular Mechanisms Mediating Class II PI 3-Kinase Function in Cell Physiology. The Febs Journal. PMID 33387369 DOI: 10.1111/febs.15692   
2021 Chen L, Zhang Y, Shu X, Chen Q, Wei T, Wang H, Wang X, Wu Q, Zhang X, Liu X, Zheng S, Huang L, Xiao J, Jiang C, Yang B, et al. Proteasome regulation by reversible tyrosine phosphorylation at the membrane. Oncogene. PMID 33603165 DOI: 10.1038/s41388-021-01674-z   
2021 Dennison L, Mohan AA, Yarchoan M. Tumor and Systemic Immunomodulatory Effects of MEK Inhibition. Current Oncology Reports. 23: 23. PMID 33547983 DOI: 10.1007/s11912-020-01008-4   
2021 Zhang H, Su F, Huang L, Li B, Yuan X, Luo M, Ge L. Effects of progesterone on the lipolysis of lipid droplets and prostaglandin E2 synthesis in murine cervical epithelial cells. Reproduction, Fertility, and Development. PMID 33504425 DOI: 10.1071/RD20195   
2021 Yu Q, Wang J, Li T, Guo X, Ding S, Che X, Zhu L, Peng Y, Xu X, Zou G, Zhang X. Recepteur d'origine nantais contributes to the development of endometriosis via promoting epithelial-mesenchymal transition of a endometrial epithelial cells. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine. PMID 33410267 DOI: 10.1111/jcmm.16261   
2021 Wang J, Zhuang X, Greene KS, Si H, Antonyak MA, Druso JE, Wilson KF, Cerione RA, Feng Q, Wang H. Cdc42 functions as a regulatory node for tumour-derived microvesicle biogenesis. Journal of Extracellular Vesicles. 10: e12051. PMID 33473262 DOI: 10.1002/jev2.12051   
2021 Zhang M, Lin L, Wang C, Zhu J. Double inhibition and activation mechanisms of Ephexin family RhoGEFs. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 118. PMID 33597305 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2024465118   
2021 Bhore N, Wang BJ, Wu PF, Lee YL, Chen YW, Hsu WM, Lee H, Huang YS, Yang DI, Liao YF. Dual-Specificity Phosphatase 15 (DUSP15) Modulates Notch Signaling by Enhancing the Stability of Notch Protein. Molecular Neurobiology. PMID 33417224 DOI: 10.1007/s12035-020-02254-0   
2021 Choi YK, Kang JI, Hyun JW, Koh YS, Kang JH, Hyun CG, Yoon KS, Lee KS, Lee CM, Kim TY, Yoo ES, Kang HK. Myristoleic Acid Promotes Anagen Signaling by Autophagy through Activating Wnt/β-Catenin and ERK Pathways in Dermal Papilla Cells. Biomolecules & Therapeutics. PMID 33518533 DOI: 10.4062/biomolther.2020.169   
2021 Choi YK, Kang JI, Hyun JW, Koh YS, Kang JH, Hyun CG, Yoon KS, Lee KS, Lee CM, Kim TY, Yoo ES, Kang HK. Myristoleic Acid Promotes Anagen Signaling by Autophagy through Activating Wnt/β-Catenin and ERK Pathways in Dermal Papilla Cells. Biomolecules & Therapeutics. PMID 33518533 DOI: 10.4062/biomolther.2020.169