Georgia Institute of Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
John N. AarsvoldRadiology, Radiation Physics
Atanu Acharyaquantum chemistry, molecular dynamics simulations, QM/MM simulations, docking calculations, python, tcl, NAMD, VMD, Gaussian, ORCA, and QChem. Physics20192022 James C. Gumbart (post-doc)
Esam T. Ahmed Mechanical Engineering20172020 Nico F. Declercq (post-doc)
Farhan H. AkhtarAtmospheric Sciences, Urban and Regional Planning, Sustainability2009 Armistead G. Russell (grad student)
Selcuk AkturkOptical Physics2005 Rick Trebino (grad student)
Emily Alicea-Munozphysics education research Physics Center for Teaching and Learning20122020 Michael F. Schatz (grad student), Carol Subino Sullivan (grad student)
Jose AlvarellosCivil Engineering, Environmental Engineering2003 J Carlos Santamarina (grad student)
Lina P. AlvarezComputational Materials Science Physics2012 Uzi Landman (grad student)
Dongwan An Physics Ronald F. Fox (grad student)
Armando A. AnayaCondensed Matter Physics2005 Dragomir Davidovic (grad student)
Martin Anquez2015 Michael Chapman (grad student)
Dominic AssimakiCivil Engineering, Geophysics
Dmitriy K. AstakhovCivil Engineering, Geophysics2000 Leonid N. Germanovich (grad student)
Godfried AugenbroeArchitecture, Acoustics Physics
Blanca L. AustinMicroelectronics/Microsystems2001 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Douglas D. AvellanedaCivil Engineering, Geotechnology2010 J Carlos Santamarina (grad student)
Frank T. AvignoneElementary Particles and High Energy Physics1965 Charles Hosea Braden (grad student)
Mahdi BagheriHigh Energy Astrophysics
Muhannad S. BakirMicroelectronics/Microsystems2003 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Kasyapa BalemarthyElectronics and Electrical Engineering2007 Stephen E. Ralph (grad student)
David BallantyneAstrophysics Physics
Edward M. BalogGeneral Biophysics
Earl BarnesOperations Research, General Biophysics
William C. BarottElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering2006 Paul G. Steffes (grad student)
Murray D. BarrettAtomic physics2002 Michael Chapman (grad student)
Robert J. BaxleyElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Electricity and Magnetism Physics
Ahmed BayoumiCivil Engineering2006 J Carlos Santamarina (grad student)
Michelle S. BerginEnvironmental Engineering2006 Armistead G. Russell (grad student)
Bereket H. BerhaneOptics Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Atomic Physics2000 T A. Brian Kennedy (grad student)
Yves BerthelotMechanical Engineering, Acoustics Physics, Materials Science Engineering
Aniruddha BhattacharyaSemiconductor Device Physics, Quantum Optics Physics2023 Chandra Raman (post-doc)
Sanjay K. BidasariaCondensed Matter Physics2009 Alexei Marchenkov (grad student)
Felipe T. BirkNanoscience and Nanotechnology2011 Walter A. de Heer (grad student)
Shai BirmaherAerospace Engineering2009 Ben T. Zinn (grad student)
Megan S. BlackburnRadiation Physics, Nuclear Engineering, Medical Biophysics2009 Eric Elder (grad student)
Mohan K. BobbaAerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2007 Jerry M. Seitzman (grad student)
Eva M. BookjansAtomic physics2010 Michael Chapman (grad student)
Daniel Borrero-EcheverryFluid Dynamics, Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, Complex Systems Physics20052014 Michael F. Schatz (grad student)
Paul M. Bosscher2004 Imme Ruth Ebert-Uphoff (grad student)
Sergio S. BotelhoCondensed Matter Physics2005 Carlos S. de Melo (grad student)
Pamela BowlanOptical Physics2009 Rick Trebino (grad student)
John BowlanNanoscience and Nanotechnology2010 Walter A. de Heer (grad student)
Keith A. BowmanMicroelectronics/Microsystems2001 James D. Meindl (grad student)
James W. BoylanEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering2002 Armistead G. Russell (grad student)
Charles Hosea Braden
Daniel P. BrzozowskiAerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2011 Ari Glezer (grad student)
Nazmi Burak BudanurNonlinear dynamics, Chaos, Turbulence Physics20122015 Predrag Cvitanović (grad student)
Lindsay I. BurdenCivil Engineering, Operations Research, Transportation Civil and Environmental Engineering2012 Glenn J. Rix (grad student)
Byron L. Burel Physics Ronald F. Fox (grad student)
Daniel K. BurnellEnvironmental Sciences2002 Robert P. Lowell (grad student)
Andre J. ButlerEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences2000 Armistead G. Russell (grad student)
Renee J. ButlerIndustrial Engineering, Operations Research2003 Joel Sokol (grad student), Jane C. Ammons (grad student)
