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Christopher M. Burtner (Info) Stanford Music, Dance, Theater pq 2016‑11‑16
Juan C. Cerrillo (Info) Stanford Music pq 2016‑11‑16
Kris Falk (Info) Stanford Music, Theater pq 2016‑11‑16
Brian Ferneyhough (Info) Stanford hugendubler2 2016‑11‑07
Alexander B. Hills (Info) Stanford Music pq 2016‑11‑16
Martha Callison Horst (Info) Illinois State University Composition, Music Theory jordanconductor 2017‑11‑11
Sven-Ingo Koch (Info) Stanford Music pq 2016‑11‑16
Carol L. Krumhansl (Info) Cornell Cognition Music krumhansl 2009‑10‑24
Daniel J. Levitin (Info) McGill auditory perception and cognition DanielLevitin 2009‑03‑21
Stephen McAdams (Info) McGill egaudrain 2013‑03‑17
Robert Huw Morgan (Info) Stanford PQAtTheClavier 2017‑02‑07
Herbert Boswell Nanney (Info) Stanford organ PQAtTheClavier 2017‑02‑06
Chrysa Prestia (Info) Stanford Music pq 2016‑11‑16
William Harold Ramsey (Info) Stanford Professor of Music tylerz 2015‑04‑17
Jose Rio-Pareja (Info) Stanford Music pq 2016‑11‑16
Leonard Rumery (Info) Champaign, IL tylerz 2015‑04‑02
Harold Carl Schmidt (Info) Stanford Professor of Music tylerz 2015‑04‑17
Earl Schubert (Info) Stanford tylerz 2015‑11‑10
Matthew P. Shlomowitz (Info) Stanford Music pq 2016‑11‑16
Carole R. Terry (Info) University of Washington Music, Acoustics Physics, Design and Decorative Arts pq 2016‑05‑28
Hans Thomalla (Info) Stanford Music pq 2016‑11‑16
David Wessel (Info) UC Berkeley music DanielLevitin 2009‑03‑22
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