Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Noel Andersonspecial needs
Debbie Batesethics, blood and marrow transplant2010 Cheryl Dileo (grad student), Kenneth E. Bruscia (grad student), Darlene Brooks (grad student)
Kate Beever
Judy Belland
Jacqueline C. Birnbaum19902011 Clive Robbins (research assistant), Carol Robbins (research assistant)
Kenneth Brusica
Debra S BurnsCancer, Guided Imagery and Music, Hospice/End of Life Rosanne E. Kaysayka (grad student)
Elisa A Clark
Leland R FratesDevelopmental Disabilities Eric Gregory Waldon (grad student)
Anita L. GadberryMusic, Music, Clinical Nancy Ann Hadsell (grad student)
E. Thayer Gaston Otto Miessner (grad student)
Alyssa Graber
Julie Marie Guyautism, private practice Brian L. Wilson (grad student), Edward A. Roth (grad student), David S. Smith (grad student)
Michelle R Hintzautism, assessment, music psychotherapy
Rosanne E. Kaysayka
Andrew Littlefield
Anita Louise Steele Marklandpersonality differences between music therapy and music education students, effect of music based interventions on behavior, E. Thayer Gaston (grad student)
Mary Kate McNulty
Naoko Nakayama
Tomoko Page
MAKARIA PSILITELIAlzheimer's, Dementia
Carol Robbins
Clive Robbins
Bernadette F. Skodack
Marlo J SmithCultural competence, hospice and palliative care
Marcus L Soifer
Jody Conradi StarkMedical Music Therapy, Community Music Therapy
Michael Hugo Thaut Robert F. Unkefer (grad student)
Chelsea Stith Waddelowpsychophysiological responses to music
Rachel Biron Wells