University of Indiana

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ray Ryland Crittenden
Robert Walder Thompsoncosmic rays
Mohammad Sajjad AlamElementary Particles and High Energy Physics1975 Bennet B. Brabson (grad student)
Marjorie Diane Blasius CorcoranExperimental Particle Physics1977 Homer Alfred Neal (grad student)
Homer Alfred Nealhigh-energy physics
Chang Kee JungExperimental high-energy physics.1986 Harold Olof Ogren (grad student)
Edward J. LudwigNuclear Physics1964 Daniel Weber Miller (grad student)
Yervant TerzianRadio and Radar Astronomy1964 T. K. Menon (grad student)
Gary Steven Adams1977 Daniel Weber Miller (grad student), Andrew Dow Bacher (grad student)
C. Sharp CookNuclear Physics1948 Lawrence Martin Langer (grad student)
Riccardo GiovanelliAstronomy and Astrophysics1976 Gerrit L. Verschuur (grad student)
Akunuri V. RamayyaNuclear Physics1964 Allan Charles Gray Mitchell (grad student)
Riccardo Giacconi19561958 Robert Walder Thompson (post-doc)
Frank Kelley Edmondsonstellar kinematics, galactic structure, asteroid astrometry
Benjamin Franklin PeeryAstronomy
Marshal Henry WrubelAstrophysics
Geoffrey FoxComputer Science
Andrew Dow BacherNuclear Physics
Daniel Weber Miller
Harold Olof OgrenElementary Particle Physics
Bennet B. Brabson
Jon Erik UrheimElementary Particles and High Energy Physics
Lawrence Martin Langernuclear spectroscopy
Lloyd Lee ChaseExperimental Solid State Physics