University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Heather A. AdamsBioinformatics2010 Sandra L. Rodriguez-Zas (grad student)
Marlene Joan Adrian
Philip M. Bestcalcium channels
M. Joan Dawson Medical Information Sciences19852007 Paul Christian Lauterbur (collaborator)
Kristin R. DelfinoBioinformatics Animal Sciences2013 Sandra L. Rodriguez-Zas (grad student)
Hugo Eilerreproductive physiology and clinical endocrinology1976 Andrew V. Nalbandov (grad student)
Robert Eugene JohnsonExercise Physiology
Andrew V. Nalbandovreproductive physiology
Sandra L. Rodriguez-ZasGenetic architecture of health, social behavior, agricultural and other complex characteristics; biostatistics and informatics20052010 Tyler A. Zimmerman (collaborator)
Frederick SargentBiometeorology
Frederic Russell Steggerda
Charles Muzzy Tipton1962 Frederic Russell Steggerda (grad student)
Ray L. WattersonEmbryology