Michael C. ButterfieldNonlinear Optics Rick Trebino (research assistant)
Marcos D. Caballero20052011 Michael F. Schatz (grad student)
Laura CadonatiTheory Physics, Astrophysics Physics
Juan Calderón Bustillo
Corey J. Campbell Physics2011 Alexander M. Kuzmich (grad student)
Maria-Isabel CarnascialiMechanical Engineering2008 G Paul Neitzel (grad student)
Mohammad ChaichimansourMaterials Science Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry2000 Christopher J. Summers (grad student)
Jean-Lou Chameau
Ming-Shien ChangAtomic physics2006 Michael Chapman (grad student)
Hong ChangCivil Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Environmental Sciences2004 Leonid N. Germanovich (grad student)
Rajesh A. ChanpuraCivil Engineering2001 Leonid N. Germanovich (grad student)
Tzu-Kai K. ChaoGeophysics
Michael ChapmanAtomic physics
Vikrant ChauhanOptical Physics2010 Rick Trebino (grad student)
Lynda Chehami Mechanical Engineering20162017 Nico F. Declercq (post-doc)
Gye C. ChoCivil Engineering2001 J Carlos Santamarina (grad student)
Jong-Won ChoiCivil Engineering, Geological Engineering2011 Leonid N. Germanovich (grad student)
Mee Hyang Choi Physics Ronald F. Fox (grad student)
Mei-Yin Chou
Muhammed Z. ChowdhuryAtmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences2004 Armistead G. Russell (grad student), Glen R. Cass (grad student)
Layne R. ChurchillAtomic physics2010 Michael Chapman (grad student)
Lucian CodrescuMicroelectronics/Microsystems2000 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Daniel S. CohanAtmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Engineering2004 Armistead G. Russell (grad student)
Edward H. ConradCondensed Matter Physics
Helio d. CordeiroAerospace Engineering2009 Ben T. Zinn (grad student)
James A. CornoCondensed Matter Physics, Materials Science Engineering2008 James L. Gole (grad student)
Joseph R. CorradoDynamical Systems and Control2000 Wassim M. Haddad (grad student)
Barry J. Cown Physics Ronald F. Fox (grad student)
Thomas M. CrittendenMechanical Engineering2003 Ari Glezer (grad student)
Caleb N. CrossMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering2011 Ben T. Zinn (grad student)
Christopher Joseph CrowleyFluid Mechanics, Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, Metrology Physics20142019 Michael F. Schatz (grad student)
Derek M. CunnoldGeophysics
Predrag CvitanovićAcoustics Physics
Michael D. Czajkowski Physics2018 ‪David Zeb Rocklin (post-doc)
Zhenting DaiCondensed Matter Physics2006 Alexei Marchenkov (grad student)
Sheng DaiGeosystems Engineering
Anh Xuan-Hung Dang2002 Imme Ruth Ebert-Uphoff (grad student)
Bing DangMicroelectronics/Microsystems2006 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Sameh DardonaCondensed Matter Physics2006 Phillip N. First (grad student)
Dragomir DavidovicCondensed Matter Physics, Electricity and Magnetism Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Staci A. DavisMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Fluid and Plasma Physics2000 Ari Glezer (grad student)
Joel Davis Physics Ronald F. Fox (grad student)
Thomas C DaySoft matter, Biophysics
Walter A. de HeerNanoscience and Nanotechnology
Carlos S. de MeloCondensed Matter Physics
Nico F. DeclercqAcoustics, Physics, Mechanical Engineering
Wim DegruyterFluid dynamics, computational volcanology
Michael V. Depalatis2012 Michael Chapman (grad student)
Thomas F. DetwilerElectronics and Electrical Engineering2011 Stephen E. Ralph (grad student)
Kiruthika DevarajElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Remote Sensing, Electricity and Magnetism Physics, Planetology2011 Paul G. Steffes (grad student)
Brandon DonehooCondensed Matter Physics2008 Alexei Marchenkov (grad student)
Junliang Dong Electrical Engineering20132017 Nico F. Declercq (grad student)
Diego A. DonzisFluid and Plasma Physics, Aerospace Engineering2007 P.K Yeung (grad student)
Brandon N DotsonPlanetary Science, Space Propulsion, Space Exploration
Aden R. DraperAstrophysics Physics Physics2012 David Ballantyne (grad student)
Pooja Dubey Mechanical Engineering2020 Nico F. Declercq (grad student)
Yaroslav O. Dudin Physics2012 Alexander M. Kuzmich (grad student)
Tracie L. DurbinMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2005 G Paul Neitzel (grad student), Thomas Henry B. Sanders (grad student)
Gregory D. DurginElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Electricity and Magnetism Physics
Daniel E. EakinsMaterials Science Engineering2007 Naresh N. Thadhani (grad student)
Imme Ruth Ebert-UphoffCausal discovery, Climate Informatics, Bayesian networks and other graphical models
