Washington University, Saint Louis

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Michael Abercrombie Physics20112016 Ramanath Cowsik (grad student)
Gary Keith AckersBiochemistry, General Biophysics
Richard A. Albert Earth and Planetary Sciences1999 Roger Jay Phillips (grad student)
Mark Gower AlfordNuclear Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Astrophysics Physics
Christian C. Andersonthe physics of anisotropic, inherently inhomogeneous media Physics2010 James Gegan Miller (grad student)
Lorenzo Andreoli Physics2019 Saori Pastore (post-doc)
Adam James Archibaldshort range gravity, gravity, equivalence principle Physics Ramanath Cowsik (grad student)
Raymond E. ArvidsonGeology, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Christopher A. AubinElementary Particles and High Energy Physics2004 Michael C. Ogilvie (grad student)
Bryce Allen BagleyTheoretical Biophysics, Applied Mathematics, Complex Systems Theory Physics Ralf Wessel (research assistant)
Forest Balemian-Spencer2020 Mike Krawczynski (grad student)
Carlo BarbieriNuclear Physics2002 Willem Hendrik Dickhoff (grad student)
Mitchell BarklageGeophysics Earth & Planetary Sciences2010 Douglas A. Wiens (grad student)
Clayton Wilson Bates
Adam Q. Bauerthe physics of anisotropic, inherently inhomogeneous media2009 James Gegan Miller (grad student)
Carl Martin BenderMathematical Physics
James C. BendertHigh Temperature Physics, Materials Science Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics Physics2013 Kenneth F. Kelton (grad student)
Claude William Bernardhigh energy physics
Thomas J. BernatowiczAstronomy and Astrophysics
Emanuele Berti20032006 Clifford Martin Will (post-doc)
Bishal Bhattarai20182020 Rohan Mishra (post-doc)
Wenli BiElectricity and Magnetism Physics, Materials Science Engineering Physics2011 James S. Schilling (grad student)
Robert Binns
Stefan BoettcherGeneral Physics, Theory Physics, Electricity and Magnetism Physics Physics1993 Carl Martin Bender (grad student)
Daniel Isadore Bolefnuclear acoustic resonance
Mark Bolsterli1955 Eugene Feenberg (grad student)
Karyn S. BondiCondensed Matter Physics, General Physics2009 Kenneth F. Kelton (grad student)
Yuval Boneh20122017 Philip A. Skemer (grad student)
Maitrayee BoseAstronomy and Astrophysics, Astrophysics Physics Physics2011 Thomas J. Bernatowicz (grad student), Christine Floss (grad student)
Matthew L. BrabyElementary Particles and High Energy Physics2008 Mark Gower Alford (grad student)
Charles Hosea Braden1951 Franklin Buckley Shull (grad student)
Larry BretthorstGeneral Physics, General Biophysics, Radiology
Frank J. BrooksGeneral Biophysics2008 Anders Einar Carlsson (grad student)
C. David Brown Earth and Planetary Sciences Roger Jay Phillips (post-doc)
Caleb D. BrowningCondensed Matter Physics, Nuclear Physics2004 Mark S. Conradi (grad student)
Rolf Bruijn20122014 Philip A. Skemer (post-doc)
James H. Buckley
Benjamin P. BurchAstrophysics Physics2013 Ramanath Cowsik (grad student)
Ernest S. BurgieBiochemistry, General Biophysics2004 Gary Keith Ackers (grad student)
Charles E. Campbell1969 Eugene Feenberg (grad student)
Anders Einar Carlsson
Yulin ChangMolecular Physics, Radiology, Electricity and Magnetism Physics2006 Mark S. Conradi (grad student)
Jun-hua ChenTheory Physics2007 Carl Martin Bender (grad student)
Q S. ChiSystem Science Engineering, Atomic Physics
John W. Clarkquantum many-body theory, quantum control, neural networks, computational neuroscience1959 Eugene Feenberg (grad student)
