University of California, San Diego

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Anna AlexandrovaPhilosophy2006 Nancy Cartwright (grad student)
Lucy Allais
Henry E. AllisonPhilosophy
Mariola V. AlvarezArt History, Latin American History Visual Arts2012 Norman Bryson (grad student)
Theodore R. ApelMusic Music2008 Miller Puckette (grad student)
Richard ArnesonPhilosophy
Elisabeth M. ArnouldRomance Literature, Philosophy2000 Marcel Henaff (grad student)
Ayhan AytesSpeech Communication, History of Science, Artificial Intelligence Communication and Cognitive Sci2012 David Serlin (grad student)
Anne M. BaxleyPhilosophy2000 David Brink (grad student)
Andrew E. Beck Philosophy2011 Gila Sher (grad student)
John A. BerteauxPhilosophy, Cultural Anthropology2000 Gerald Doppelt (grad student)
David J. BighamMusic, Mass Communications, Web Studies Music2013 Nancy Guy (grad student)
David BorgoMusic, Philosophy, Art Criticism
William BrentMusic Music2010 Miller Puckette (grad student)
David BrinkPhilosophy
Matthew J. Brownphilosophy of science, history of philosophy, comics studies, cognitive science, science and technology studies Philosophy Philosophy20032009 Nancy Cartwright (grad student), Paul Churchland (grad student)
Norman BrysonMusic, Philosophy, Art Criticism
Craig Adam Callenderenvironmental ethics and the philosophy of science, physics, metaphysics and time.
Nancy CartwrightPhilosophy
Sui H. ChanComparative Literature, Cinema, Cultural Anthropology, Asian Literature2001 Wai-lim Yip (grad student)
Edmond Y. ChangComparative Literature, Asian Literature, Philosophy2001 Wai-lim Yip (grad student)
Gregory S. CharakPhilosophy Philosophy2007 Nancy Cartwright (grad student)
Patricia ChurchlandPhilosophy
Paul ChurchlandPhilosophy of Science
Erich C. ConradPhilosophy2008 Gerald Doppelt (grad student)
Lisa M. DammPhilosophy, Social Psychology Philosophy2009 Rick Grush (grad student)
Michel de Certeaucities, religious history
Michael Dietrichhistory of science19851991 Philip Kitcher (grad student)
Gerald DoppeltPhilosophy
Dale E. DorseyPhilosophy2007 Richard Arneson (grad student)
Sophia EfstathiouPhilosophy, Ethnic and Racial Studies Philosophy (Science Studies)2009 Nancy Cartwright (grad student)
Matthew P. EganPhilosophy Philosophy2008 Eric Watkins (grad student)
Erin A. FrykholmPhilosophy, Ethics, Epistemology Philosophy2011 Richard Arneson (grad student)
Margaret D. GarberHistory of Science, European History, Modern History, Philosophy2002 Robert S. Westman (grad student)
Catherina M. GereHistory of Science, Modern History, Philosophy of Science, International Relations, International Law and Relations
Peter Godfrey-SmithPhilosophy1991 Philip Kitcher (grad student)
Joachim GossmannMusic, Cognitive Psychology, Speech Communication Music2012 Miller Puckette (grad student)
Rick GrushPhilosophy
Jonathan R. GundersonPhilosophy2003 Gerald Doppelt (grad student)
Nancy GuyMusic, Philosophy
Valerie Gray HardcastlePhilosophy of cognitive neuroscience1994 Patricia Churchland (grad student)
Michael O. HardimonPhilosophy, Cultural Anthropology
Marcel HenaffRomance Literature, Philosophy
James M. HovdeComparative Literature, Theology, Medieval Literature, Classical Literature, Romance Literature2003 Marcel Henaff (grad student)
Timothy P. JankowiakPhilosophy Philosophy2012 Eric Watkins (grad student)
Derek JensenHistory of Science, European History2006 Robert S. Westman (grad student)
Yi-li KaoAsian Literature, Comparative Literature, Fine Arts2005 Wai-lim Yip (grad student)