Geoffrey G. Eichholznuclear engineering, health physics, medical physics
John C. Eidson Physics Ronald F. Fox (grad student)
Eric ElderRadiation Physics, Nuclear Engineering, Medical Biophysics
Timothy C. Elston Physics Ronald F. Fox (grad student)
D. N. EspinozaCivil Engineering, Geological Engineering, Petroleum Engineering2011 J Carlos Santamarina (grad student)
Karim Faid Physics Ronald F. Fox (grad student)
Americo L. FernandezCivil Engineering, Geotechnology, Soil Science Agriculture2000 J Carlos Santamarina (grad student)
Jose A. Fernandez LeonCivil Engineering2007 Glenn J. Rix (grad student)
Alberto Fernandez-NievesCondensed Matter Physics, Polymer Chemistry
Louis FerrantiMaterials Science Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics, Mechanical Engineering2007 Naresh N. Thadhani (grad student)
David Ritz Finkelstein
Phillip N. FirstCondensed Matter Physics, Materials Science Engineering
Kevin M. FortierAtomic physics2007 Michael Chapman (grad student)
Ronald F. FoxStochastic processes, rectified Brownian motion, quantum-classical correspondence, coherent states, quantum chaology, biophysics, origin of the genetic code, neuron fluctuations
Dante FrattaCivil Engineering, Geophysics Civil and environmental engineering1999 J Carlos Santamarina (grad student)
David A. FredenburgMaterials Science Engineering2010 Naresh N. Thadhani (grad student)
Angela K. GaboardiGeneral Biophysics2011 Edward M. Balog (grad student)
Pablo GaboldeOptical Physics2007 Rick Trebino (grad student)
Davy P. GaillotMaterials Science Engineering2007 Christopher J. Summers (grad student)
Alejandro GarzonBiomedical Engineering, Medical Biophysics2010 Roman O. Grigoriev (grad student)
Wolfgang GeistOptics Physics, Atomic Physics2000 T A. Brian Kennedy (grad student)
Gence GencGeophysical Engineering, Geotechnology, Marine and Ocean Engineering Civil Engineering2012 Leonid N. Germanovich (grad student)
Leonid N. GermanovichCivil Engineering, Geophysics
Donavon GertyMechanical Engineering2008 Ari Glezer (grad student)
Corey S. Gerving2013 Michael Chapman (grad student)
Behnood GholamiDynamical Systems and Control2010 Wassim M. Haddad (grad student)
Michael J. GibbonsAtomic physics2011 Michael Chapman (grad student)
Richard A. GilstrapMaterials Science Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics, Physical Chemistry2009 Christopher J. Summers (grad student)
Jennifer B. Glass
Ari GlezerMechanical Engineering, Fluid and Plasma Physics
Edwin Y GohCombustion, aerospace engineering, optimization Aerospace Engineering20162020 Jerry M. Seitzman (grad student)
Paul Mark GoldbartSoft random matter, superconductivity, superfluidity, nanoscience, ultracold gases, quantum information, theoretical physics.
Matthew Golden
James L. GoleOptics Physics
Michael R.R. Goodquantum fields, gravitation, thermodynamics20002003 David Ritz Finkelstein (research assistant)
Yogish GopalaAerospace Engineering2012 Ben T. Zinn (grad student)
Priya GopalakrishnanAerospace Engineering2008 Jerry M. Seitzman (grad student)
Edwin F. GrecoTheory Physics2008 Roman O. Grigoriev (grad student)
Shawn Gregory20172022 Mark D. Losego (grad student)
Roman O. GrigorievGeneral Physics
Xun GuOptical Physics2004 Rick Trebino (grad student)
Marc A GuaschFluid Dynamics Physics2021 Michael F. Schatz (grad student)
Michael R. HabermanMechanical Engineering2007 Yves Berthelot (grad student)
Jason F. HacklAerospace Engineering, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics2011 Pui-Kuen Yeung (grad student)
Wassim M. HaddadDynamical Systems and Control
Amir HakamiEnvironmental Engineering2003 Armistead G. Russell (grad student)
Christopher D. HamleyAtomic physics2012 Michael Chapman (grad student)
Jeong Woo HanTransport Through Nanoporous Materials, Chiral Surface Chemistry2010 David S. Sholl (grad student)
Andreas HandelGeneral Physics2004 Roman O. Grigoriev (grad student)
Thomas R. HanleyElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Remote Sensing, Astronomy and Astrophysics2008 Paul G. Steffes (grad student)
William George HarterOptics Physics, Physical Chemistry, Molecular Physics
Joanna R. HassCondensed Matter Physics2008 Edward H. Conrad (grad student)
Tomohisa HayakawaDynamical Systems and Control2003 Wassim M. Haddad (grad student)
Michael Andrew Hayesplasma physics
Bonnie Heck-FerriElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Electricity and Magnetism Physics
Yeonsook HeoArchitectural Engineering, Architecture2011 Godfried Augenbroe (grad student)
Sarah W. HerbisonAcoustics Physics, Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering20072011 Nico F. Declercq (grad student)
