University of Leicester

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mark D Bass Biochemistry19962001 David R. Critchley (grad student)
Frederick Herbert Combley1963 Edward Alfred Stewardson (grad student)
David R. Critchley
John Edwin Enderby
Omaira Gonzalez-MartinAGN
Jim Hinton
Philip A. Kuhlman Biochemistry19951998 Clive R Bagshaw (post-doc), David R. Critchley (grad student)
Andy Lawrence1980 Kenneth Alwyne Pounds (grad student)
Soheb F MandhaiGRBs, Compact Binaries, EM/GW follow up Physics and Astronomy20172021 Nial R Tanvir (grad student)
Kirpal NandraActive Galactic Nuclei Kenneth Alwyne Pounds (grad student)
Peter W. Sanford Kenneth Alwyne Pounds (grad student)
Edward Alfred Stewardson
Nial R TanvirAstrophysics