Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
James D. Cresser
Gavin K. BrennenQuantum Information Theory
Sukhwinder SinghQuantum Information, Condensed Matter Physics
Jason Twamley
Quentin A. ParkerPlanetary Nebulae
Weiping Zhang Physics19921999 Barry Cyril Sanders (research scientist)
John Ingall Physics19931997 Barry Cyril Sanders (grad student)
Andrew Matacz Physics19951995 Barry Cyril Sanders (post-doc)
Bruce Wielinga Physics19951998 Barry Cyril Sanders (post-doc)
Marie Wintrebert-Fouquet Electronics19962001 Barry Cyril Sanders (post-doc)
Levente HorvathQuantum Optics19962001 Barry Cyril Sanders (grad student)
Dien Alfred Rice Physics19972000 Barry Cyril Sanders (post-doc)
Junjie Shi Physics19972000 Barry Cyril Sanders (grad student)
Stephen Bartlett Physics20002003 Barry Cyril Sanders (post-doc)
Andrew Weily Electronics20012006 Barry Cyril Sanders (post-doc)
Dominic Berry Physics20012004 Barry Cyril Sanders (post-doc)
Xiaoguang Wang Physics20012003 Barry Cyril Sanders (post-doc)
Peter Brooke Physics20032009 Barry Cyril Sanders (grad student)
Leigh Stephenson Physics20032003 Barry Cyril Sanders (research assistant)
Susanna JenkinsVolcanic hazard modeling, quantitative vulnerability and risk assessment
Ressa S. SaidQuantum information processing20072011 Jason Twamley (grad student)
Kyle D. DePewPlanetary Nebulae20072011 Quentin A. Parker (grad student)
Ashkbiz DanehkarPhysics, Astrophysics, Astronomy Physics and Astronomy20102014 Quentin A. Parker (grad student)
Lauri LehmanQuantum Information, Condensed Matter20102013 Gavin K. Brennen (grad student)
Mauro Cirio Physics and Astronomy20112014 Gavin K. Brennen (grad student)
Yuval R. SandersQuantum computing