University of Hawaii

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Hervé Aussel20002003 David Bruce Sanders (post-doc)
Hervé Bouyastronomy, astrophysics Institute for Astronomy20012001 Eduardo Martín Guerrero (research assistant)
Caitlin Meryl Casey20102013 David Bruce Sanders (post-doc)
Gabe Dima Institute for Astronomy2017 Jeffrey R. Kuhn (grad student)
Ben Elder
Aaron S. EvansObservational Astrophysics1996 David Bruce Sanders (grad student)
Emeric Le Floc'h20062009 David Bruce Sanders (post-doc)
Kevin T. FloodElementary Particles and High Energy Physics20122016 David G. Hitlin (post-doc)
James R. Gainessolid hydrogen and its isotopes, superconductivity, composit materials, and temperature sensors, thermometry and associated instrumentation
Milton GarcesInfrasound, Mathematical Physics, Applied Physics, Signal Processing
Eduardo Martín Guerrero
Eric M Gulliksonx-ray optics, EUV lithography, multilayer coatings Physics1977 Burton Lehman Henke (research assistant)
Julia E Hammerigneous petrology, experimental petrology, volcanology, planetary petrology, crystal growth Earth Sciences19982001 Malcolm J. Rutherford (post-doc)
David M. Harrington Institute for Astronomy2008 Jeffrey R. Kuhn (grad student)
Xiao-Gang He
Michael Hedges Physics Sven E. Vahsen (grad student)
Daniel Huber Institute for Astronomy20082011 Timothy Russell Bedding (grad student)
Catherine Ishida2004 David Bruce Sanders (grad student)
Jeyhan S KartaltepeGalaxy Evolution, Infrared Galaxies, Galaxy Mergers and Interactions, AGN2009 David Bruce Sanders (grad student)
Kirsten L. Larson2015 David Bruce Sanders (grad student)
Nicholas Lee2015 David Bruce Sanders (grad student)
Simon John LillyAstronomy and Astrophysics
Kelly McCartney2019 Julia E Hammer (grad student)
Julian Percival McCreary
Dennis W. MooreOceanography
William S NelsonPetrology, Planetary sciences, Remote sensing, Experimental petrology2018 Julia E Hammer (grad student)
Michael Rigler Astronomy19891993 Simon John Lilly (grad student)
David Bruce SandersSubmm/Far-Infrared Astronomy, Interacting Galaxies and IR Quasars, Giant Molecular Clouds
Jeffrey Schueler Physics Sven E. Vahsen (grad student)
Ilsoo Seong Sven E. Vahsen (grad student)
Thomas Shea20112013 Julia E Hammer (post-doc)
Evan J. Sinukoff20082012 David T. Leisawitz (research assistant)
Ryan Swindle Institute for Astronomy2014 Jeffrey R. Kuhn (grad student)
Thomas Thorpe Physics Sven E. Vahsen (grad student)
Sven E. VahsenElementary Particles and High Energy Physics
Gareth Wynn-WilliamsAstronomy