National Bureau of Standards

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ernest Amblerlow temperature physics19521952 Ferdinand G. Brickwedde (research scientist)
David J. BarberElectron Microscopy
Ferdinand G. Brickweddelow temperature physics
Lyman James Briggs
Edgar Buckinghamsoil physics, Hydrology
Charles W. ClarkAtomic Physics, Bose-Einstein Condensation, Ultracold Quantum Gases, Quantum Technologies, Neutrons Andrew W Weiss (post-doc)
William Weber Coblentzinfrared spectroscopy
Michael DanosTheoretical Physics, Field Theory, Nuclear Structure, Medical Instrumentation
Dirk de Klerk19511952 Ferdinand G. Brickwedde (research scientist)
Hugh Latimer Dryden1919 Lyman James Briggs (grad student), Edgar Buckingham (grad student)
Kenneth M. Evensonfrequency measurement of laser beams, linking international standards for length and time
Paul Darwin FooteIndustrial physics1917 Samuel Wesley Stratton (research assistant)
Hans Pieter Roetert Frederiksesolid state physics
Melville Stewart GreenStatistical physics
Evans Vaughan Haywardprecision measurements of photoatomic cross sections
Raymond Webster Haywardquantum mechanics; the weak interaction; nuclear beta decay; gravitational waves; spontaneous nuclear transitions; electromagnetism
Ralph P. Hudsonlow temperature physics19511952 Ferdinand G. Brickwedde (research scientist)
Philip S. KlebanoffAerodynamics1942 Galen Brandt Schubauer (research scientist)
Harold Lyonsatomic clocks
Robert Henry McCrackencesium-beam atomic clock1945 Harold Lyons (research scientist)
William Frederick MeggersSpectroscopy, Spectrochemistry1917 Keivin Burns (research assistant)
Alan MigdallQuantum optics, single photon devices, metrology, quantum information 19841986 William D. Phillips (post-doc)
Samuel PennerAccelerator Physics
Galen Brandt Schubaueraerodynamics and fluid mechanics1934 Hugh Latimer Dryden (grad student)
Robert Simhapolymer physics
Samuel Wesley Strattonmathematics, physics, electrical engineering
William Francis Gray Swannparticle physics, cosmic rays
Donald D ThorntonSolid State Physics, Antiferromagnetism, Temperature Fixed Point Standards
Andrew W Weiss
Wolfgang Lothar Werner Wieseatomic physics