Thai M. Hoang2014 Michael Chapman (grad student)
Christian Holm1987 David Ritz Finkelstein (grad student)
Rebecca L. Honeycutt Physics Ronald F. Fox (grad student)
Andrew M. HonohanMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering2003 Ari Glezer (grad student)
Huafen HuArchitecture, Alternative Energy2009 Godfried Augenbroe (grad student)
Gang HuangMicroelectronics/Microsystems2008 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Qing HuiDynamical Systems and Control2008 Wassim M. Haddad (grad student)
Cheng-Huang HungOperations Research, Industrial Engineering2003 Joel Sokol (grad student)
Ed HungerfordNuclear Physics, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics1968 Lemuel David Wyly (grad student)
Joonhoi HurElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering2010 James S. Kenney (grad student)
Robert S. HurtCivil Engineering, Petroleum Engineering2012 Leonid N. Germanovich (grad student)
Menderes IşkınCondensed matter physics, atomic physics, molecular physics, cold atoms2007 Carlos S. de Melo (grad student)
Shane Jacobeen Physics2018 Peter J. Yunker (grad student)
Karan JaniGeneral Relatiivity Physics Deirdre Shoemaker (grad student)
Sang E. JeeTransport Through Nanoporous Materials, Chiral Surface Chemistry2010 David S. Sholl (grad student)
Hsiang-Hua JenQuantum Physics, Theory Physics, Atomic Physics2010 T A. Brian Kennedy (grad student)
Stewart D. JenkinsAtomic Physics, Optics Physics2006 T A. Brian Kennedy (grad student)
Yaesuk JeongMEMS, Circuit design, Sensor
Jun JianAtmospheric Sciences, Hydrology2007 Peter J. Webster (grad student)
Ping JingAtmospheric Science Physics2004 Derek M. Cunnold (grad student)
James W. JoynerMicroelectronics/Microsystems2003 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Jong W. JungCivil Engineering, Geophysics, Geological Engineering2010 J Carlos Santamarina (grad student)
Arben Kalziqi Physics2019 Peter J. Yunker (grad student)
Wei KangComputational Materials Science2008 Uzi Landman (grad student)
Zhitao KangMaterials Science Engineering, Optics Physics2006 Christopher J. Summers (grad student)
Andrew KarellasBiomedical Engineering, Radiology, Radiation Physics, Medical Biophysics
Bryan M. KarpowiczAtmospheric Sciences, Remote Sensing, Planetology2010 Paul G. Steffes (grad student)
Mohamad H. KassaeeTransport Through Nanoporous Materials, Chiral Surface Chemistry2012 David S. Sholl (grad student)
Burcak KaynakEnvironmental Engineering, Atmospheric Sciences2009 Armistead G. Russell (grad student)
Richard P. KenanOptics Physics
T A. Brian KennedyOptics Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Atomic Physics
James S. KenneyElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Radiation Physics
Seda KeskinTransport Through Nanoporous Materials, Chiral Surface Chemistry2009 David S. Sholl (grad student)
Javad KhazaiiArchitectural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2012 Godfried Augenbroe (grad student)
Ki C. KimTransport Through Nanoporous Materials, Chiral Surface Chemistry2010 David S. Sholl (grad student)
Soo Y. Kim2008 Michael Chapman (grad student)
Sangmyung D. KimGeophysics, Physical Oceanography2006 Daniel Lizarralde (grad student)
Harold D. KimBiological physics, DNA packaging, Gene regulation
Calvin R. KingMicroelectronics/Microsystems2012 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Timothy KokanAerospace Engineering2007 Jerry M. Seitzman (grad student)
Neeraj KothariOptical Physics2007 Rick Trebino (grad student)
Kristopher Charles Kozak2003 Imme Ruth Ebert-Uphoff (grad student)
Kapilanjan KrishanFluid and Plasma Physics, Mathematics2005 Michael F. Schatz (grad student)
Kevin D. KubistaAtomic Physics, Materials Science Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics2011 Phillip N. First (grad student)
Huseyin KurtulduFluid and Plasma Physics2010 Michael F. Schatz (grad student)
Abhijit KushariMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering2000 Ben T. Zinn (grad student)
Alexander M. Kuzmichinteracting quantum systems
Soonchul KwonEnvironmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering2011 Armistead G. Russell (grad student)
Shau-Yu Lan2008 Alexander M. Kuzmich (grad student)
Boon L. Lan Physics Ronald F. Fox (grad student)
Benjamin J LandNeutrino Physics Physics20112013 Michael Chapman (research assistant)
Uzi LandmanComputational Materials Science
Dongjoo LeeOptical Physics2007 Rick Trebino (grad student)
Jong-Sub LeeCivil Engineering, Geophysics2003 J Carlos Santamarina (grad student)
