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Hue Sun Chan (Info) University of Toronto sshimizu 2017‑02‑03
T.S. (宗燧) Chang (张) (Info) Cambridge tsunfeng 2018‑09‑01
Hua Chen (Info) Zhejiang University Strongly correlated material, Topological states qassim 2019‑03‑13
Rong Yan Chen (Info) Beijing Normal University qassim 2019‑05‑02
Xiaofei Chen (Info) University of Science & Technology of China pkugeo 2016‑07‑21
Yuandong Dai (Info) Peking University shengwangdu 2018‑02‑03
Shengwang Du (Info) Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Stanford, CU Boulder, Peking University, Nanjing University Atomic Physics, Optics Physics, Quantum Optics, Nonlinear Optics, Optical Microscopy, Bioimaing pq 2016‑03‑12
Sunqi Feng (Info) Peking University hzhouz 2017‑04‑30
Suiyan Fu (Info) Peking University flyljx 2019‑02‑20
Wei Guo (Info) Peking University qassim 2016‑10‑17
Wei Han (Info) Peking University qassim 2016‑10‑12
Wei HUANG (Info) Peking University & Nanjing University of Technology & Fudan University Physical Chemistry, organic electronics gcshan 2013‑08‑05
Shuang Jia (Info) Peking University Condensed Matter Physics pq 2016‑01‑24
Hua Jiang (Info) Soochow University qassim 2016‑10‑04
Ying Jiang (Info) Peking University zhiwen22 2018‑11‑28
Kejia Lee (Info) Peking University uniphy 2019‑08‑17
Jinxing Li (Info) Peking University space physics, radiation belt physics, geophysics flyljx 2019‑02‑20
Yuhang Li (Info) UC Riverside quantum transport; spintronics; magnetism; topological superconductors YuhangLi 2019‑09‑27
Tsung-han Lin (Info) Peking University qassim 2016‑10‑11
Xi Ling (Info) Boston University (charles River Campus) arenasluo 2019‑05‑20
Haiwen Liu (Info) Beijing Normal University qassim 2016‑12‑20
Kaihui Liu (Info) Peking University qassim 2016‑10‑09
Lei Liu (Info) Peking University zhiwen22 2018‑11‑28
Shang Liu (Info) Harvard, Peking University Condensed matter theory liushang 2018‑06‑08
Xiong-Jun Liu (Info) Peking University qassim 2016‑10‑30
Zhirong Liu (Info) Peking University hschan 2019‑03‑11
Jing Lu (Info) Peking University qassim 2016‑10‑09
Wei Lu (Info) Peking University sundong 2019‑03‑16
Qiang Luo (Info) Peking University qassim 2016‑10‑09
Jie Meng (Info) Peking University soderstrom 2011‑05‑02
Qian Niu (Info) UT Austin Condensed Matter Physics pq 2016‑03‑12
Zuyin Pu (Info) Peking University flyljx 2019‑02‑20
Enzheng Shi (Info) Purdue, Peking University carbon nanotube, halide perovskite Enzheng 2019‑11‑01
Junren Shi (Info) CAS, Peking University qassim 2016‑10‑04
Zhiwen Shi (Info) UC Berkeley, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, institute of physics, CAS Condensed matter physics, nano-optics, graphene, plasmonics zhiwen22 2018‑11‑20
Dong Sun (Info) Peking University qassim 2016‑10‑18
Jin-Hua Sun (Info) Ningbo University qassim 2016‑10‑17
Qing-feng Sun (Info) CAS, Peking University qassim 2016‑10‑04
Yi Sun (Info) Peking University qassim 2019‑05‑01
Chao Tang (Info) Peking University Systems Biology Jiawei 2016‑01‑09
Youqi TANG (Info) Peking University & California Institute of Technology Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry gcshan 2013‑08‑06
Enge Wang (Info) CAS, Peking University qassim 2016‑10‑09
Fa Wang (Info) UC Berkeley Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Physics pq 2016‑03‑27
Huai-Yu Wang (Info) Yantai University, Tsinghua Unversity qassim 2016‑10‑09
Jian Wang (Info) Peking University qassim 2019‑05‑01
Nan-Lin Wang (Info) Peking University, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Cryogenic Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Science & Technology of China qassim 2019‑05‑02
Qing-Yan Wang (Info) Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences qassim 2019‑05‑01
Qinsheng Wang (Info) Peking University sundong 2019‑03‑16
J.S. (竹溪) Wang (王) (Info) Tsinghua University statistical mechanics kevinvon 2012‑12‑01
Jian Wei (Info) Peking University qassim 2016‑10‑12
Hangsheng Wu (Info) University of Science & Technology of China leoch 2017‑09‑13
Xincheng Xie (Info) Oklahoma State University General Physics, Condensed Matter Physics pq 2016‑03‑28
Ying Xing (Info) China University of Petroleum qassim 2019‑05‑01
Jiangwei Xu (Info) Peking University Astrophysics uniphy 2019‑08‑17
Yantao Yang (Info) University of Twente, Peking University Bejing DPMvG 2017‑05‑15
Zhi-Cheng Yang (Info) Boston University, Joint Quantum Institute, University of Maryland Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Computing davisyang 2017‑11‑30
Jiangming Yao (Info) UNC Chapel Hill Nuclear Physics jmyao 2017‑05‑18
Dapeng Yu (Info) Peking University hzhouz 2017‑04‑30
Min (敏) Yu (Info) Peking University tsunfeng 2018‑09‑01
Min (敏) Yu (于) (Info) Peking University tsunfeng 2018‑09‑01
Hongzhou Zhang (Info) Trinity College Dublin Helium ion microscopy and nano fabrication hzhouz 2017‑04‑30
Li-yuan Zhang (Info) Peking University qassim 2016‑10‑09
Long Zhang (Info) University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Condensed matter physics leoch 2017‑09‑13
Yi Frank Zhang (Info) Peking University tsyu 2019‑12‑16
Dizhao Zhu (Info) Peking University tsyu 2019‑12‑16
Hejun Zhu (Info) UT Dallas Geophysics, Geology pq 2016‑04‑09
Huai-Bin Zhuang (Info) Peking University qassim 2016‑12‑20
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