Arthur Holly ComptonQuantum mechanics
Mark S. ConradiCondensed Matter Physics1977 Richard E. Norberg (grad student)
Thomas E. ConturoNuclear Physics
C. Sharp CookNuclear Physics
Robert L CoreySolid State NMR1992 Richard E. Norberg (grad student)
Clyde Lorrain CowanParticle physics1948 Arthur Llewelyn Hughes (grad student)
Ramanath CowsikAstrophysics
Jerome R. Cox, Jr.biomedical engineering
Thomas K. CroatCondensed Matter Physics, Materials Science Engineering2001 Kenneth F. Kelton (grad student)
Andrew James CrossGeology, Geophysics, Glaciology20152018 Philip A. Skemer (post-doc)
Marshall Fox Crouchcosmic rays and neutrons1950 Robert Daniel Sard (grad student)
Ghislaine Crozazextraterrestrial (meteorites and lunar samples) and terrestrial rocks
Selby CullGeology, Planetology, Remote Sensing Earth & Planetary Sciences2010 Raymond E. Arvidson (grad student)
Austen N Curcuru Biomedical Engineering H Michael Gach (grad student)
Nilushi L. DasanayakeGeneral Biophysics Physics2013 Anders Einar Carlsson (grad student)
John Pirnie Davidsonabundance anomalies in stellar spectra1952 Eugene Feenberg (grad student)
Henry Dawson20212022 Mike Krawczynski (grad student)
Georgia Adair de Nolfo Physics1997 James J. Beatty (grad student)
Mathiewos T. DebessaiCondensed Matter Physics2009 James S. Schilling (grad student)
Shanti DeemyadCondensed Matter Physics2004 James S. Schilling (grad student)
Yuhang Deng Physics2019 James S. Schilling (grad student)
Willem Hendrik DickhoffRadiation Physics
Andrew D. DimarogonasMechanical design
John MacGregor Dobbs
Andrew J. DombardGeophysics, Geology Earth and Planetary Sciences2000 William B. McKinnon (grad student), Roger Jay Phillips (post-doc)
Alan Kent DozierElectron Energy Loss Spectroscopy Physics19791986 Patrick C. Gibbons (grad student)
David Alan DraboldMaterials Theory and Condensed Matter Theory.1989 Peter Alan Fedders (grad student)
Xining DuElementary Particles and High Energy Physics, Theory Physics Physics2010 Claude William Bernard (grad student)
Lee A. DuBridge
Joseph P. DugasRadiation Physics, Medical Biophysics, Radiology2003 Mark S. Conradi (grad student)
Elliot L. ElsonGeneral Biophysics
Erica L. EmryGeophysics, Plate Tectonics Earth & Planetary Sciences2012 Douglas A. Wiens (grad student)
Garrett G. EulerGeophysics Earth & Planetary Sciences2012 Douglas A. Wiens (grad student)
Gilberto F. L. FabbrisCondensed Matter Physics Physics Physics20102014 James S. Schilling (grad student), Daniel Haskel (grad student)
Christopher P. FavazzaCondensed Matter Physics2008 Ramki Kalyanaraman (grad student)
Peter Alan FeddersTheoretical & Computational Condensed Matter
Russell J. Fedewathe physics of anisotropic, inherently inhomogeneous media2002 James Gegan Miller (grad student)
Eugene FeenbergQuantum mechanics, Nuclear physics
Ruixiang FeiCondensed matter physics, Materials theory Physics20122017 Li Yang (grad student)
Gonzalo Ferreira Larry Salkoff (research scientist)
Francesc FerrerGeneral Physics, Astrophysics Physics
John FlavinCondensed Matter Physics, Quantum Physics Physics2012 Alexander Seidel (grad student)
Abraham Ramon FloresNuclear Physics, High Performance Computing, Quantum Monte Carlo
Christine FlossAstronomy and Astrophysics, Astrophysics Physics Ghislaine Crozaz (grad student)
John M. Fowler
Abigail A. FraemanPlanetology, Remote Sensing Earth & Planetary Sciences2014 Raymond E. Arvidson (grad student)
