Bernon de Cluny

L'abbaye de Cluny 
"Bernon de Cluny"

First Abbot of Cluny, France (910-925).
Known as St. Berno of Cluny.
Study under Badilon of Autun in 877 to 880. (Charter of the Abbey of Cluny).

Unlike most monastic patrons, William I (duke of Aquitaine and count of Auvergne) relieved the monks of Cluny of all obligations to him. It was much more common for patrons to retain some proprietary interest in the abbey and they usually expected to install their relatives as abbots. Thus Cluny was able to avoid the secular entanglements that plagued many other monasteries. Cluny answered to the Pope alone, and would come to develop very close ties with the papacy.

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