Stanford University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Linda C. Cork
Maie Kaarsoo Herrick
Dikran S. Horoupian
Van A. DozeAdrenergic Modulation, Epilepsy Daniel V. Madison (grad student), M. Bruce MacIver (post-doc)
Raymond A. SobelCellular and molecular mechanisms of immune responses in the central nervous system; multiple sclerosis.
Phillip A. SchwartzkroinEpilepsy1978 Kao Liang Chow (grad student), David A. Prince (post-doc)
David A. PrinceEpilepsy
Martha (Marty) J. MorrellEpilepsy, Women's issues, Devices
Hui ZongGlioma Liqun Luo (post-doc)
Lysia K. S. Forno
Xiaoming JinMechanisms of epilepsy David A. Prince (post-doc)
Edward Douglas PloweyPathology Charleen T. Chu (post-doc), Charleen T. Chu (post-doc)