Dartmouth College

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Heather L. Andrews2003 Mary K. Hudson (grad student)
Ian BakerGeochemistry, Geophysics
Thiago V. Brito Physics and Astronomy2014 Mary K. Hudson (grad student)
Michael Riley Brownplasma physics, turbulence, reconnection1987 Michael Andrew Hayes (grad student)
James H. Brownell
Brook ByrdMedical Physics Thayer School of Engineering20182022 Scott C. Davis (grad student)
Patricia R. CahnMathematics, Applied Mathematics Mathematics2012 Vladimir Chernov (grad student)
Chien-Ting Chen20112015 Ryan C. Hickox (grad student)
Vladimir ChernovMathematics, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Thomas L. CiardelliBiochemistry, Pharmacology, General Biophysics
Seth A. Cohen20142016 Ryan C. Hickox (grad student)
Michelle M. DoneganAstronomy and Astrophysics2001 Gary A. Wegner (grad student)
Scot R. Elkington2000 Mary K. Hudson (grad student)
Miles Engel2016 Mary K. Hudson (grad student)
Idan GinsburgAstrophysics Physics, General Physics Physics and Astronomy2013 Gary A. Wegner (grad student)
Jerry Goldstein2000 Mary K. Hudson (grad student)
James A. HannaMaterials Science Engineering Engineering2009 Ian Baker (grad student)
Joseph D. Harris
Michael Andrew Hayesplasma physics
Allison K. HenrichMathematics Mathematics2008 Vladimir Chernov (grad student)
Ryan C. HickoxAstronomy and Astrophysics
Qiang HuAerospace Engineering, Fluid and Plasma Physics2001 Bengt U. O. Sonnerup (grad student)
Mary K. Hudson
Mackenzie Jones Ryan C. Hickox (grad student)
Hwajung KangAstronomy and Astrophysics Physics and Astronomy2010 Gary A. Wegner (grad student)
Arthur Robert Kantrowitzhigh-intensity molecular beams, shock-wave physics, and high-temperature gas dynamics
Kaitlin M. KeeganMaterials Science Engineering, Geophysics, Geophysical Engineering Engineering2014 Ian Baker (grad student)
Woo-Joong Andy Kim2007 Roberto Onofrio (grad student), James H. Brownell (grad student)
Paul KinlawMathematics, Astronomy and Astrophysics Mathematics2010 Vladimir Chernov (grad student)
Brian T. KressPlasma, fluids, turbulence2002 David Campbell Montgomery (grad student)
Marc LessardAstrophysics Physics1998 Mary K. Hudson (grad student)
Asa LeviMathematics Mathematics2014 Vladimir Chernov (grad student)
Xinlin LiAstronomy and Astrophysics19861992 Mary K. Hudson (grad student)
Jiying LiMaterials Science Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering2003 Ian Baker (grad student)
Yifeng LiaoMaterials Science Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering Engineering2010 Ian Baker (grad student)
Stefano F. LiparotoBiochemistry, Pharmacology, General Biophysics2001 Thomas L. Ciardelli (grad student)
Daniel R. Lynchwater resources and environmental engineering
Robert L. LysakFluid and Plasma Physics, Electricity and Magnetism Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics Physics Mary K. Hudson (grad student)
Gordon James Fraser MacDonaldgeophysics
David Campbell MontgomeryPlasma, fluids, turbulence
Jenica E. NelanAstronomy and Astrophysics2005 Gary A. Wegner (grad student)
Elisabeth R. Newton Physics and Astronomy2016 David Brian Charbonneau (grad student)
Ernest Fox Nichols
Bengt U. O. SonnerupAerospace Engineering, Fluid and Plasma Physics
Roberto OnofrioElementary particle physics, gravitation, astrophysics, macroscopic quantum phenomena
Dane P. OwenAstrophysics Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics, General Physics Physics and Astronomy2013 Gary A. Wegner (grad student)
Israel J. Owens2004 James H. Brownell (grad student), Mary K. Hudson (grad student)
Pamela M. PallettFace Perception20102012 Ming Meng (post-doc)
Donald K. PerovichGeological Engineering, Geophysics
Kara L. Perry2005 Mary K. Hudson (grad student)
Christopher M. PolashenskiGeological Engineering, Geophysics Engineering2011 Donald K. Perovich (grad student)
Chandrasekar Ramanathamnuclear magnetic resonance, electron spin resonance
Leonard M. Rieser
Min SongMaterials Science Engineering, Geophysics2005 Ian Baker (grad student)
Damian R SowinskiCosmology, Information Theory Physics and Astronomy Marcelo Gleiser (grad student)
John Walter Strohbehnradiophysics
Chen SunTheoretical Particle Physics
Shana M. TribianoAstronomy and Astrophysics2000 Gary A. Wegner (grad student)
Gary A. WegnerAstronomy and Astrophysics
Qun Wei Physics and Astronomy2010 Roberto Onofrio (grad student)
Kathryn E. Weil Physics and Astronomy2014 Robert A. Fesen (grad student)
Markus W. WittmannMaterials Science Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering2002 Ian Baker (grad student)
Kevin C. Wright
Xiaolan WuMaterials Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Engineering2013 Ian Baker (grad student)
Dongmei WuMaterials Science Engineering, Electricity and Magnetism Physics, Metallurgy Engineering2002 Ian Baker (grad student)
Martin N. WybourneCondensed Matter Physics
Charles Augustus Young1853 Ira Young (research assistant)
Shawn L. Young2001 Mary K. Hudson (grad student)