Phil FraundorfCondensed Matter Physics, Materials Science Engineering, Astronomy and Astrophysics Physics Physics1980 Robert M. Walker (grad student), Edwin Thompson Jaynes (grad student)
Michael W. Friedlandercosmic rays
Harry Wilks Fulbright1944 Glenn T. Seaborg (grad student), Arthur Llewelyn Hughes (grad student), Robert Lyster Thornton (grad student)
H Michael GachMRI
James R. Gainessolid hydrogen and its isotopes, superconductivity, composit materials, and temperature sensors, thermometry and associated instrumentation1961 Richard E. Norberg (grad student)
Ashley L. GalantBotany Biology, Biochemistry Biology & Biomedical Sciences (Plant Biology)2011 Joseph Martin Jez (grad student)
Alfred B. GarsonAstronomy and Astrophysics2007 Henric Krawczynski (grad student)
Maxim Gavrilenko20162019 Mike Krawczynski (post-doc)
Steven C. GeorgeOrgan-on-a-chip, pluripotent stem cells, tissue engineering, microfluidics
Patrick C. GibbonsCondensed Matter Physics
Allyson A. Gibsonthe physics of anisotropic, inherently inhomogeneous media Physics2009 James Gegan Miller (grad student)
Gaurav GirdharBiomedical Engineering, Cell Biology, General Biophysics2005 Jin-Yu Shao (grad student)
Paul Goldammer Eugene Feenberg (grad student)
Andrea Goltz20172022 Mike Krawczynski (grad student)
Gerald J. GoodNuclear Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Astrophysics Physics Physics2010 Mark Gower Alford (grad student)
Evan E. GroopmanAstrophysics Physics Physics Physics2015 Thomas J. Bernatowicz (grad student), Ernst K. Zinner (grad student)
Yunbin Guan Ghislaine Crozaz (grad student)
Kristopher J. GutierrezAstronomy and Astrophysics2005 Henric Krawczynski (grad student)
Frank GyngardAstronomy and Astrophysics Physics Physics2009 Thomas J. Bernatowicz (grad student), Ernst K. Zinner (grad student)
Alexander Haberastro-particle physics, dense matter, color superconductivity, neutron stars Physics20182020 Mark Gower Alford (post-doc)
Pierre Haenecour Christine Floss (grad student)
James J. HamlinCondensed Matter Physics2007 James S. Schilling (grad student)
Jeffrey C. HannaGeophysics, Hydrology2006 Roger Jay Phillips (grad student)
Steven P Harris Physics20152020 Mark Gower Alford (grad student)
Daniel HaskelCondensed Matter Physics
Steven A. HauckGeophysics, Geology, Planetary Sciences19962001 Roger Jay Phillips (grad student)
William Heinson
Richard G. HennigCondensed Matter Physics Physics19972000 Kenneth F. Kelton (grad student), Anders Einar Carlsson (grad student)
Erik A. HenriksenCondensed matter physics, graphene
Julie L. Herbergnuclear magnetic resonance 2002 Richard E. Norberg (grad student)
Narelle J. HillierHigh Temperature Physics Physics2013 James S. Schilling (grad student)
Edward Joseph HoffmanMedical imaging19721976 Michael E. Phelps (collaborator), Demetrios George Sarantites (grad student)
Christoph HohenemserPhysics and Environmental Science and Policy1963 John M. Fowler (grad student), T. Alexander Pond (grad student), Junius Blackford Reynolds (grad student), Franklin Buckley Shull (grad student)
Cynthia K. HollandStructural Biology, Biochemistry, Plant Biology Biology20142018 Joseph Martin Jez (grad student)
Weibiao Hsu Ghislaine Crozaz (grad student)
Henry HuangPositron emission computed tomography and physiological modeling1973 Jerome R. Cox, Jr. (grad student)
Shouting HuangSolid State Physics, Materials Science Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics Physics2013 Li Yang (grad student)
Van T. HuettCondensed Matter Physics2004 Kenneth F. Kelton (grad student)
