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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Scotti Edward Branton (Info) University of Missouri - Columbia Diversity, practice, sociomateriality, affect, branton.scotti 2021‑11‑18
Jianxun Chu (Info) University of Science & Technology of China zhangh5 2022‑04‑25
Michael D Cohen (Info) University of Michigan Organizations joeyvandernaald 2023‑09‑10
Marisa Flores (Info) University of Oklahoma, Norman rbisel 2023‑07‑14
Mian Jia (Info) UT Austin JamesJia 2023‑07‑30
Anna Klyueva (Info) University of Oklahoma tsetsura 2023‑03‑25
Anna Kochigina (Info) University of Oklahoma tsetsura 2023‑03‑25
Dean Kruckeberg (Info) UNC Charlotte tsetsura 2023‑03‑25
Lauren Grace Millender (Info) University of North Carolina - Charlotte organizational communication lmillend 2023‑04‑06
Rezvaneh Rezapour (Info) UIUC computational social science, natural language processing, social network analysis srezapour 2022‑08‑03
Katherine Ann Rush (Info) University of Oklahoma rbisel 2023‑07‑14
Adam Saffer (Info) UMN tsetsura 2023‑03‑25
Erich Sommerfeldt (Info) UMN public relations tsetsura 2023‑03‑25
Shukun Tang (Info) University of Science & Technology of China zhangh5 2022‑04‑25
Maureen Taylor (Info) University of Technology Sydney tsetsura 2023‑03‑25
Alain Touraine (Info) University of Paris fox 2024‑02‑14
Nur Uysal (Info) University of Oklahoma, DePaul University tsetsura 2023‑03‑25
Larry Zhiming Xu (Info) USC larryxu110 2022‑06‑01
Aimei Yang (Info) USC tsetsura 2023‑03‑25
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