National Science Foundation

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Morris L. Aizenman
Edward A Ajharcosmology; extragalactic astronomy
Reba M. BandyopadhyayAstronomy and Astrophysics
Richard A. BehnkeAeronomy
Mark W ColesGravitational wave detection, elementary particle physics
Adriaan Marinus de Graaf
Robert Alan EisensteinNuclear Physics
Leland John Haworthradar systems, magnet design
Richard Allen Isaacsongravitational waves
Walter Eugene MasseyTheoretical physics
Bogdan Mihailamany-body theory
Lewis H. NosanowCondensed Matter Physics
Ludwig Friedrich OsterAstrophysics
Julia Mae Phillips
William Stanley Rodney
Barry I. Schneidertheoretical chemistry, atomic and molecular physics, numerical methods and high performance computing
H. Guyford SteverEngineering Sciences
Guebre Tessema
Alan Tower Watermanthermionic emission, theory of electrical conductors, photoelectric effect, and electrical properties of solids