King Abdullah University of Science and Technology - KAUST

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ze-Guo Chen CEMSE20142018 Ying Wu (grad student)
Aurélien ManchonSpintronics
Marie-Jean THORAVALFluid Mechanics, Drops, Bubbles, Interfacial Flows20092013 Sigurdur T. Thoroddsen (grad student)
Ying Wu
Changqing Xu CEMSE20172022 Ying Wu (post-doc)
Mohammad YoussofSeismology Physical and Engineering Sciences Physical Science and Engineering20172019 Paul M. Mai (post-doc), Sigurjon Jonsson (post-doc)
Xiujuan Zhang CEMSE20142017 Ying Wu (grad student)
Fengjun ZhuoSpintronics Materials Science and Engineering20162022 Aurélien Manchon (grad student)