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Christian Christiansen grad student 1911 Copenhagen University
 (Studier over metallernes elektrontheori)
Joseph John Thomson post-doc 1911 Cambridge
Ernest Rutherford post-doc 1912 University of Manchester


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Oskar Benjamin Klein research assistant Copenhagen University
Hendrik Antonie Kramers research assistant 1916-1919 Copenhagen University
Robert Bruce Lindsay research assistant 1922-1923 Copenhagen University (E-Tree)
Llewellyn H. Thomas research assistant 1925-1926 Københavns Universitet
Subramanyan Chandrasekhar research assistant 1932 Copenhagen University
Homi Jehangir Bhabha research assistant 1935 Københavns Universitet
Albert M.L. Messiah research assistant 1946 Princeton
Hugo Fricke grad student 1918 Københavns Universitet
Svein Rosseland grad student 1920-1924 Copenhagen University
Christian Møller grad student 1933 Københavns Universitet
Aage Niels Bohr grad student 1954 Københavns Universitet
Ramesh Chandra Majumdar post-doc Copenhagen University
Milton Spinoza Plesset post-doc Niels Bohr Institute
Frank Clark Hoyt post-doc 1922-1923 Københavns Universitet
Wolfgang Ernst Pauli post-doc 1922-1923 Københavns Universitet
Harold Clayton Urey post-doc 1924 Copenhagen
John Clarke Slater post-doc 1924-1924 Copenhagen University
Johan Rudolf Katz post-doc 1925 Copenhagen (Chemistry Tree)
Werner Heisenberg post-doc 1924-1925 Københavns Universitet
Walter Heitler post-doc 1926 Københavns Universitet
Werner Kuhn post-doc 1924-1926 Copenhagen University (Chemistry Tree)
David Mathias Dennison post-doc 1927 Københavns Universitet
Linus Carl Pauling post-doc 1927 Copenhagen University (Chemistry Tree)
Isidor Isaac Rabi post-doc 1927 Københavns Universitet
Nevill Francis Mott post-doc 1928 Københavns Universitet
Lothar Wolfgang Nordheim post-doc 1927-1928 Københavns Universitet
Bjørn Trumpy post-doc 1929 Københavns Universitet
George Gamow post-doc 1928-1929 Københavns Universitet
Erich Hückel post-doc 1928-1929 (Chemistry Tree)
Harald Herborg Nielsen post-doc 1929-1930 Københavns Universitet
Max Delbrück post-doc 1931-1931 Copenhagen University
Victor Frederick Weisskopf post-doc 1932 Copenhagen University
Jens Rud Nielsen post-doc 1931-1933 Copenhagen
Hans Kopfermann post-doc 1932-1933 Københavns Universitet
Eugene I. Rabinowitch post-doc 1934 Copenhagen University (Chemistry Tree)
Lev Davydovitch Landau post-doc 1933-1934 Københavns Universitet
Edward Teller post-doc 1933-1934 Københavns Universitet
John Archibald Wheeler post-doc 1934-1935 Copenhagen University
George Placzek post-doc 1932-1938 Københavns Universitet
Thomas Lauritsen post-doc 1939-1940 Københavns Universitet
Abraham Pais post-doc 1946 Copenhagen University
David Powell Shoemaker post-doc 1947-1948 Københavns Universitet (Chemistry Tree)
Hans Kuhn post-doc 1950 Københavns Universitet (Chemistry Tree)
Ben Roy Mottelson post-doc 1950-1951 Københavns Universitet
Calvin Miller Class post-doc 1955 Københavns Universitet
Arthur K. Kerman post-doc 1954-1955 Københavns Universitet
Gernot Eder post-doc 1955-1956 Copenhagen
Yoshio Nishina research scientist
Friedrich Hermann Hund research scientist 1926 Copenhagen University
Hendrik Antonie Kramers research scientist 1919-1926 Copenhagen University
Louis Alexander Turner research scientist 1937-1938 Københavns Universitet
Otto Robert Frisch research scientist 1934-1939 Københavns Universitet
Daniel R. Bès research scientist 1956-1959 Copenhagen University
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