James Hamilton

1938-1943 Queen's University Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom 
 1941-1943 Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies 
 1945-1950 University of Manchester, Manchester, England, United Kingdom 
 1950-1960 University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England, United Kingdom 
 1960-1964 University College London, London, United Kingdom 
 1964-1985 NORDITA, Copenhagen 
mathematics, theoretical physics
"James Hamilton"

(1918 - 2000)
DOI: 10.1088/0959-5309/59/6/302
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Harrie Massey research scientist 1938-1939 Queen's University Belfast
Paul Peter Ewald research scientist 1939-1943 Queen's University Belfast
Walter Heitler research scientist 1941-1943 Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
Erwin Schrödinger research scientist 1941-1943 Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
Patrick M.S. Blackett research scientist 1943-1945 Admiralty scientific service
Patrick M.S. Blackett research scientist 1945-1950 University of Manchester
 (Quantum Theory of Radiation Damping.)
Léon Rosenfeld research scientist 1947-1950 University of Manchester


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Charles Angas Hurst grad student 1950-1952 Cambridge
John Gerald Taylor grad student 1953-1954 Cambridge (Neurotree)
Ian Hunter grad student 1958-1960 Cambridge
Lionel Lovich grad student 1958-1960 Cambridge
Thomas David Spearman grad student 1958-1961 Cambridge
William Stewart Woolcock grad student 1958-1961 Cambridge
Pietro Menotti grad student 1960-1962 UCL
John Kennedy grad student 1960-1963 UCL
G.C. Oades grad student 1960-1963 UCL
Lance Vick grad student 1960-1963 UCL
David Atkinson grad student 1961-1964 UCL
Andrew Lea grad student 1961-1965 UCL
Brian R. Martin grad student 1962-1965 UCL
Henry Nielsen grad student 1964-1970 NORDITA
Jens Lyng Petersen grad student 1964-1970 NORDITA
Esko Pietarinen grad student 1964-1970 NORDITA
Gösta Gustafson grad student 1968-1972 NORDITA
Finn Elvekjaer grad student 1969-1974 NORDITA
Sigmund Waldenstrøm grad student 1969-1974 NORDITA
Ingjald Øverbø grad student 1969-1974 NORDITA
Bjarne Tromborg research scientist 1969-1977 NORDITA


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Richard Arthur Buckingham collaborator 1939-1940 Queen's University Belfast
 (‘The Low Temperature Properties of Gaseous Helium’ - with R.A. Buckingham and H.S.W. Massey, Proc. Roy. Soc. (A) 179, p. 103-122 (1941))
Huanwu Peng collaborator 1941-1943 Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
 (‘Theory of Cosmic Ray Mesons’ - with W. Heitler and H.W. Peng, Phys. Rev. 64, p. 78-94 (1943) ; ‘The Production of Mesons by Light Quanta and Related Processes’ - with H.W. Peng, Proc. Roy. Irish Acad. 49A, p. 197-224 (1944))
Abdus Salam collaborator 1953-1955 Cambridge
 (‘Bound State Representation’ - with A. Salam, Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc. 51, p. 103-112 (1955))
Hans Albrecht Bethe collaborator 1955-1956 Cambridge
 (‘Anti-Proton Annihilation’ - with H.A. Bethe, Nuovo Cimento 4, p. 1-22 (1956))
Hong-Yee Chiu collaborator 1957-1958 Cornell
 (‘[pi symbol]¯ Scattering and Dispersion Relations’ - with H.Y. Chiu, Phys. Rev. Letters, 1, p. 146-147 (1958))
Alexander Donnachie collaborator 1962-1964 UCL
 (‘Semi-phenomenological Solutions of Pion-Nucleon Partial-Wave Dispersion Relations’ - Phys. Rev. 133, p. B1053-B1073 (1964); ‘Prediction of p-, d- and f-Wave Pion-Nucleon Scattering’ - Phys. Rev. 135, p. B515-B539 (1964); ‘The Quantum Numbers of the Nucle)
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