Luigi Bottazzo

"Luigi Bottazzo"

He was born in Presina, fraz. of the municipality of Piazzola (Padua), on 9 July 1845. He was blind at the age of nine due to an accident in a blacksmith's workshop, he was a guest of the Institute for the blind founded in Padua by Abbot L. Configliachi, and there he received musical education having as teachers Giovanni Andrich for the piano, Giacomo Carlutti for the organ, Melchiorre Balbi for the counterpoint. At the age of fifteen he distinguished himself for his first musical works and, just twenty years old, he was appointed effective teacher of harmony, counterpoint and organ in the same institute; in 1865 he also accepted the post of organist in the church of S. Croce. On 10th February 1872 he became organist of the Basilica del Santo, and in 1895 he also took on the teaching of the organ in the musical institute of Padua, at the invitation of Cesare Pollini.