Rockefeller University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
David Atkatzquantum field theory, quantum cosmology
Mirza A. Baqi Bégelementary particle interactions
Theodore H. BerlinTheoretical physics
Dapeng BiSoft Condensed Matter, Granular Materials, Jamming, Cell Mechanics, Active Matter, Metamaterials
Stephen K. BurleyGeneral Biophysics, Molecular Biology
Harmen J. Bussemaker Eric D. Siggia (post-doc)
Kenneth Myron CaseTheoretical and mathematical physics
Ta-Pei ChengElementary Particles and High Energy Physics1969 Abraham Pais (grad student)
E.G.D. CohenStatistical Physics
Rodney Lee CoolHigh Energy Physics
Mitchell J. FeigenbaumChaos Theory
Adrian R. Ferre-D'AmareGeneral Biophysics1995 Stephen K. Burley (grad student)
Ronald F. FoxStochastic processes, rectified Brownian motion, quantum-classical correspondence, coherent states, quantum chaology, biophysics, origin of the genetic code, neuron fluctuations Physics19651969 George Eugene Uhlenbeck (grad student)
Konstantin GoulianosElementary Particles and High Energy Physics
Caroline M. GroftGeneral Biophysics, Molecular Biology2003 Stephen K. Burley (grad student)
Eleni Katifori20092001 Marcelo O. Magnasco (post-doc)
Stanislas Leiblercollective behavior of biomolecules, cells and organisms
Albert J. Libchabernonlinear dynamics, Fluid turbulence, Biophysics, artificial life, the origin of life, and some physical aspects of cell biology
Seth LloydTheoretical Particle Physics - Quantum Computing1988 Heinz R. Pagels (grad student)
M. Cristina MarchettiStatistical physics, Condensed matter theory19841985 E.G.D. Cohen (post-doc)
Shradha Mishra Physics20112011 E.G.D. Cohen (post-doc)
Heinz R. Pagels
Abraham Paistheoretical particle physics, science history
Seth J. Puttermansonoluminescence1970 George Eugene Uhlenbeck (grad student)
Charles L RadinMathematics19731974 Mark Kac (post-doc)
Antonina I. Roll-MecakGeneral Biophysics, Molecular Biology2002 Stephen K. Burley (grad student)
Anthony Ichiro Sanda
Frederick Seitzcondensed-matter physics
Eric D. Siggia
Andrei SolodskyElementary Particles and High Energy Physics2001 Konstantin Goulianos (grad student)
Michael J. Tannenbaum
Tsvi TlustyPhysical Biology; Information Theory; Condensed Matter
George Eugene Uhlenbeckquantum mechanics, statistical mechanics
Alipasha Vaziri
Frank Vollmer2004 Albert J. Libchaber (grad student)
Arnulfo Zepedaparticle physics1972 Mirza A. Baqi Bég (grad student)