Medical College of Wisconsin

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Karima Ait-Aissa Medicine and Physiolgy20152018 Andreas M. Beyer (post-doc)
Andreas M. BeyerCardio-Oncolgy, Microcirculation, mitochondria Physiolgy Medicine20112012 Julian H. Lombard (post-doc), David D. Gutterman (research scientist)
Lukas Brand Medicine and Physiolgy2021 Andreas M. Beyer (grad student)
Dawid Chabowski Pharmacolgy Pharmacolgy20142019 Andreas M. Beyer (grad student), David D. Gutterman (grad student)
Karen Clark Medicine and Physiolgy2022 Andreas M. Beyer (post-doc)
Andrew S. Greene Physiology20012012 Allen W. Cowley (post-doc), Michael Olivier (collaborator)
David D. Gutterman
Stephen Hammond Medicine and Physiolgy2023 Andreas M. Beyer (post-doc)
Marry Hidde Medicine and Physiolgy20222023 Andreas M. Beyer (post-doc)
Cristhian Gutierrez Huerta Medicine and Physiolgy2020 Andreas M. Beyer (grad student)
Whilliam Hughes Medicine and Physiolgy20182024 Andreas M. Beyer (post-doc)
Andrew O Kadlec Medicine and Physiolgy Physiolgy20142018 Andreas M. Beyer (grad student), David D. Gutterman (grad student)
Janee Terwoord Medicine and Physiolgy20202022 Andreas M. Beyer (post-doc)