Columbia University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Carolina Cebrian ParajonParkinson's disease, Neuroinflammation2009 David L. Sulzer (post-doc)
Juan Camilo CortesMotor Control, Stroke, Movement Disorders Pathology20092014 Pietro Mazzoni (research assistant), John W. Krakauer (post-doc), Jean Paul G. Vonsattel (research assistant)
Andrew J. Dwork
Phyllis L. FaustWe are studying a PEX2 mouse model for the human neuronal migration disorder Zellweger syndrome. The defective assembly of the peroxisomal organelle in this disease leads to widespread metabolic disarray in selected cellular lipid pathways and results in
Lester M. Geller
James E. GoldmanGlial differentiation in mammalian CNS development; progenitors in the adult CNS; cytoskeletal abnormalities and stress proteins in neurological disorders.
Arthur P. Hays
Lawrence J. HirschEpilepsy, NCSE
Virginia Man-Yee Leetau, dementia, neurodegeneration19741977 Michael L. Shelanski (post-doc)
Timothy A. PedleyEpilepsy, EEG
Michael L. ShelanskiNeural development, cytoskeleton Chemistry19871975 Richard Mayeux (collaborator), Charles R. Cantor (collaborator)
Hans Tritschler
Jean Paul G. Vonsattel
Andrew J. Watrousneural oscillations, human episodic memory, iEEG Biomedical Engineering2015 Joshua J. Jacobs (post-doc)
Guangyu YangComputational Neuroscience2018 Larry F. Abbott (post-doc)