Luc T. Delannoy

2003- Founder. Director Instituto de Neuroartes. 
Consciousness, biosubjectivity, perception, mental health, buddhism.
"Luc Delannoy"

Philosopher. Mental health consultant. Writer. Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Valparaiso, Chile
Award-winning author and philosopher, Luc Delannoy has published books in Belgium, France, Canada, the United States, Mexico and Chile. In the last 30 years he has written more than 200 articles for European newspapers and magazines.
In 2003 he founded the Institute of Neuroartes, an institute that investigates the quantum relations between the arts, creativity, the mind, and mental health.
The institute offers academic programs as well as prevention and therapy programs focused on mental health. In 2012 the Institute of Neuroartes, in collaboration with the government of Mexico, launched a social program for the elderly with dementia. In 2018 the Neuroartes Chile Foundation was inaugurated with headquarters in Valparaiso.

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Jacques Derrida grad student Instituto de Neuroartes
 (Conferences, Lectures)
Paul Ricoeur grad student Instituto de Neuroartes
 (Conferences, Lectures. Chicago. NYC.)
Edmond Wright grad student (Neurotree)