Institute for Advanced Study

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Kenneth Myron CaseTheoretical and mathematical physics19481950 J. Robert Oppenheimer (post-doc)
Neal Dalaldark matter, gravitational lensing
Sidney M. DancoffTheoretical physics1941 Wolfgang Ernst Pauli (research scientist)
Claude-andré Faucher-giguèreGalaxy formation and evolution, including star formation, galaxy-black hole co-evolution, galactic dynamics, and connections with the intergalactic medium and cosmology. Pulsars. Astrophysics Matias Zaldarriaga (grad student)
Thomas Fultonhigh-energy physics19541956 J. Robert Oppenheimer (post-doc)
Piet Hutnatural philosophy
Nafiz IshtiaqueQuantum Field Theory, Integrability20192022 Edward Witten (post-doc)
Robert Karplustheoretical physics, science education19481950 J. Robert Oppenheimer (post-doc)
Bruria KaufmanTheoretical Physics: Spinors and the Ising Model, General Relativity, Asymmetric field theory, Mossbauer effect, Mathematical Linguistics19501955 Albert Einstein (research assistant), John L. von Neumann (research assistant)
Robert Harry KraichnanTheoretical Physics, Theory of Fluid Turbulence, Field Theory and General Relativity19491950 Albert Einstein (post-doc)
John A. KrommesFluid and Plasma Physics, Atmospheric Sciences19751977 Marshall Nicholas Rosenbluth (post-doc)
Shuichi KusakaTheoretical physics19421943 Albert Einstein (post-doc)
Leona Marshall Libby
Juan MaldacenaTheoretical physics
George Placzek
Dimitrios PsaltisAstronomy and Astrophysics20012002 John Norris Bahcall (post-doc)
Tullio ReggeTheoretical physics
Fritz RohrlichClassical electrodynamics, Quantum electrodynamics1949 J. Robert Oppenheimer (post-doc)
Nathan RosenTheoretical physics19341936 Albert Einstein (research scientist)
Marshall Nicholas Rosenbluthnuclear physics, plasma physics
David S Spiegelastrophysics
John L. von NeumannMathematics
Matias ZaldarriagaAstronomy and Astrophysics