New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Axel Scherer1985 Osman Tugay Inal (grad student)
Kenneth William Fordtheoretical physics
Philip J. CarpenterGeophysics, Geology, Hydrology1984 Allan Robert Sanford (grad student)
Glenn SpinelliGeophysics, Petroleum Geology, Geological Engineering
Alex RinehartGeophysics, Petroleum Geology, Geological Engineering Earth and Environmental Science2015 Glenn Spinelli (grad student)
Osman Tugay Inal
Henry Alexander PragerStellar evolution
Michael StockGeophysics, Atmospheric Sciences Physics2014 Paul R. Krehbiel (grad student)
Paul R. KrehbielGeophysics, Atmospheric Sciences
David James RaymondAtmospheric Physics
Timothy H. HankinsRadio Astronomy, Pulsars