Joo-yong LeeCivil Engineering, Geophysics2007 J Carlos Santamarina (grad student)
Jae-Yeon LeeMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Acoustics Physics2003 Ben T. Zinn (grad student)
Collen Z. Leng Materials Science and Engineering20142018 Mark D. Losego (grad student)
Kayla C. LewisGeophysics2007 Robert P. Lowell (grad student)
Yuesong LiComputational Materials Science2007 Uzi Landman (grad student)
Xuebin LiNanoscience and Nanotechnology2008 Walter A. de Heer (grad student)
Jinlong LiAtmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences2001 Derek M. Cunnold (grad student)
Nola S. LiElectronics and Electrical Engineering2009 Christopher J. Summers (grad student)
Zhengwei LiArchitectural Engineering2012 Godfried Augenbroe (grad student)
Tai-De LiCondensed Matter Physics2008 Elisa Riedo (grad student)
Shengkai Liactive matter
Yi Li Materials Science and Engineering20162021 Mark D. Losego (grad student)
Anthony LiangNanoscience and Nanotechnology2009 Walter A. de Heer (grad student)
Kuo-Jen LiaoEnvironmental Sciences2008 Armistead G. Russell (grad student)
Chekesha M. LiddellMaterials Science Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics2003 Christopher J. Summers (grad student)
Juan J. Lietor-SantosCondensed Matter Physics, Polymer Chemistry2010 Alberto Fernandez-Nieves (grad student)
Jeffrey J. LillieElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics2005 Stephen E. Ralph (grad student)
Xuan LiuOptical Physics2007 Rick Trebino (grad student)
Xiya LiuCondensed Matter Physics2008 Dragomir Davidovic (grad student)
Yazhuo LiuMechanics of Materials Mechanical Engineering20222027 Ting Zhu (grad student)
Daniel LizarraldeGeophysics, Physical Oceanography
Joan Llobera QuerolAstrophysics, gravitational waves Center for Relativistic Astrophysics Center for Relativistic Astrophysics20192020 Tamara Bogdanovic (research assistant), Deirdre Shoemaker (research assistant)
Benjamin Loewe Physics20122017 Paul Mark Goldbart (grad student)
Gerald G. LopezMicroelectronics/Microsystems2009 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Mark D. LosegoVapor Phase Processing of Materials, Thin Films, Nanoscience, Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials, Atomic Layer Deposition, Vapor Phase Infiltration, Electronic Oxides, Nanoscale Thermal Transport, Ferroelectrics, Self-Assembled Monolayers, Surface Science
Robert P. LowellGeophysics
Christopher E. MalecCondensed Matter Physics, Low Temperature Physics, Materials Science Engineering2011 Dragomir Davidovic (grad student)
Patrick A. ManigaultCondensed Matter Physics, Materials Science Engineering2001 Christopher J. Summers (grad student)
Kasemsan ManomaiphiboonEnvironmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2004 Armistead G. Russell (grad student)
Alexei MarchenkovCondensed Matter Physics
Morgana MartinMaterials Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering2008 Naresh N. Thadhani (grad student)
William Mather2007 Ronald F. Fox (grad student)
Dzmitry Matsukevich2006 Alexander M. Kuzmich (grad student)
Earl Wadsworth McDanielIon mobility spectrometry
Emily K. McGuinness Materials Science and Engineering20162022 Mark D. Losego (grad student)
Peter McKeon Mechanical Engineering20102014 Nico F. Declercq (grad student)
James D. MeindlMicroelectronics/Microsystems
Alberto Mendoza DominguezEnvironmental Engineering, Atmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences2001 Armistead G. Russell (grad student)
Jiewu MengGeotechnology, Civil Engineering, Geophysics2003 Glenn J. Rix (grad student)
Andreas MenzelCondensed Matter Physics2002 Edward H. Conrad (grad student)
Jonathan A. Michel Physics2019 Peter J. Yunker (grad student)
Priscilla N. MohammedElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Remote Sensing, Astronomy and Astrophysics2005 Paul G. Steffes (grad student)
Edris M. MohammedOptics Physics, Condensed Matter Physics2000 Christopher J. Summers (grad student)
Hyeun J. MoonArchitecture, Civil Engineering2005 Godfried Augenbroe (grad student)
Charles Bachman Moore
Ramiro A. MoroNanoscience and Nanotechnology2003 Walter A. de Heer (grad student)
Martin MourigalCondensed Matter Physics
Anthony V. Mule'Microelectronics/Microsystems2004 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Raghunath MuraliMicroelectronics/Microsystems2004 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Özgür Esat MüstecaplıoğluQuantum optomechanics, non-Markovian quantum thermodynamics, atomic and molecular physics Department of Physics19992002 Li You (post-doc)
