University of Birmingham

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Seyyed Rohollah Aghdaee School of Physics and Astronomy Alastair Rae (grad student)
Finean, J. B.
Christopher P L BerryGravitational-wave astronomy
Gerald E. Browntheoretical physics1957 Rudolf Ernst Peierls (grad student)
Riccardo BuscicchioAstrophysics
John W. Clarkquantum many-body theory, quantum control, neural networks, computational neuroscience19611961 Rudolf Ernst Peierls (post-doc)
Derek Colley
Ernest Gordon Coxx-ray crystallography
Freeman John Dysonq.e.d., solid-state physics, astronomy, nuclear engineering19491951 Rudolf Ernst Peierls (post-doc)
David Evans
P. S. Fisher1957 Philip Burton Moon (grad student)
Otto Robert Frischnuclear physics19391940 Rudolf Ernst Peierls (collaborator), Mark LE Oliphant (research scientist)
Klaus Fuchs19411943 Rudolf Ernst Peierls (research scientist)
Jonathan Michael Goldwin
J. Michael F. Gunn
George Klaus Hortonsolid-state physics1949 Rudolf Ernst Peierls (grad student)
George A. Jeffreyx-ray crystallography, Hydrogen Bonding in Biological Structures1939 Ernest Gordon Cox (grad student)
Themis Kanellopoulos1957 Rudolf Ernst Peierls (grad student)
John Kinson Len Riddiford (grad student), Derek Colley (grad student)
Valeriya KorolGravitational Wave Astronomy
James S. Langertheory of nonequilibrium phenomena in condensed matter1958 Rudolf Ernst Peierls (grad student)
Charles LapworthPaleontology, Paleozoic stratigraphy
Joseph Solomon Levingertheoretical nuclear physics1957 Rudolf Ernst Peierls (research scientist)
Jensen LiMetamaterials, Acoustics, Photonic Crystals
Samuel Wallace MacDowellTheoretical Elementary Particle Physics Mathematical Physics1958 Rudolf Ernst Peierls (grad student)
Ilya MandelGravitational Physics/Theoretical Astrophysics
Tom McLaughlanHigh Energy Physics, Top Quark20092013 John Allan Wilson (grad student)
N. David MerminTheoretical Physics19611963 Rudolf Ernst Peierls (post-doc)
Philip F. Millington Medical Biochemistry Finean, J. B. (research scientist)
John M. Nelson
Henry Pierre Noyes1951 Rudolf Ernst Peierls (post-doc)
Mark LE OliphantPhysics
Rudolf Ernst PeierlsPhysics
Melvin A. PrestonTheoretical Physics1949 Rudolf Ernst Peierls (grad student)
Alastair Rae
John T. RandallRadar, Physics, Phosphors Mark LE Oliphant (research scientist)
Somak RaychaudhuryAstrophysics, Cosmology, Galaxies
Len Riddiford
Edwin E. SalpeterAstrophysics1948 Rudolf Ernst Peierls (grad student)
Andrew John SchofieldTheory of condensed matter, strongly correlated quantum systems
Wladyslaw SwiateckiNuclear Physics1950 Rudolf Ernst Peierls (grad student)
Daniel Tapia TakakiHigh energy nuclear physics David Evans (grad student), Orlando Villalobos-Baillie (grad student)
Orlando Villalobos-Baillie
Chris WalthamElementary Particles and High Energy Physics1980 John M. Nelson (grad student)
William Whitehead Watts1902 Charles Lapworth (grad student)
John Allan Wilson