Københavns Universitet

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Aage Niels BohrNuclear physics1954 Niels Bohr (grad student)
Matthias Christandl
Poul Henrik DamgaardTheoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology
James Franck
Hugo Frickeradiation chemistry1918 Niels Bohr (grad student)
Otto Robert Frischnuclear physics19341939 Niels Bohr (research scientist)
Ole Hansen1967 Aage Niels Bohr (grad student), Ben Roy Mottelson (grad student)
Werner Heisenbergphysics (quantum mechanics)19241925 Niels Bohr (post-doc)
Walter HeitlerTheoretical physics1926 Niels Bohr (post-doc)
Arthur K. Kerman19541955 Niels Bohr (post-doc)
Hans Kopfermann19321933 Niels Bohr (post-doc)
Lev Davydovitch Landautheoretical physics19331934 Niels Bohr (post-doc)
Thomas Lauritsen19391940 Niels Bohr (post-doc)
Charles Masamed Marcusmesoscopic physics
Ben Roy MottelsonTheoretical physics19501951 Niels Bohr (post-doc)
Christian MøllerMathematical physics Physics1933 Niels Bohr (grad student)
Harald Herborg Nielsen19291930 Niels Bohr (post-doc)
Wolfgang Ernst PauliQuantum mechanics19221923 Niels Bohr (post-doc)
Isidor Isaac Rabimagnetic resonance1927 Niels Bohr (post-doc)
Soren P. SorensenNuclear Physics, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics1981 Ole Hansen (grad student)
Llewellyn H. ThomasTheoretical physics19251926 Niels Bohr (research assistant)
Bjørn Trumpyparticle physics, cosmic rays, terrestrial magnetism, nuclear physics1929 Niels Bohr (post-doc)
Hans H. von Halban19341938 Otto Robert Frisch (post-doc)