Arthur Llewelyn Hughes
Geoffrey D. HugoGeneral Physics, Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Medical Biophysics
Daniel R. HunterAstrophysics Physics, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics, General Physics Physics2014 Francesc Ferrer (grad student)
Brian M. HynekGeology, Astronomy and Astrophysics2003 Roger Jay Phillips (grad student)
Kathryn M. HynesAstrophysics Physics, Mineralogy Physics2010 Thomas J. Bernatowicz (grad student)
Martin H. IsraelAstronomy and Astrophysics
Timothy M. IvancicCondensed Matter Physics Physics2010 Mark S. Conradi (grad student)
Manavi JadhavAstronomy and Astrophysics, Geochemistry Earth & Planetary Sciences Earth & Planetary Sciences2009 Frank A. Podosek (grad student), Ernst K. Zinner (grad student)
Edwin Thompson JaynesMaximum Entropy, Bayesian Theory
Joseph Martin JezBiochemistry, General Biophysics
Yanfei JiangGeneral Biophysics Biology & Biomedical Sciences (Computational & Molecular Biophysics) Mechanical Engineering ? Materials Science20082013 Elliot L. Elson (grad student), Guy M Genin (grad student)
Kejian JinAstrophysics Physics Physics2011 Wai-Mo Suen (grad student)
Bradley L. Joliff
Mead M. JordanAstronomy and Astrophysics2004 James H. Buckley (grad student)
Ramki KalyanaramanCondensed Matter Physics
Jonathan Isaac Katz
Yun KeGeophysics, Astronomy and Astrophysics Earth & Planetary Sciences2009 Slava Solomatov (grad student)
Kenneth F. KeltonCondensed Matter Physics
Jennifer Kidder Earth and Planetary Sciences Roger Jay Phillips (grad student)
Michelle R. KirchoffGeophysics2006 William B. McKinnon (grad student)
Bunnie K. KittsGeochemistry, Astronomy and Astrophysics2002 Frank A. Podosek (grad student)
Sergey A. KomarovNuclear Physics2006 Lee G. Sobotka (grad student)
Javad KomijaniLattice QCD, EFTs, nonlinear eigenvalue problems
Keith D. KoperGeophysics Earth and Planetary Sciences1998 Douglas A. Wiens (grad student)
Karl P. KosackAstronomy and Astrophysics2005 James H. Buckley (grad student)
Melanie S. KotysBiomedical Engineering, Radiology, Medical Biophysics2004 Thomas E. Conturo (grad student)
Mike KrawczynskiExperimental Geochemistry and Petrology
Henric KrawczynskiAstronomy and Astrophysics
R R. KrchnavekElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics
Hare KrishnaCondensed Matter Physics Physics2010 Ramki Kalyanaraman (grad student)
Franz Newell Devereux Kurie
Chunwua Lan
Kristopher W. LarsenGeology, Astronomy and Astrophysics2003 Raymond E. Arvidson (grad student)
Kelly A. LaveAstrophysics Physics Physics2012 Martin H. Israel (grad student)
Jesse F. LawrenceGeophysics2004 Douglas A. Wiens (grad student)
David J Lawrence Physics Pphysics Physics Joseph Klarmann (grad student), Martin H. Israel (grad student), Robert Binns (grad student)
Jason C. LeawoodsCondensed Matter Physics, Radiology, Biomedical Engineering2002 Mark S. Conradi (grad student)
Geun W. LeeCondensed Matter Physics2004 Kenneth F. Kelton (grad student)
Kuen LeeAstronomy and Astrophysics2008 James H. Buckley (grad student)
Haochen Liquantum control, neural networks, computational neuroscience
Yihang LiPhotonics
Yu Li Physics Elliot L. Elson (grad student)
Yufeng LiangCondensed Matter Physics, Fluid and Plasma Physics, Quantum Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics Physics2014 Li Yang (grad student)
Yuanyuan Liang2019 Mike Krawczynski (grad student)
Kimberly A. LichtenbergGeology, Planetology, Remote Sensing Earth & Planetary Sciences2010 Raymond E. Arvidson (grad student)
