National Instittute of Standards and Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Robert F BergVacum technology, Optical Contamination Caused by Photoresists Physics19831985 Michael R Moldover (post-doc)
Matthew W. Danielsspintronics, neuromorphic computing, alternative computing PML20172021 Mark D. Stiles (post-doc)
Matthew D. EisamanCarbon dioxide removal
Jonathan M. GilliganCoupled human-natural systems, risk analysis, risk management, risk communication, science policy, environmental policy Time and Frequency Division19911993 David J. Wineland (post-doc)
Anthony R. H. GoodwinThermophysical Properties of Fluids Physics1999 Michael R Moldover (post-doc)
Jean Hamelin Physics Michael R Moldover (post-doc)
Eric F May physics Michael R Moldover (research scientist)
Christopher W MeyerThermometry, Metrology
Dean C RippleBioprocess Measurements, Thermometry Physics Michael R Moldover (post-doc)
Iosif Isaakovich ShinderThermophysical Properties of Fluids, Anemometry, Flow Standards
Mark D. StilesCondensed Matter Physics
J. P. Martin TruslerThermophysical Properties of Fluids