Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Berni J. AlderMolecular dynamics
Suzanne J. M. AliHigh pressure physics, dynamic compression, optical diagnostics
Michael R. AnastasioTheoretical Nuclear Physics
John D. AndersonNuclear physics
John J. BarnardHeavy Ion Fusion, Astrophysics, Beam Physics
Christopher P. J. BartyLaser Science and Technology
Roger Elwood Batzelnuclear chemistry
Lorin X. Benedictcondensed matter physics Heather D. Whitley (collaborator)
Adam Bernstein
Stewart David Bloom
Harold Brown
David Alan Brownnuclear physics
Greg Brown
George Frederick Chapline
John Francis Clauserinterferometry, quantum theory
Lawrence D. Cloutman
Alfredo A. CorreaElectron and Ion Dynamics of Warm Dense Matter Quantum Simulations Group20022008 Giulia Galli (grad student)
Daine L. DanielsonTheoretical physics, Particle physics, High energy physics, Theory Physics Rare Event Detection Group20152018 Adam Bernstein (research assistant)
Jeff A. Drocco
David Franklin EdwardsSolid state physics
Peter P. Eggletonevolution of stars
Jutta Escher Amiram Leviatan (post-doc)
Daniel L. FarberGeology, Geophysics1994 Quentin Williams (grad student)
John George Fletcher
John Stuart Fosternuclear physics
Harold Paul FurthPlasma Physics19561960 Edward Teller (post-doc)
George Hudson GilmerAtomistic modeling of nanowire formation using vapor/solid and vapor/ liquid/solid crystal growth.
Abraham Goldberg
Paul E. GrabowskiPlasma physics, atomic physics, density functional theory, Theoretical Astrophysics
Edward P. HartouniElementary Particles and High Energy Physics
Natalie Hell2017 Greg Brown (grad student)
John Paul HoldrenAerospace engineering, theoretical plasma physics
Randolph Q. HoodQuantum Physics
William L. KruerPlasma Physics
Stephen B. LibbyTheoretical physics, atomic physics, condensed matter, elementary particle physics, quantum sensing, quantum computing Physics Physics19892017 Abraham Szöke (collaborator), Edward Teller (collaborator)
John D. Lindlhigh energy density physics, inertial confinement fusion
Robert A. Managan
Ed Von MarleyPlasma physics, spectroscopy, diagnostics, laser systems
Donald Elwood Maxwell
Michael Melville May
Andrew McKelvey
George H. MillerNuclear physics
Douglas Scott Millerhydrodynamics, computational physics, astrophysics
Stephen David MurrayAstrophysics
Cherry A. Murraysurface, condensed matter and complex fluid physics
Walter Willem NederbragtMechanical engineering
John Hopkin Nuckollsinertial confinement fusion19551965 Edward Teller (research scientist)
Filomena Nunesnuclear physics Ian J. Thompson (post-doc)
Jeffrey B Parker
Andrew J. PascallFluid Mechanics, Materials Science
L. Donald Pearlstein
Richard Freeman Postelectron physics, traveling wave electron linear accelerators, controlled fusion, scintillation counter resolving time, high temperature plasmas, and energy storage.
Jane PrattStellar Astrophysics, Computational Plasma Physics, MHD
Harry Brian RadouskyEnergy Harvesting Technologies, Laser Damage in Optical materials
Kumar S. RamanCondensed Matter Physics Physics20052007 Eduardo Hector Fradkin (post-doc)
Cody Raskin
Francesco Ricci Vincenzo Fiorentini (grad student)
Carl Edward Rosenkilde
Henry F. ShawIsotope gechemistry
Ronnie ShepherdPlasma physics
Yuan ShiPlasma Physics20182021 Stephen B. Libby (post-doc)
Robert Tyler Sutherlandquantum gates, quantum optics, quantum simulations, quantum information, quantum computing, open quantum systems Physics20172019 Stephen B. Libby (post-doc)
Abraham Szökelaser fusion, High Energy Density Plasmas
Isaac Tamblynnanoscience, physics, deep learning, artificial intelligence20122012 Nir Goldman (post-doc)
Curtis Bruce TarterAstrophysics
Edward TellerParticle Theory
James Hayden ThomasNuclear Physics, Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics, Double Beta Decay, Gravitational Physics (Exp.)
Ian J. ThompsonNuclear theory, nuclear data
Chad C. Ummelphysics, nuclear physics, experimental nuclear physics
Christopher A Walshplasma physics, magnetohydrodynamics
Joseph WasemNuclear Physics
Kalpani WerellapathaCondensed matter physics
James Ricker Wilsonnuclear astrophysics
Herbert Frank YorkNuclear physics
Simon Shin-Lun YuPlasma physics, High energy density physics, Intense beam physics