Richard S. Likes1986 Nikos Papanicolaou (grad student)
Jinhyuk Lim Physics2015 James S. Schilling (grad student)
Tsen-Hsuan LinRadiology, General Biophysics Physics2013 Mark S. Conradi (grad student)
Lap-Ming LinAstronomy and Astrophysics2004 Wai-Mo Suen (grad student)
Jolien Linckens20112013 Philip A. Skemer (post-doc)
Baoyu LiuBiomedical Engineering2008 Jin-Yu Shao (grad student)
Christopher W. Lloydthe physics of anisotropic, inherently inhomogeneous media Physics2010 James Gegan Miller (grad student)
Ying-Tsong Loh Physics19681973 Peter Alan Fedders (grad student)
Nicolas F. Loriquantum control, neural networks, computational neuroscience
Yang LouBME Biomedical Engineering20122017 Mark A. Anastasio (grad student)
Amanda C. LoughGeophysics Earth and Planetary Sciences2014 Douglas A. Wiens (grad student)
Irving J. LoweSolid state NMR, NMR theory and instrumentation, magnetic resonance imaging1957 Richard E. Norberg (grad student), George E. Pake (grad student), Donald Elwood Maxwell (grad student)
Simin MahmoodifarGeneral Physics, Theory Physics, Radiation Physics, Low Temperature Physics Physics2012 Mark Gower Alford (grad student)
Eric H. MajzoubCondensed Matter Physics2000 Kenneth F. Kelton (grad student)
Aikaterini Mandilaraquantum control, neural networks, computational neuroscience
Dimitris ManolidisAstronomy and Astrophysics, Astrophysics Physics Physics2014 Clifford Martin Will (grad student)
Christopher D. MarkleAstrophysics Physics2013 Ramanath Cowsik (grad student)
Jerrad W. MartinGeneral Physics, Radiation Physics Physics2012 Henric Krawczynski (grad student)
Karen R. Marutyanthe physics of anisotropic, inherently inhomogeneous media2007 James Gegan Miller (grad student)
Walter Eugene MasseyTheoretical physics Physics1966 Eugene Feenberg (grad student)
Tara MastrenNuclear Chemistry, Nuclear Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Radiology Chemistry2014 Lee G. Sobotka (grad student)
Stacey D. MauriceGeophysics2003 Douglas A. Wiens (grad student)
Nicholas A. MauroAtomic Physics, Materials Science Engineering Physics2011 Kenneth F. Kelton (grad student)
Steven B. McArthurAstrophysics Physics Physics2012 James H. Buckley (grad student)
Anna E. McCoyNuclear theory
Patrick C. McGuire Earth and Planetary Sciences20052008 Raymond E. Arvidson (research scientist)
William B. McKinnonOuter Solar System Geology, Geophysics
Lawrence R. MeadPhysics1984 Nikos Papanicolaou (grad student)
Robert Meier
Artem Melnykov Elliot L. Elson (post-doc)
Scott Messenger Ernst K. Zinner (grad student)
James Gegan Millerthe physics of anisotropic, inherently inhomogeneous media1969 Daniel Isadore Bolef (grad student)
Travis R. MillerElementary Particles and High Energy Physics2002 Michael C. Ogilvie (grad student)
Michelle L. MilneGeneral Biophysics Physics2010 Mark S. Conradi (grad student)
Saeed MirshekariGeneral Physics, Theory Physics Physics2013 Clifford Martin Will (grad student)
Pundit S. MohitGeophysics2007 Roger Jay Phillips (grad student)
Maura E. Monvillequantum control, neural networks, computational neuroscience
Jonathan MorrisNuclear Physics Phsics2011 Willem Hendrik Dickhoff (grad student)
William J. Mullin1965 Eugene Feenberg (grad student)
Charles W. MylesPhysics, Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Computational Materials Physics Physics19691973 Peter Alan Fedders (grad student)
Lan-Anh N. NguyenGeochemistry, Astronomy and Astrophysics2005 Frank A. Podosek (grad student)