Azad NaeemiMicroelectronics/Microsystems2003 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Seungjoo NahCondensed Matter Physics, Theory Physics, Nanoscience2011 Michael Pustilnik (grad student)
Guillermo A. NarsilioCivil Engineering, Geophysics, Soil Science Agriculture2006 J Carlos Santamarina (grad student)
Jayaprakash NatarajanAerospace Engineering2008 Jerry M. Seitzman (grad student)
Curtis W. NeffMaterials Science Engineering, Optics Physics, Electricity and Magnetism Physics2005 Christopher J. Summers (grad student)
G Paul NeitzelMechanical Engineering, Fluid and Plasma Physics
Sergey G. NersesovDynamical Systems and Control2005 Wassim M. Haddad (grad student)
Julian C. NilesAtomic Physics2000 X.-Q Wang (grad student)
Jillian N. NimblettGeophysics2003 Carolyn Ruppel (grad student)
Venkata N. NoriAerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering2008 Jerry M. Seitzman (grad student)
Steven P. NugentMicroelectronics/Microsystems2005 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Donald C. O'Shea
Asmerom Y. OgbazghiCondensed Matter Physics, Materials Science Engineering2005 Phillip N. First (grad student)
Oluwafemi O. OgunsolaMicroelectronics/Microsystems2006 James D. Meindl (grad student)
M. C. OrozcoGeophysics, Civil Engineering2004 Glenn J. Rix (grad student)
Runqing OuPolymer Chemistry2002 Robert J. Samuels (grad student)
Othmane Latif Ouabi Mechanical Engineering and Robotics2020 Nico F. Declercq (grad student)
Abdallah OugazzadenElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics, Quantum Physics
Serdar OzdemirCondensed Matter Physics2011 James L. Gole (grad student)
Jorge E. Pachon QuincheEnvironmental Engineering, Public Health2011 Armistead G. Russell (grad student)
Tudor I. PalaghitaAerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2007 Jerry M. Seitzman (grad student)
Angelica M. PalominoCivil Engineering2004 J Carlos Santamarina (grad student)
Sun-Kyoung ParkEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Atmospheric Science Physics2005 Armistead G. Russell (grad student)
Cheol-Soo ParkArchitecture, Mechanical Engineering, Energy2003 Godfried Augenbroe (grad student)
Chirag S. PatelMicroelectronics/Microsystems2001 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Abhirup PatraComputational Materials Science, Physics Rampi Ramprasad (post-doc)
Sarah J. PaukstisMolecular Physics, Physical Chemistry2000 James L. Gole (grad student)
Zhigang PengSeismology
Allen J. PetrinElectronics and Electrical Engineering2006 Paul G. Steffes (grad student)
Jeffrey R Piepmeiermicrowave radiometry, microwave remote sensing Electrical and Computer Engineering19941999 Albin J. Gasiewski (grad student), Paul G. Steffes (grad student)
Brandon D. Piercy Materials Science and Engineering20142019 Mark D. Losego (grad student)
Ryan J. PirklElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Electricity and Magnetism Physics2010 Gregory D. Durgin (grad student)
Taylor Plattner2018 Britney Schmidt (grad student)
Shashvat PrakashMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering2007 Ben T. Zinn (grad student)
Michael PustilnikCondensed Matter Physics, Theory Physics, Nanoscience
Carlos A. R. SaCondensed Matter Physics
Guna Rajagopaltheoretical and computational physics1991 Uzi Landman (grad student)
Vinod RajasekaranElectronics and Electrical Engineering2003 Bonnie Heck-Ferri (grad student)
Gheevarghese RajuGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry, General Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry20132014 Amit Ram Reddi (post-doc)
Stephen E. RalphOptics Physics
Chandra Raman
Pierre RamondencCivil Engineering, Geophysics2008 Leonid N. Germanovich (grad student)
Ramasamy RavindranMicroelectronics/Microsystems Electrical and Computer Engineering2012 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Veronica Rebata-LandaCivil Engineering, Biogeochemistry, Soil Science Agriculture2007 J Carlos Santamarina (grad student)
Elisa RiedoCondensed Matter Physics
Christopher S. RinehartMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering2011 Ari Glezer (grad student)
Brian D. RitchieAerospace Engineering2006 Jerry M. Seitzman (grad student)
Glenn J. RixGeotechnology, Civil Engineering, Geophysics
‪David Zeb Rocklin
Igor A. RomanovskyComputational Materials Science2006 Uzi Landman (grad student)
Salome M. RomeroCivil Engineering, Geology, Geotechnology2001 Glenn J. Rix (grad student)
Damien RontaniElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics2011 Marc Sciamanna (grad student)
Carolyn RuppelGeophysics
Armistead G. RussellEnvironmental Engineering, Atmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences
