University of California, Los Angeles

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
John Cage Fannie Charles Dillon (grad student)
Fannie Charles Dillon Heinrich Urban (grad student)
Stan Engebretson Roger Wagner (grad student)
J. Lester FederAmerican Studies, Music, United States History, Ethnic and Racial Studies2006 Robert Wallace Fink (grad student)
Robert Wallace Finkmusic and culture after 1950
Joseph FlummerfeltChoral Conductor Roger Wagner (grad student)
Philip M. GentryMusic, American Studies, United States History2008 Robert Wallace Fink (grad student)
Endre Granat Jascha Heifetz (grad student)
Jonathan Ross Greenberg2008 Robert Wallace Fink (grad student)
Roy Ellsworth HarrisComposition
Lou HarrisonAmerican composer. Arnold Schoenberg (grad student)
Jascha HeifetzViolin
Israel Jospeh Katz Music Samuel Armistead (grad student)
Leon Kirchner American composer of contemporary classical music Arnold Schoenberg (grad student)
Joanna K. Love-TullochMusic, Marketing Business Administration, Multimedia Communications Musicology 06042012 Robert Wallace Fink (grad student)
Jim Morrison Jack Hirschman (research assistant)
Lisa A. MuscaMusic Education, Music2007 Robert Wallace Fink (grad student)
Caroline P. O'MearaMusic2006 Robert Wallace Fink (grad student)
Lois Rosow17th andf 18th century french opera, tetx-music relations, allegorical meaning, music printing/engraving, performance-practice
Arnold SchoenbergAustrian and later American composer, associated with the expressionist movement in German poetry and art, and leader of the Second Viennese School.
Yara SellinMusic, Women's Studies, American Studies2005 Robert Wallace Fink (grad student)
Gregg Smith Lukas Foss (grad student)
Cecilia J. SunMusic2004 Robert Wallace Fink (grad student)
Roger WagnerAmerican choral musician, administrator and educator.
Zachary T. WallmarkMusic, Psychobiology Psychology, Aesthetics Musicology 06042014 Robert Wallace Fink (grad student)
Bryan WestCello Performance, Music Composition, Social Psychology, Moral Psychology Music20052010 Antonio Lysy (research assistant)
Mandy S. WongMusic Musicology2012 Robert Wallace Fink (grad student)
Griffin M. WoodworthMusic, Black Studies, Gender Studies, African American Studies2008 Robert Wallace Fink (grad student)
Nadya C. ZimmermanMusic, United States History, American Studies2003 Robert Wallace Fink (grad student)