Curt S. NieburHydrology, Geology, Environmental Sciences, Physical Geography, Remote Sensing2001 Raymond E. Arvidson (grad student)
Susan M. NieburAstronomy and Astrophysics2001 Martin H. Israel (grad student)
Hiromichi NishimuraTheory Physics Physics2012 Michael C. Ogilvie (grad student)
Larry Nittler Ernst K. Zinner (grad student)
Richard E. Norbergnuclear magnetic resonance
Michael A. Nowak
Daniel C. Nunes Earth and Planetary Sciences2004 Roger Jay Phillips (grad student)
Michael C. OgilvieTheory Physics
Chong Kok Ong Physics1982 John W. Clark (grad student)
Christopher P. OrthGeophysics, Planetology Earth & Planetary Sciences2012 Slava Solomatov (grad student)
George Ernest Owennuclear physics1950 C. Sharp Cook (grad student)
Metin OzElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics2000 R R. Krchnavek (grad student)
George E. Pakenuclear magnetic resonance
Olga L. PechenayaNuclear Physics2008 Demetrios George Sarantites (grad student)
Patrick N. PeplowskiNuclear Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Planetary Nuclear Spectroscopy Physics20102011 David J Lawrence (post-doc)
Jeremy S. PerkinsAstronomy and Astrophysics2006 Henric Krawczynski (grad student)
Robert B. PhillipsBiophysics1989 Anders Einar Carlsson (grad student)
Roger Jay PhillipsGeology, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Frank A. PodosekGeochemistry, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Eric PoissonAstronomy and Astrophysics Department of Physics Clifford Martin Will (post-doc)
T. Alexander Pond
Jay W. PonderGeneral Biophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, Biomedical Engineering
Sara H. PozgayGeophysics, Geology2007 Douglas A. Wiens (grad student)
Kelsey Prissel20142020 Mike Krawczynski (grad student)
Kenneth Pryse Elliot L. Elson (grad student)
Nathaniel E. PutzigGeophysics, Geology, Astronomy and Astrophysics Earth and Planetary Sciences Roger Jay Phillips (post-doc)
Moira L. PyleGeophysics2009 Douglas A. Wiens (grad student)
Sarah C. R. ElginGeneral Biophysics
Robert F. Rakowskisynaptic transmission, ion channels
Brian F. RauchAstronomy and Astrophysics2008 Martin H. Israel (grad student)
Geoffrey E. RaviliousBiochemistry, General Biophysics Biology & Biomedical Sciences (Molecular Biophysics)2012 Joseph Martin Jez (grad student)
Paul F. RebillotAstronomy and Astrophysics2006 James H. Buckley (grad student)
Jonathan F. Reichert1962 Jonathan Townsend (grad student)
Junius Blackford Reynolds
Keith RielageAstronomy and Astrophysics, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics2002 Martin H. Israel (grad student)
Manfred L. Ristigquantum fluids, nuclear systems, condensed matter19691971 Eugene Feenberg (post-doc)
Neil J. RobertsonNuclear Physics, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics2003 Willem Hendrik Dickhoff (grad student)
Elizabeth P. RothNuclear Physics, Applied Mechanics2000 Willem Hendrik Dickhoff (grad student)
Jordan RussellPhysics, condensed matter, quantum sensing Physics20132019 Erik A. Henriksen (grad student)
Laleh SadeghianGeneral Physics, Astrophysics Physics Physics2013 Francesc Ferrer (grad student)
Richard H. Sands1954 George E. Pake (grad student)
Otto Francis Sankeymolecular electronics1979 Peter Alan Fedders (grad student)
Demetrios George SarantitesNuclear Chemistry, Radiochemistry
Robert Daniel Sardexperimental high energy physics
Aysu Ece Saricaoglu
James S. SchillingElectricity and Magnetism Physics, Materials Science Engineering
