University of California, Berkeley

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Edward Arens
David AttwellNeuron-glia interactions Frank S. Werblin (post-doc)
Colin BlakemoreVisual development Neurosensory Laboratory19661970 Horace Barlow (grad student), John D. Pettigrew (collaborator)
Sumner Cushing Brookscellular biology
Hubert R. Catchpole1933 Herbert McLean Evans (grad student)
Asa Crawford ChandlerParasitology Zoology1914 Charles A. Kofoid (grad student)
Herbert McLean Evans
Davide FilingeriEnvironmental Physiology, Thermoregulation, Somatosensory Neurophysiology Center for Environmental Design Research2015 Edward Arens (post-doc)
Peying Fongion transport in non-excitable cells Rick Steinhardt (post-doc)
Charles Richard Grauavian nutrition Animal Nutrition1946 Lewis Walter Taylor (grad student), Herman James Almquist (grad student)
Louis JacobsonPlant biochemistry1943 James Percy Bennett (grad student)
John Hundale Lawrencepioneer of nuclear medicine
Robert I. Maceymembrane transport, human physiology
Lorin John MullinsInteraction of Ions with Excitable Membranes1940 Sumner Cushing Brooks (grad student)
Charles Samuel Nicoll
Therese E. Peffer Architecture2009 Edward Arens (grad student)
Sharon May RussellPhysiology
Lincoln TaizPlant development, Plant physiology1971 Russell L Jones (grad student)
Paola S. TimirasNeurobiology of Aging