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Moritz Demmer (Info) TU Dortmund University High-energy physics MrThoreau 2019‑10‑02
Mohsen Hafez-Torbati (Info) TU Dortmund University GoetzUhrig 2022‑02‑17
Alois Loidl (Info) Center for Electronic Correlations and Magnetism, University of Augsburg solid-state physics, material science, magnetism, ferroelectricity, disordered systems, glasses ALoidl 2022‑05‑02
Carsten Nase (Info) TU Dortmund University GoetzUhrig 2022‑02‑17
Bernhard Spaan (Info) TU Dortmund University, McGill University/Université de Montréal, TU Dresden, TU Dortmund University High-energy physics, medical physics MrThoreau 2019‑10‑02
Götz Silvester Uhrig (Info) TU Dortmund University Strongly correlated systems, quantum magnetism, quantum information vollha 2020‑10‑19
Dieter Vollhardt (Info) University of Augsburg Theoretical condensed matter physics vollha 2019‑02‑20
Zhe Wang (Info) TU Dortmund University ALoidl 2022‑05‑02
Dietrich Burckhardt Wegener (Info) TU Dortmund University, Universität Göttingen High-energy physics MrThoreau 2019‑10‑02
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