Michael J. SchniedersGeneral Biophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, Biomedical Engineering2007 Jay W. Ponder (grad student)
Kai SchwenzerAstrophysics
Lauren M. ScottAstronomy and Astrophysics, Geophysics2005 Martin H. Israel (grad student)
Mindi L. SearlsGeophysics, Astronomy and Astrophysics2006 Roger Jay Phillips (grad student)
Frank P. SeelosGeophysics, Astronomy and Astrophysics2005 Raymond E. Arvidson (grad student)
Kimberly D. SeelosGeology2006 Raymond E. Arvidson (grad student)
Alexander SeidelCondensed Matter Physics, Quantum Physics
Lasitha SenadheeraNuclear Physics2008 Mark S. Conradi (grad student)
Rebecca S. ShaneRadiation Physics, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics Physics2011 Lee G. Sobotka (grad student)
David T. ShaneRadiation Physics, Alternative Energy, Inorganic Chemistry Physics2011 Mark S. Conradi (grad student)
Yue ShaoCondensed Matter Physics2007 Stuart A. Solin (grad student)
Jin-Yu ShaoBiomedical Engineering, Cell Biology, General Biophysics
Amy S. ShawPlanetology, Remote Sensing, Applied Mechanics Earth & Planetary Sciences2012 Raymond E. Arvidson (grad student)
Youtao ShenCondensed Matter Physics2007 Kenneth F. Kelton (grad student)
James A. ShifflettAstronomy and Astrophysics, Electricity and Magnetism Physics, Theory Physics2008 Clifford Martin Will (grad student)
Hisaaki Shinkai Physics19961999 Clifford Martin Will (post-doc), Wai-Mo Suen (post-doc)
Franklin Buckley Shull
Kelsi N. SingerPlanetology, Geophysics, Geology Earth & Planetary Sciences2013 William B. McKinnon (grad student)
Kimberly R. SlavisAstronomy and Astrophysics, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics, Materials Science Engineering2001 Martin H. Israel (grad student)
Lee G. SobotkaRadiation Physics, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics
Stuart A. SolinElectricity and Magnetism Physics
Slava SolomatovGeophysics, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Jing Song Physics2018 James S. Schilling (grad student)
Paul N. Spathis Physics1990 Nikos Papanicolaou (grad student)
Carlos R. StroudQuantum Optics1969 Edwin Thompson Jaynes (grad student)
Wai-Mo SuenAstronomy and Astrophysics
James A. SurfaceGeneral Chemistry, General Physics, Analytical Chemistry Chemistry2013 Mark S. Conradi (grad student)
Jian TaoAstronomy and Astrophysics, Fluid and Plasma Physics2008 Wai-Mo Suen (grad student)
Michel M. Ter-Pogossianpositron emission tomography1950 Arthur Holly Compton (grad student)
Sarah E. ThibadeauAstrophysics Physics Physics2012 Henric Krawczynski (grad student)
Takahiro TomitaCondensed Matter Physics2005 James S. Schilling (grad student)
Jonathan Townsend
Lauren C. TranGeneral Physics, General Biophysics Physics2013 Stuart A. Solin (grad student)
Justin R. TriceCondensed Matter Physics, Energy, Optics Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2008 Ramki Kalyanaraman (grad student)
Rebecca L. Trousilthe physics of anisotropic, inherently inhomogeneous media2002 James Gegan Miller (grad student)
Zoltan Vaci2021 Mike Krawczynski (post-doc)
Lester Clare Van Atta1931 Arthur Llewelyn Hughes (grad student)
Meenakshi WadhwaGeochemistry, Geology, Astronomy and Astrophysics Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences1994 Ghislaine Crozaz (grad student)
Kasey WagonerAstrophysics Physics2010 Ramanath Cowsik (grad student)
Seth WaldeckerRadiation Physics Physics2011 Willem Hendrik Dickhoff (grad student)
