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University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom 

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Year Citation  Score
2021 Baio G, Robb GRM, Yao AM, Oppo GL, Ackemann T. Multiple Self-Organized Phases and Spatial Solitons in Cold Atoms Mediated by Optical Feedback. Physical Review Letters. 126: 203201. PMID 34110195 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.126.203201  1
2020 Morgan J, Hemsing E, McNeil BWJ, Yao A. Free Electron Laser Generation of X-Ray Poincaré Beams New Journal of Physics. 22: 72001. DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/Ab984F  0.01
2019 Yao AM, Gibson CJ, Oppo GL. Control of spatially rotating structures in diffractive Kerr cavities. Optics Express. 27: 31273-31289. PMID 31684362 DOI: 10.1364/OE.27.031273  1
2017 Cameron RP, Götte JB, Barnett SM, Yao AM. Chirality and the angular momentum of light. Philosophical Transactions. Series a, Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences. 375. PMID 28069764 DOI: 10.1098/Rsta.2015.0433  0.01
2016 Bouchard F, Larocque H, Yao AM, Travis C, De Leon I, Rubano A, Karimi E, Oppo GL, Boyd RW. Polarization Shaping for Control of Nonlinear Propagation. Physical Review Letters. 117: 233903. PMID 27982639 DOI: 10.1103/Physrevlett.117.233903  1
2016 Gibson CJ, Yao AM, Oppo GL. Optical Rogue Waves in Vortex Turbulence. Physical Review Letters. 116: 043903. PMID 26871334 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.116.043903  1
2016 Gibson CJ, Yao AM, Oppo GL. Optical Rogue Waves in Vortex Turbulence Physical Review Letters. 116. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.116.043903  1
2016 Barnett SM, Allen L, Cameron RP, Gilson CR, Padgett MJ, Speirits FC, Yao AM. On the natures of the spin and orbital parts of optical angular momentum Journal of Optics (United Kingdom). 18. DOI: 10.1088/2040-8978/18/6/064004  1
2014 Dugan VG, Emrich SJ, Giraldo-Calderón GI, Harb OS, Newman RM, Pickett BE, Schriml LM, Stockwell TB, Stoeckert CJ, Sullivan DE, Singh I, Ward DV, Yao A, Zheng J, Barrett T, et al. Standardized metadata for human pathogen/vector genomic sequences. Plos One. 9: e99979. PMID 24936976 DOI: 10.1371/Journal.Pone.0099979  1
2014 Cameron RP, Yao AM, Barnett SM. Diffraction gratings for chiral molecules and their applications. The Journal of Physical Chemistry. A. 118: 3472-8. PMID 24655409 DOI: 10.1021/Jp500319X  1
2014 Yao AM, Brougham T, Eleftheriadou E, Padgett MJ, Barnett SM. Entropic uncertainty minimum for angle and angular momentum Journal of Optics (United Kingdom). 16. DOI: 10.1088/2040-8978/16/10/105404  1
2014 Cameron RP, Barnett SM, Yao AM. Discriminatory optical force for chiral molecules New Journal of Physics. 16. DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/16/1/013020  1
2014 Cameron RP, Barnett SM, Yao AM. Optical helicity of interfering waves Journal of Modern Optics. 61: 25-31. DOI: 10.1080/09500340.2013.829874  1
2012 Izdebski F, Leach J, Warburton RE, Ireland DG, Barnett SM, Yao AM, Buller GS, Padgett MJ. Quantum correlations in position, momentum and intermediate bases, measured using fiber arrays Proceedings of Spie - the International Society For Optical Engineering. 8274. DOI: 10.1117/12.912055  1
2012 Barnett SM, Cameron RP, Yao AM. Duplex symmetry and its relation to the conservation of optical helicity Physical Review a - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics. 86. DOI: 10.1103/Physreva.86.013845  1
