Carnegie Institution of Washington

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Philip H. Abelson
Lloyd V. BerknerElectrical Engineering
Gregory Breitphysics
Vannevar BushApplied physics, electrical engineering, science administration
Andrew J. DombardGeophysics, Geology DTM Sean C. Solomon (post-doc)
Sandra M. Faberformation and evolution of galaxies19661972 Vera C. Rubin (research assistant)
Lawrence Randolph Hafstadnuclear physics1928 Merle Antony Tuve (research assistant)
Steven A. HauckGeophysics, Geology, Planetary Sciences Terrestrial Magnetism20012003 Sean C. Solomon (post-doc)
Eric David Isaacsmagnetism, correlated electronic systems
Aiyasami JayaramanHigh-Pressure Physics
Cheng JiHigh pressure science; Material science; Sychrotron X-ray techniques; Geophysical Laboratory Geophysical Laboratory20132018 Ho-Kwang (Dave) Mao (post-doc), Wenge Yang (post-doc)
Cheng Jihigh pressure physics
Vera C. Rubinmotions of galaxies, dark matter
Sean C. Solomonoceanographic expeditions, spacecraft missions
William Francis Gray Swannparticle physics, cosmic rays
Georges Maxime TemmerNuclear physics
Merle Antony Tuvenuclear physics, geophysics, high voltage vacuum tubes, high-speed protons, transmutations of atomic nuclei, nuclear forces, deep seismic shots, earth's crust, and radio astronomy.
Wenge Yang