Rebekah A. Drezek - US grants

Rice University, Houston, TX 
Biomedical Engineering, Optics Physics

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High-probability grants

According to our matching algorithm, Rebekah A. Drezek is the likely recipient of the following grants.
Years Recipients Code Title / Keywords Matching
2002 — 2005 West, Jennifer (co-PI) [⬀]
Drezek, Rebekah
Halas, Naomi (co-PI) [⬀]
N/AActivity Code Description:
No activity code was retrieved: click on the grant title for more information

Biophotonics: Nanoengineered Contrast Agents For Biophotonics

@ William Marsh Rice University

2003 — 2006 Drezek, Rebekah
Raphael, Robert [⬀]
Lane, Mary
Mcnew, James (co-PI) [⬀]
N/AActivity Code Description:
No activity code was retrieved: click on the grant title for more information

Mri: Acquisition of Confocal Microscope For Multispectral and Multiphoton Biomolecular Imaging

@ William Marsh Rice University

2009 — 2010 Chiu, Wah (co-PI) [⬀]
Decuzzi, Paolo
Drezek, Rebekah A.
Ferrari, Mauro
Gorenstein, David G (co-PI) [⬀]
Klostergaard, Jim (co-PI) [⬀]
Li, Chun
Lopez-Berestein, Gabriel (co-PI) [⬀]
Sood, Anil K (co-PI) [⬀]
Suh, Junghae (co-PI) [⬀]
West, Jennifer L (co-PI) [⬀]
Wilson, Lon
RC2Activity Code Description:
To support high impact ideas that may lay the foundation for new fields of investigation; accelerate breakthroughs; stimulate early and applied research on cutting-edge technologies; foster new approaches to improve the interactions among multi- and interdisciplinary research teams; or, advance the research enterprise in a way that could stimulate future growth and investments and advance public health and health care delivery. This activity code could support either a specific research question or propose the creation of a unique infrastructure/resource designed to accelerate scientific progress in the future.

Subcellular Localization of Nanoparticles

@ University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston

2010 — 2011 Drezek, Rebekah A.
P41Activity Code Description:
Undocumented code - click on the grant title for more information.

Quantitative Evaluation of Blood Flow Dynamics Due to Gold Nanoshell Therapy

@ University of California-Irvine

2011 — 2013 Drezek, Rebekah A.
T32Activity Code Description:
To enable institutions to make National Research Service Awards to individuals selected by them for predoctoral and postdoctoral research training in specified shortage areas.

Nanobiology Interdisciplinary Graduate Training Program

@ Rice University

2020 — 2022 Baraniuk, Richard (co-PI) [⬀]
Drezek, Rebekah
N/AActivity Code Description:
No activity code was retrieved: click on the grant title for more information

Nonspecific Dna Sensors For Scalable Pathogen Diagnostics

@ William Marsh Rice University