Robert M. Walkerplanetary science
Kirk D. Wallacethe physics of anisotropic, inherently inhomogeneous media2001 James Gegan Miller (grad student)
Mew-Bing WanTheory Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics Physics2009 Wai-Mo Suen (grad student)
Xiaoqi WangMedical Biophysics, Radiology Physics2012 Mark S. Conradi (grad student)
Qinghai WangElementary Particles and High Energy Physics2005 Carl Martin Bender (grad student)
Yun Wang Physics2008 Stuart A. Solin (grad student)
Xi WangMoiré Lattice, Strain-optoelectronics, Bosonic Mott insulating states
Kendall R. Watersthe physics of anisotropic, inherently inhomogeneous media2000 James Gegan Miller (grad student)
Amila Weerasinghe Physics20112016 Alexander Seidel (grad student)
John Paul WefelHigh Energy Astrophysics19661971 Robert M. Walker (grad student), Michael W. Friedlander (grad student)
Pengfei WeiCondensed Matter Physics2002 Kenneth F. Kelton (grad student)
Shawn Wei2016 Douglas A. Wiens (grad student)
Rachel Wells20152018 Philip A. Skemer (post-doc)
Michael C Wendldifferential equations, combinatorial probability, fluid mechanics, statistical genetics Medicine Medicine McDonnell Genome Institute Genetics Adam D. Scott (collaborator), Li Ding (collaborator), Nathan D. Dees (collaborator), David Larson (collaborator)
Fletcher Werner Physics2014 Stuart A. Solin (grad student)
Victor M. WesselsCondensed Matter Physics Physics2009 Kenneth F. Kelton (grad student)
Mark A. Wieczorek Earth and Planetary Sciences1999 Roger Jay Phillips (grad student)
Kristopher A. WielandCondensed Matter Physics2007 Stuart A. Solin (grad student)
Douglas A. WiensGeophysics
Julia S. WildeboerCondensed Matter Physics Physics2013 Alexander Seidel (grad student)
Clifford Martin WillAstronomy and Astrophysics
Clayton D. Williams1961 Eugene Feenberg (grad student)
Rebecca M.E. Williams Earth and Planetary Sciences2000 Roger Jay Phillips (grad student)
Charles W. Wilson Physics1952 George E. Pake (grad student)
Sandra M. WisemanGeology, Astronomy and Astrophysics Earth & Planetary Sciences2009 Raymond E. Arvidson (grad student)
Alan WisemanGravitation1992 Clifford Martin Will (grad student)
Randy WolfmeyerAstronomy and Astrophysics2007 Wai-Mo Suen (grad student)
Chia-wei WooCondensed Matter Physics1966 Eugene Feenberg (grad student)
Fa-Yueh Wu1963 Eugene Feenberg (grad student)
Jian Wuexperimental condensed matter physics Physics2011 Stuart A. Solin (grad student)
Michael WysessionGeophysics
Li YangTheoretical condensedmatter
William M. YenCondensed Matter Physics1962 Richard E. Norberg (grad student)
Chen YongBiomedical Engineering, Immunology, Cell Biology2008 Jin-Yu Shao (grad student)
Xueping YuGeneral Biophysics, Condensed Matter Physics, Polymer Chemistry2004 Anders Einar Carlsson (grad student)
Lingfeng Yuanquantum control, neural networks, computational neuroscience2006 John W. Clark (grad student)
Clarence Zenermetallurgy, materials science, solid-state physics, and viscoelasticity
Jing ZengAstronomy and Astrophysics2008 Clifford Martin Will (grad student)
Tianyu ZhaoRadiation Physics Physics2010 Mark S. Conradi (grad student)
Kaiwen ZhengApplied superconductivity, condensed matter physics Physics20202025 Kater W. Murch (grad student)
Zhenyu ZhouCondensed Matter Physics, General Physics, Quantum Physics Physics2013 Alexander Seidel (grad student)
Ernst K. ZinnerAstronomy and Astrophysics19721974 Robert M. Walker (research scientist), John MacGregor Dobbs (grad student)