2012 Leach J, Warburton RE, Ireland DG, Izdebski F, Barnett SM, Yao AM, Buller GS, Padgett MJ. Quantum correlations in position, momentum, and intermediate bases for a full optical field of view Physical Review a - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics. 85. DOI: 10.1103/Physreva.85.013827  1
2012 Cameron RP, Barnett SM, Yao AM. Optical helicity, optical spin and related quantities in electromagnetic theory New Journal of Physics. 14. DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/14/5/053050  1
2011 Romero MJ, Giovannini D, Yao A, Barnett S, Padgett M. Engineering of spiral spectrum and angular correlations by tuning crystal orientation Frontiers in Optics. DOI: 10.1364/Fio.2011.Fthz2  0.01
2011 Miatto FM, Yao AM, Barnett SM. Full characterization of the quantum spiral bandwidth of entangled biphotons Physical Review a - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics. 83. DOI: 10.1103/Physreva.83.033816  1
2011 Barnett SM, Yao AM, Miatto FM, Allen ML, Pegg DT, Götte J, Padgett MJ, Jack B, Romero J, Franke-Arnold S, Ireland DG, Yao E, Courtial J, Boyd RW, Leach J, et al. Quantum description of the angular coordinate and angular momentum Optics Infobase Conference Papers 1
2011 Miatto FM, Yao AM, Barnett SM, Padgett MJ, Jack B, Romero J. Investigating the entanglement structure of down-converted photon pairs Optics Infobase Conference Papers 1
2010 Leach J, Jack B, Romero J, Jha AK, Yao AM, Franke-Arnold S, Ireland DG, Boyd RW, Barnett SM, Padgett MJ. Quantum correlations in optical angle-orbital angular momentum variables. Science (New York, N.Y.). 329: 662-5. PMID 20689014 DOI: 10.1126/Science.1190523  1
2010 Tassieri M, Gibson GM, Evans RM, Yao AM, Warren R, Padgett MJ, Cooper JM. Measuring storage and loss moduli using optical tweezers: broadband microrheology. Physical Review. E, Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics. 81: 026308. PMID 20365652  0.01
2010 Curran A, Yao AM, Gibson GM, Bowman R, Cooper JM, Padgett ML. Real time characterization of hydrodynamics in optically trapped networks of micro-particles. Journal of Biophotonics. 3: 244-51. PMID 20301124 DOI: 10.1002/jbio.201000003  0.01
2010 Boyd RW, Leach J, Jack B, Romero J, Jha AK, Yao AM, Franke-Arnold S, Ireland DG, Barnett SM, Padgett MJ. New twist on light beams for quantum information science Optics and Photonics News. 21: 48. DOI: 10.1364/Opn.21.12.000048  1
2010 Jack B, Yao AM, Leach J, Romero J, Franke-Arnold S, Ireland DG, Barnett SM, Padgett MJ. Entanglement of arbitrary superpositions of modes within two-dimensional orbital angular momentum state spaces Physical Review a - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics. 81. DOI: 10.1103/Physreva.81.043844  1
2009 Yao A, Tassieri M, Padgett M, Cooper J. Microrheology with optical tweezers. Lab On a Chip. 9: 2568-75. PMID 19680580 DOI: 10.1039/B907992K  0.01
2009 Keen S, Yao A, Leach J, Di Leonardo R, Saunter C, Love G, Cooper J, Padgett M. Multipoint viscosity measurements in microfluidic channels using optical tweezers. Lab On a Chip. 9: 2059-62. PMID 19568675 DOI: 10.1039/B900934E  1
2009 Oppo GL, Yao A, Prati F, Valcarcel GJd. Long-term spatiotemporal dynamics of solid-state lasers and vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers Physical Review A. 79: 33824. DOI: 10.1103/Physreva.79.033824  1
2006 Yao A, Charlab R, Li P. Systematic identification of pseudogenes through whole genome expression evidence profiling. Nucleic Acids Research. 34: 4477-85. PMID 16945953 DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkl591  0.01
