University of Rhode Island

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mohammed Almesallmy2006 Philip S. Datseris (grad student)
Santosha L. AmmuElectricity and Magnetism Physics, Nanoscience Physics2011 David R. Heskett (grad student)
Christelle BaltPhysical Oceanography Oceanography2014 Chris Kincaid (grad student)
Deanna L. BergondoOceanography Biology, Environmental Sciences2004 Chris Kincaid (grad student)
He CaoOptics Physics2001 Stephen V. Letcher (grad student)
Erik V CarlsonAstrophysics, Active Galactic Nuclei
Kaiguo ChangPolymer Chemistry2000 Sze Yang (grad student)
Swarbhanu ChatterjeeCondensed Matter Physics, Materials Science Engineering Physics2011 Sze Yang (grad student)
Gregory T. ClementAcoustics Physics, Optics Physics2000 Stephen V. Letcher (grad student)
Wiehrs L. CollierComputer Science, Bioinformatics Biology Computer Science2014 Jean-Yves Herve (grad student)
Philip S. DatserisMechanical Design and Optimization; Robotics and Automation; Artificial Intelligence as Applied in Engineering Design
Ashish M. DesaiMolecular Physics, Low Temperature Physics Physics2012 Albert Steyerl (grad student)
Narahara C DingariMachine Learning, Big Data, Data Science Physics20012007 David R. Heskett (grad student)
Kelsey A. DrukenGeology, Plate Tectonics, Geophysics Oceanography2012 Chris Kincaid (grad student)
Ahmed FaldMechanical Engineering, Applied Mechanics2010 Zongqin Zhang (grad student)
Brian E. FreburgerElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Donald Winston Tufts (grad student)
Paul S. HallGeophysics, Geology2003 Chris Kincaid (grad student)
Jean-Yves HerveTheory Physics, Quantum Physics
David R. HeskettElectricity and Magnetism Physics, Nanoscience
Chris KincaidGeology, Plate Tectonics, Geophysics
Julia C. KlockBiomedical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2007 William Ohley (grad student)
Oh-Sun KwonNuclear Physics2005 Albert Steyerl (grad student)
Roger LarsonGeology, Geophysics
Stephen V. LetcherOptics Physics
Steve LetcherEnvironmental Sciences, Physical Oceanography, Optics Physics
Linghong LiCondensed Matter Physics2005 David R. Heskett (grad student)
Wenguang LiPolymer Chemistry2002 Sze Yang (grad student)
Paul P. LinIntelligent Mechatronic Systems, System Monitoring & Fault Diagnosis, Machine Vision, Fast Design Optimization1985 Philip S. Datseris (grad student)
Malcolm N. McFarlandOceanography Biology, Ecology Biology, Optics Physics Oceanography2014 Jan Rines (grad student)
Alexander MeyerovichCondensed Matter Physics, Materials Science Engineering
Mervlyn MoodleyCondensed Matter Physics, Molecular Physics2003 M P. Nightingale (grad student)
M P. NightingaleTheory Physics, Quantum Physics
Jan A. NorthbyCondensed Matter Physics, Molecular Physics, Physical Chemistry
William OhleyElectricity and Magnetism Physics, Medical Biophysics, Biomedical Engineering
Edward H. PeesAcoustics Physics2008 Stephen V. Letcher (grad student)
Raghuram PetluriCondensed Matter Physics, Molecular Physics, Physical Chemistry2005 Jan A. Northby (grad student)
Anna S. Pfeiffer-HerbertOceanography Biology, Physical Oceanography Oceanography2012 Chris Kincaid (grad student)
Thomas S. RamotowskiPolymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2009 Sze Yang (grad student)
Jan RinesOceanography Biology, Ecology Biology, Optics Physics
Regina R. RodriguesPhysical Oceanography2004 Mark Wimbush (grad student)
Ashwin SarmaElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Statistics2006 Donald Winston Tufts (grad student)
Brian J. SetlikCondensed Matter Physics2002 David R. Heskett (grad student)
Chris P. SmithTheory Physics, Quantum Physics Physics2010 Jean-Yves Herve (grad student)
Albert SteyerlMolecular Physics, Low Temperature Physics
Diana L. StramPhysical Oceanography, Oceanography Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture2001 Chris Kincaid (grad student)
Zhexiong TangPolymer Chemistry, Chemical Engineering2005 Sze Yang (grad student)
Timothy M. ToolanElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 Donald Winston Tufts (grad student)
Donald Winston Tufts
Richard VisoGeology, Geophysics2005 Roger Larson (grad student)
Mark WimbushPhysical Oceanography, Geophysics Graduate School of Oceanography19641969 Walter Heinrich Munk (grad student)
Su-Hsiu WuElectricity and Magnetism Physics, Medical Biophysics, Biomedical Engineering2001 William Ohley (grad student)
Sze YangCondensed Matter Physics, Materials Science Engineering
Biwu Yang Technology and Computer Science1991 Philip S. Datseris (grad student)
Benjamin Young Chemistry Physics Chemistry Physics20182014 Dugan Hayes (collaborator), David R. Heskett (collaborator), Brett L. Lucht (grad student), David R. Heskett (grad student)
Zongqin ZhangMechanical Engineering, General Biophysics, Applied Mechanics
Xiaobo ZhuMechanical Engineering, General Biophysics, Applied Mechanics2001 Zongqin Zhang (grad student)
Weijia ZhuEnvironmental Sciences, Physical Oceanography, Optics Physics2006 Steve Letcher (grad student)
John C. ZiegertManufacturing Precision Metrology Machine Tools Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science1989 Philip S. Datseris (grad student)