Gregory M. RutterCondensed Matter Physics2008 Phillip N. First (grad student)
Carlos A. Sa
Edward Carlo SamsonBose-Einstein condensates, AMO Physics, Optical Sciences Physics20122013 Chandra Raman (post-doc)
Robert J. SamuelsMaterials Science Engineering, Optics Physics
J Carlos SantamarinaCivil Engineering, Geophysics
Claudio P. SantiagoOperations Research2009 Earl Barnes (grad student)
Reza SarvariMicroelectronics/Microsystems2009 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Louis Satyanarayan Mechanical Engineering20082010 Nico F. Declercq (post-doc)
Jacob A. SauerAtomic physics2004 Michael Chapman (grad student)
David E. ScarboroughMechanical Engineering, Acoustics Physics, Aerospace Engineering2010 Ben T. Zinn (grad student)
Michael F. Schatz
Gregory M. SchultzGeophysics, Hydrology, Geotechnology2002 Carolyn Ruppel (grad student)
Marc SciamannaElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics
Lenward T. SealsMaterials Science Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2001 James L. Gole (grad student)
Ioannis SechopoulosBiomedical Engineering, Radiology2007 Andrew Karellas (grad student)
Jerry M. SeitzmanAerospace Engineering, Fluid and Plasma Physics
Deepak C. SekarMicroelectronics/Microsystems2008 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Lymarie Semidey FlechaTransport Through Nanoporous Materials, Chiral Surface Chemistry2009 David S. Sholl (grad student)
Denis B. SemwogerereOptics Physics, Mechanical Engineering2003 Michael F. Schatz (grad student)
Kaveh ShakeriMicroelectronics/Microsystems2005 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Jianfei ShaoCondensed Matter Physics2006 Phillip N. First (grad student)
Elena Y. ShchekinovaMolecular Physics2006 Turgay Uzer (grad student)
Hosung ShinCivil Engineering2009 J Carlos Santamarina (grad student)
Deirdre Shoemaker
David S. ShollTransport Through Nanoporous Materials, Chiral Surface Chemistry
Aparna P. ShreenathOptical Physics2005 Rick Trebino (grad student)
Dicky Silitonga Mechanical Engineering2019 Nico F. Declercq (grad student)
Youngjong SimCivil Engineering, Hydrology, Geophysics2004 Leonid N. Germanovich (grad student)
Glenn E. SjodenNuclear Engineering, Radiology, Radiation Physics
Akiva A. SklarMechanical Engineering, Energy2005 Ben T. Zinn (grad student)
Ian T SlagleNMR, XAS
Joel SokolOperations Research, General Biophysics
Nicolas Somers20222023 Mark D. Losego (post-doc)
Leda Soxatmospheric physics, remote sensing
Laura M. SpencerCivil Engineering2010 Glenn J. Rix (grad student)
Roland SperlichElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 James S. Kenney (grad student)
Elizabeth Spiersicy moons, astrobiology, geophysics
Bryan E. Starbuck Mechanical Engineering2021 Nico F. Declercq (grad student)
Adam V. SteeleAtomic physics2008 Michael Chapman (grad student)
Paul G. SteffesElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Remote Sensing, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Ulrich R. Steiger Physics Ronald F. Fox (grad student)
Philippe SucoskyMechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering2005 G Paul Neitzel (grad student)
Christopher J. SummersCondensed Matter Physics, Materials Science Engineering
Balachandra SuriFluid Dynamics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Topology Physics20092020 Michael F. Schatz (grad student)
Sankararaman SuryanarayananBiomedical Engineering, Radiology, Radiation Physics, Medical Biophysics2006 Andrew Karellas (grad student)
Asuka Suzuki-ParkerAtmospheric Sciences2011 Peter J. Webster (grad student)
Roozbeh TabrizianM/NEMS, Solid Acoustics, Micro- / Nano-Fabrication Electrical and Computer Engineering20082013 Farrokh Ayazi (grad student)
Kendra C. TaylorIndustrial Engineering, Operations Research2005 Joel Sokol (grad student)
Hiren D. ThackerMicroelectronics/Microsystems2006 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Naresh N. ThadhaniMaterials Science Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics, Mechanical Engineering
Muruganandam ThiruchengodeAerospace Engineering2006 Jerry M. Seitzman (grad student)
Valerie M. ThomasIndustrial and Systems Engineering, Energy, Sustainability
Jeff TithofCerebrospinal Fluid Flow, Nonlinear Dynamics, Topological Data Analysis Physics20102016 Michael F. Schatz (grad student)
Violeta E. TomaAtmospheric Sciences, Physical Oceanography2008 Peter J. Webster (grad student)
Rick TrebinoOptical Physics
Matthew S. TrotterElectronics and Electrical Engineering2011 Gregory D. Durgin (grad student)
Todd G. UlmerElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics2000 Stephen E. Ralph (grad student)
