Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Harun Acaroglu20192023 Monika Blanke (grad student)
Reinhart AhlrichsTheoretical Chemistry
Monika Blanke
Andreas CrivellinElementary Particles and High Energy Physics2010 Ulrich Nierste (grad student)
Iris DillmannNuclear Astrophysics Institute für Kernphysik20072007 Franz Käppeler (grad student), Franz Käppeler (post-doc)
Christoph EnglertTheoretical Particle Physics20072010 Dieter Zeppenfeld (grad student)
Michael Heil Institute für Kernphysik Franz Käppeler (grad student)
Franz KäppelerNeutron physics, nuclear astrophysics, neutron capture cross sections, slow neutron capture process
Simon Kast20152017 Monika Blanke (grad student)
Teppei KitaharaElementary Particles and High Energy Physics Ulrich Nierste (post-doc)
Ivan S. Kondovcomputational science, computational physics, computational chemistry
Juerg LeutholdOptics, Plasmonics, THz, Electromagnetic Fields, Communications
Marta Moscati20162019 Monika Blanke (grad student)
Ulrich NiersteElementary Particles and High Energy Physics
Rene Reifarth Institute für Kernphysik Franz Käppeler (grad student)
Elli Stamatopoulou2024 Carsten Rockstuhl (post-doc)
Diego A. ZoccoCondensed Matter Physics, Electricity and Magnetism Physics, Low Temperature Physics
Walter ZürnFree Oscillations of the Earth, Tides, Gravity variations, Interactions between Earth and Atmosphere