2006 Ackemann T, Tanguy Y, Scroggie A, Yao A, Firth WJ, Oppo G-, Paulau P, Naumenko AV, Loiko NA, Jaeger R. Realization of a Cavity-soliton Laser Based on Broad-area Vertical-cavity Devices with Frequency-selective Feedback Piers Online. 2: 720-722. DOI: 10.2529/Piers060903061559  1
2006 Firth WJ, Yao AM. Master equation for misaligned cavities Journal of Modern Optics. 53: 2005-2010. DOI: 10.1080/09500340600787424  1
2005 Firth WJ, Yao AM. Giant excess noise and transient gain in misaligned laser cavities. Physical Review Letters. 95: 073903. PMID 16196783 DOI: 10.1103/Physrevlett.95.073903  1
2005 Florea L, Di Francesco V, Miller J, Turner R, Yao A, Harris M, Walenz B, Mobarry C, Merkulov GV, Charlab R, Dew I, Deng Z, Istrail S, Li P, Sutton G. Gene and alternative splicing annotation with AIR. Genome Research. 15: 54-66. PMID 15632090 DOI: 10.1101/Gr.2889405  1
2002 Mural RJ, Adams MD, Myers EW, Smith HO, Miklos GL, Wides R, Halpern A, Li PW, Sutton GG, Nadeau J, Salzberg SL, Holt RA, Kodira CD, Lu F, Chen L, ... ... Yao A, et al. A comparison of whole-genome shotgun-derived mouse chromosome 16 and the human genome. Science (New York, N.Y.). 296: 1661-71. PMID 12040188 DOI: 10.1126/Science.1069193  1
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2020 Viola S, Chen Z, Yao AM, Valyrakis M, Kelly AE, McKee D, Lavery MPJ. Degradation of light carrying orbital angular momentum by ballistic scattering Physical Review Research. 2. DOI: 10.1103/PHYSREVRESEARCH.2.033093  0.01
2020 Baio G, Robb GRM, Yao AM, Oppo G. Optomechanical transport of cold atoms induced by structured light Physical Review Research. 2. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevResearch.2.023126  0.01
2020 McArthur D, Yao AM, Papoff F. Scattering of light with angular momentum from an array of particles Physical Review Research. 2. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevResearch.2.013100  0.01
2018 Gibson CJ, Bevington P, Oppo G, Yao AM. Control of polarization rotation in nonlinear propagation of fully structured light Physical Review A. 97. DOI: 10.1103/PHYSREVA.97.033832  0.01
2013 Oppo G, Yao AM, Cuozzo D. Self-organization, pattern formation, cavity solitons, and rogue waves in singly resonant optical parametric oscillators Physical Review A. 88. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.88.043813  0.01
2012 Miatto FM, Brougham T, Yao AM. Cartesian and polar Schmidt bases for down-converted photons The European Physical Journal D. 66. DOI: 10.1140/Epjd/E2012-30063-Y  0.01
2011 Yao AM, Padgett MJ. Orbital angular momentum: origins, behavior and applications Advances in Optics and Photonics. 3: 161. DOI: 10.1364/AOP.3.000161  0.01
2011 Yao AM. Angular momentum decomposition of entangled photons with an arbitrary pump New Journal of Physics. 13: 053048. DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/13/5/053048  0.01
2010 McIntyre C, Yao AM, Oppo G-, Prati F, Tissoni G. All-optical delay line based on a cavity soliton laser with injection Physical Review A. 81. DOI: 10.1103/PHYSREVA.81.013838  0.01
2009 Yao AM, Keen SAJ, Burnham DR, Leach J, Leonardo RD, McGloin D, Padgett MJ. Underdamped modes in a hydrodynamically coupled microparticle system New Journal of Physics. 11: 053007. DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/11/5/053007  0.01
2002 Holt RA, Subramanian GM, Halpern A, Sutton GG, Charlab R, Nusskern DR, Wincker P, Clark AG, Ribeiro JM, Wides R, Salzberg SL, Loftus B, Yandell M, Majoros WH, Rusch DB, ... ... Yao A, et al. The genome sequence of the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae. Science (New York, N.Y.). 298: 129-49. PMID 12364791 DOI: 10.1126/Science.1076181  0.01
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