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Martin Alexander (Info) Cornell Soil microbiology, bioremdiation, nutrient cycleing jandh 2011‑08‑18
George Francis Atkinson (Info) Cornell Mushrooms; Amanita, Phylogeny of fungi, Taxonomy stajich 2011‑08‑10
William Russel Dudley (Info) Stanford systematic botany Danny_Haelewaters 2018‑03‑22
Benjamin Minge Duggar (Info) Washington University, UW Madison, Cornell antibiotics; Rhizoctonia; algae; plant pathology; plant physiology stajich 2011‑08‑10
Haim B. Gunner (Info) U Mass Amherst ecosystem-level approaches to crop and turf management jandh 2015‑10‑08
Louis Melville Massey (Info) Cornell cgmayers 2018‑03‑13
Chase G Mayers (Info) Iowa State, Cornell Mycology, microbiology, phylogenetics cgmayers 2018‑03‑07
Arthur Jackson Mix (Info) University of Kansas cgmayers 2018‑03‑07
Albert N. Prentiss (Info) Cornell cgmayers 2018‑06‑20
Steven K. Schmidt (Info) CU Boulder Microbial ecology, Mycorrhizae schadt 2011‑08‑18
James Whaples Sinden (Info) Penn State cgmayers 2018‑03‑07
Adrian Morris Srb (Info) Caltech, Cornell molecular genetics, neurospora RNA 2012‑05‑14
Vern Bonham Stewart (Info) Cornell cgmayers 2018‑03‑20
Frederick Adolph Wolf (Info) Cornell cgmayers 2018‑07‑05
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