Alexander K. KhalilMusic, General Religion Music2009 Nancy Guy (grad student)
Jeffrey C. KingPhilosophy Philosophy Philosophy1985 Zeno Vendler (grad student), Mark Wilson (grad student)
Bekir H. KucukHistory of Science, Middle Eastern History, Islamic Studies History (Science Studies)2012 Robert S. Westman (grad student)
Charles B. KurthPhilosophy, Ethics Philosophy2011 David Brink (grad student)
Michael L. LeBuffePhilosophy2000 David Brink (grad student)
Chunlin LiComparative Literature, Asian Literature, Philosophy, Sociolinguistics Literature2010 Wai-lim Yip (grad student)
Tse-Hsiung L. LinMusic, Asian Studies, History of Religion Music2012 Nancy Guy (grad student)
Sarah E. LookofskyArt History Art History, Theory and Criticism2009 Norman Bryson (grad student)
Cristyn MagnusMusic, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence Music2010 Miller Puckette (grad student)
Matthew S. McGarveyMusic, Philosophy, Art Criticism Music2011 Norman Bryson (grad student)
James A. MessinaPhilosophy, Metaphysics Philosophy2011 Eric Watkins (grad student)
J.P. Messinapolitical philosophy, the history of ethics, kant Philosophy philosophy Philosophy2015 Eric Watkins (grad student), Richard Arneson (grad student), Lucy Allais (grad student)
Per-Erik MilamPhilosophy Philosophy2014 Dana K. Nelkin (grad student)
Dana K. NelkinPhilosophy, Ethics, Law
Jaime E. Oliver La RosaMusic, Computer Engineering Music2011 Miller Puckette (grad student)
Vida PavesichPhilosophy, Cultural Anthropology2003 Michael O. Hardimon (grad student)
Katrina G. PetersenSpeech Communication Communication (Science Studies)2014 David Serlin (grad student)
Jonathan N. PiperMusic Music2013 Nancy Guy (grad student)
Miller PucketteMusic, Philosophy
Theron PummerEthics Philosophy2013 David Brink (grad student)
Erick J. RamirezPhilosophy, Social Psychology, Ethics Philosophy2012 David Brink (grad student)
Momilani RamstrumMusic, Theater2004 Miller Puckette (grad student)
Samuel C. RicklessPhilosophy, Epistemology
Nathan J. RockwoodPhilosophy, Epistemology Philosophy2014 Samuel C. Rickless (grad student)
Kory P. SchaffPhilosophy, Theory Economics2005 Richard Arneson (grad student)
Aaron A. SchillerPhilosophy Philosophy2007 Rick Grush (grad student)
David SerlinSpeech Communication, Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Theory and Methods
Gila Sher
Eliza F. SlavetGermanic Literature, History of Science, Philosophy of Religion, Social Psychology, Jewish Studies2007 Marcel Henaff (grad student)
P Kyle StanfordPhilosophy of Science, Evolution and Development Biology, Behavioral Psychology1997 Philip Kitcher (grad student)
Jeffrey N. StedmanPhilosophy2006 David Brink (grad student)
Jacob StegengaPhilosophy of Science Philosophy2011 Nancy Cartwright (grad student)
Jason B. ThibodeauPhilosophy2006 Rick Grush (grad student)
Iain ThomsonPhilosophy Philosophy Philosophy1999 Gerald Doppelt (grad student), Hubert Dreyfus (grad student)
Michael G. TiborisPhilosophy, Ethics, Law Philosophy2012 Richard Arneson (grad student)
Evan C. TiffanyPhilosophy2000 David Brink (grad student)
Zeno Vendler
Eric WatkinsPhilosophy, Metaphysics
Robert S. WestmanHistory of Science, European History, Modern History, Philosophy
Pei XiangMusic, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2007 Miller Puckette (grad student)
Shahrokh YadegariMusic, Philosophy2004 Nancy Guy (grad student)
Steven YalowitzPhilosophy
Wai-lim YipComparative Literature, Asian Literature, Philosophy