Turgay UzerMolecular Physics
Cawley D. VaccarellaCondensed Matter Physics2001 Carlos S. de Melo (grad student)
Deepti Vaidyanathan Jonathan P. Dowling (grad student)
Julio R. Valdes R.Civil Engineering, Geotechnology2002 J Carlos Santamarina (grad student)
VarunCivil Engineering, Applied Mechanics2010 Dominic Assimaki (grad student)
Peter M. VaughanOptical Physics2011 Rick Trebino (grad student)
Raguraman VenkatesanMicroelectronics/Microsystems2003 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Carl M. VerberElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics
Johan M. VerheijCivil Engineering, Architecture2005 Godfried Augenbroe (grad student)
Sara C. Vieira AgudeloAtmospheric Sciences2010 Peter J. Webster (grad student)
Skanda Vivek Physics2018 Peter J. Yunker (post-doc)
Philip A. VoglewedeDynamics and controls, Robotics, Active lower limb prostheses, Industrial automation and assembly2004 Imme Ruth Ebert-Uphoff (grad student)
Kostyantyn Y. VolyanskyyDynamical Systems and Control2010 Wassim M. Haddad (grad student)
Bojan VukasinovicMechanical Engineering, Fluid and Plasma Physics2002 Ari Glezer (grad student)
Ziyang WangOptical Physics2005 Rick Trebino (grad student)
Lihui WangMicroelectronics/Microsystems2006 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Yu-Hsing WangCivil Engineering, Geophysics2001 J Carlos Santamarina (grad student)
X.-Q WangAtomic Physics
Debin WangCondensed Matter Physics2010 Elisa Riedo (grad student)
Peter J. WebsterAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics
Christopher WehrenbergMaterials Science Engineering, Electricity and Magnetism Physics, Applied Mechanics2012 Naresh N. Thadhani (grad student)
Yaguang WeiCondensed Matter Physics, Electricity and Magnetism Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2007 Dragomir Davidovic (grad student)
John Vander Weide Mechanical Engineering20062009 Nico F. Declercq (grad student)
Nathan T. WeilandAcoustics Physics, Mechanical Engineering2004 Ben T. Zinn (grad student)
Gisele WelchElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics
Matthew WidlanskyMeteorology, Atmospheric Sciences2010 Peter J. Webster (grad student)
Jamie Wooding20172022 Mark D. Losego (grad student)
Ruiting WuCivil Engineering, Petroleum Engineering2006 Leonid N. Germanovich (grad student)
Chunquan WuGeophysics
Lemuel David Wylynuclear physics
Jiang XiaoCondensed Matter Physics2006 Andrew Zangwill (grad student)
Lin XinAtomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Physics Physics20162022 Michael Chapman (grad student), T A. Brian Kennedy (collaborator)
Lina XuOptical Physics2009 Rick Trebino (grad student)
Xiaoshan XuNanoscience, Nanotechnology, Magnetoelectric, Thin film Materials Physics and Astronomy20002007 Walter A. de Heer (grad student)
Ming Xu Physics Ronald F. Fox (grad student)
Tsuyoshi YamashitaMaterials Science Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics2005 Christopher J. Summers (grad student)
Li YangTheoretical condensedmatter Physics20002006 Mei-Yin Chou (grad student)
James Hyung Suk Yang20092015 Muhannad S. Bakir (grad student)
David Yanni Physics2019 Peter J. Yunker (grad student)
P.K YeungFluid and Plasma Physics, Aerospace Engineering
Pui-Kuen YeungAerospace Engineering, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics
Shuangye YinNanoscience and Nanotechnology2006 Walter A. de Heer (grad student)
Sungsoo YoonCivil Engineering, Geophysics2005 Glenn J. Rix (grad student)
Hyun-suk YoonIndustrial Engineering2006 Joel Sokol (grad student)
Li YouAtomic, molecular, and optical physics
Tae S. YunCivil Engineering, Geology2005 J Carlos Santamarina (grad student)
Farhana ZamanMicroelectronics/Microsystems2012 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Andrew ZangwillCondensed Matter Physics
Payman Zarkesh-HaMicroelectronics/Microsystems2001 James D. Meindl (grad student)
Liyuan ZhangCondensed Matter Physics2007 Dragomir Davidovic (grad student)
Zheshen ZhangElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics, Quantum Physics2011 Abdallah Ougazzaden (grad student)
Zhuomin ZhangMechanical Engineering, Optics Physics
Chaoqi Zhang
Ran Zhao2010 Alexander M. Kuzmich (grad student)
Xunjin ZhuInorganic Chemistry, Medical Biophysics Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering20082011 Christopher W Jones (post-doc)
Yunlong ZiEnergy harvesting, nanogenerator, triboelectric Materials Science and Engineering20142017 Zhong Lin Wang (post-doc)
Ben T. ZinnMechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Acoustics Physics