Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Friederike Bockhigh energy physics, thermal photons, heavy ion, photons, neutral mesons Physics20182022 Thomas M. Cormier (research scientist)
J. David Bowman
William H. ButlerCondensed Matter Physics
Thomas Arthur Carlsonphotoelectron spectroscopy
Wei-Ren Chen
Kelly A. ChippsExperimental nuclear astrophysics
David Jarvis DeanTheoretical physics, computational physics
Changwoo DoNeutron Scattering, Small-Angle Neutron Scattering, Neutron Spin-Echo, SANS, NSE, Soft Matter, Self-Assembly
Markus Eisenbach
Gareth A FarnanCondensed matter physics; Monte Carlo simulation20002002 E. Ward Plummer (post-doc)
Michael FebbraroNuclear physics; Neutrino physics
John David FoxNuclear Physics
Panchapakesan Ganesh
Vasile Ovidiu Garleamagnetic structures, correlated electron systems, neutron scattering
John Howard Gibbonsenergy policy, atomic physics
Junjie Guo
Youngkyu Han20132016 Changwoo Do (post-doc)
Caili Huang20152018 Gregory S. Smith (post-doc)
Florian Jonas20182023 Constantinos A. Loizides (grad student)
Paul Kent
Suffian N. Khancomputational physics20142016 Markus Eisenbach (post-doc)
Jeongnim Kimcondensed matter physics, electronic structure calculations
John Selden Kirby-Smith
Wallace C. KoehlerSolid-state physics
Ho Nyung Lee
Ying Wai Li20122014 Markus Eisenbach (post-doc)
Constantinos A. Loizides
Gerald D. MahanCondensed matter theory, Transport and optical properties, Solid-state devices
David G Mandrus
Thomas E MasonCondensed Matter Physics
Bronson MesserAstrophysics, high-performance computing
Rob Moore
Steven D Painnuclear physics, nuclear astrophysics
Nicholas A. Petersentanglement, quantum communications
Louis Douglas Robertslow temperature physics
Russell Lee Robinsonnuclear physics
George Raymond Satchlernuclear theory
Rachel Seibert
Ambrose Sungseok SeoCondensed Matter Physics20082010 Ho Nyung Lee (post-doc)
Tooba Shoaib2021 Changwoo Do (post-doc)
Gregory S. Smith
Derek A. StewartCondensed Matter Physics, Materials Science Engineering19982001 William H. Butler (grad student)
Eric Suchyta Physics2014 Klaus Honscheid (grad student)
Christopher Tate Jeffrey E. Moersch (grad student)
Kenneth Stephen TothNuclear physics
Alvin W. Trivelpiece
Alvin Martin WeinbergNuclear physics
Theodore Allen Weltontheoretical physics
Ernest Omar Wollanneutron scattering, health physics.
Cheuk-Yin WongTheoretical Nuclear Physics, Heavy-Ion Collisions, Nuclear Structure
Junqi Yin20112013 Markus Eisenbach (post-doc)
Zhe Zhang20132015 Changwoo Do (post-doc)
Xiaoguang ZhangCondensed Matter Physics Metals and Ceramics Division19911995 William H. Butler (post-doc)
Houlong L. Zhuang Paul Kent (post-doc), Valentino R Cooper (post-doc), Panchapakesan Ganesh (post-doc)
Alexander ZuckerNuclear physics