Weill Cornell Medical College

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Olaf AndersonGeneral Biophysics, Pharmacology
Yongen ChangCell Biology2007 Silvia C. Finnemann (grad student)
Pearl P. ChangMolecular Biology2003 Kenneth J. Marians (grad student)
Silvia C. FinnemannCell Biology, Physiology Biology, General Biophysics
Carolina B. GabbaiBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2013 Kenneth J. Marians (grad student)
Terence P. GadeMedical Biophysics2007 Jason Koutcher (grad student)
Ryo HayamaBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Microbiology Biology, General Biophysics Physiology, Biophysics, and Systems Biology2012 Kenneth J. Marians (grad student)
Ryan C. HellerBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2006 Kenneth J. Marians (grad student)
Jason KoutcherGeneral Biophysics, Radiology, Oncology
Cindy LevineMolecular Biology2000 Kenneth J. Marians (grad student)
Ram MadabhushiMolecular Biology2010 Kenneth J. Marians (grad student)
Mallika MallavarapuCell Biology, Physiology Biology, General Biophysics2012 Silvia C. Finnemann (grad student)
Kenneth J. MariansBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Microbiology Biology, General Biophysics
Nicole B. RamseyGeneral Biophysics, Pharmacology2014 Olaf Anderson (grad student)
Asif RizwanGeneral Biophysics, Radiology, Oncology Physiology and Biophysics2013 Jason Koutcher (grad student)