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Physics Leiden University, Leiden, Netherlands 
Quantum Optics
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2018 De Sio L, Roberts DE, Liao Z, Hwang J, Tabiryan N, Steeves DM, Kimball BR. Beam shaping diffractive wave plates [Invited]. Applied Optics. 57: A118-A121. PMID 29328136   
2018 Deng N, Liu Z, Wang X, Fu T, Xie W, Dong Y. Distribution of a phase-stabilized 100.02 GHz millimeter-wave signal over a 160 km optical fiber with 4.1 × 10-17 instability. Optics Express. 26: 339-346. PMID 29328310   
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2018 Che D, Sun C, Shieh W. Direct detection of the optical field beyond single polarization mode. Optics Express. 26: 3368-3380. PMID 29401865   
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2018 Sharma S, Eiswirt P, Petter J. Electro optic sensor for high precision absolute distance measurement using multiwavelength interferometry. Optics Express. 26: 3443-3451. PMID 29401872   
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2018 Geng X, Zhong S, Chen G, Ling W, He X, Wei Z, Kim DE. Enhancement of high-order harmonics in a plasma waveguide formed in clustered Ar gas. Optics Express. 26: 3067-3074. PMID 29401839   
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2018 Geng Y, Tan J, Cao Y, Zhao Y, Liu Z, Ding W. Giant and tunable optical torque for micro-motors by increased force arm and resonantly enhanced force. Scientific Reports. 8: 2819. PMID 29434273 DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-21235-x   
2018 Geng Y, Tan J, Cao Y, Zhao Y, Liu Z, Ding W. Giant and tunable optical torque for micro-motors by increased force arm and resonantly enhanced force. Scientific Reports. 8: 2819. PMID 29434273 DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-21235-x   
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