Bernard Wagenaar

Composition The Juilliard School 
"Bernard Wagenaar"


Dutch-born American composer, pianist, violinist and teacher Bernard Wagenaar (1894–1971) grew up in a musical family in The Netherlands, at Arnhem. At 15 he went to Utrecht to study at the Muziekschool van de Maatschappij tot Bevordering der Toonkunst. His teachers included Gerard Veerman, violin, Mme Bekker-Veerman, piano, and harmony, counterpoint and composition with his father, Johan Wagenaar (1862–1941). In 1920 he settled in the US and became a naturalized citizen in 1927. From 1921-23 he served as a violinist in the Phildalelphia Orchestra under Leopold Stokowski. He was on the faculty of the Institute of Musical Art in New York, staying there as it transitioned into The Juilliard School (1925–1968).