Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Edgar Allenendocrinology, sex hormones
Georgia Anyatonwu20012006 Barbara E. Ehrlich (grad student)
Denis A. Baylorvision John G. Nicholls (post-doc)
Jennifer Benbow Pharmacology20092011 Barbara E. Ehrlich (post-doc)
Hubert R. Catchpole1937 Abraham White (research scientist)
Andjelka Celic Pharmacology20062010 Barbara E. Ehrlich (post-doc)
David Colquhoun J Murdoch Ritchie (post-doc)
Derek Ernst Denny-BrownNeurology1936 John Farquhar Fulton (research scientist)
Anthony DePass Pharmacology19981999 Barbara E. Ehrlich (post-doc)
Barbara E. EhrlichIntracellular Signaling
Manuel Estrada Pharmacology20032006 Barbara E. Ehrlich (post-doc)
Kathryn M. FergusonBiochemistry, Molecular Biology1996 Paul B. Sigler (grad student)
Colleen N. Feriod20102014 Barbara E. Ehrlich (grad student)
Craig Gibson20032008 Barbara E. Ehrlich (grad student)
Ivana Y. Kuo Pharmacology2010 Barbara E. Ehrlich (post-doc)
Ivana K. Kuo Pharmacology2010 Barbara E. Ehrlich (post-doc)
Fernando Lemos
Fernanda Lemos Pharmacology2014 Barbara E. Ehrlich (post-doc)
Phedra Marius Pharmacology20022003 Barbara E. Ehrlich (post-doc)
Robert W MercerStructure and function of cation transport proteins; molecular biology of the Na, K-ATPase; membrane proteins in cultured epithelial cells Edward J. Benz (post-doc)
Michelle Mo Pharmacology20082012 Barbara E. Ehrlich (grad student)
Precious Mabel Nelsonvitamin content of foods1923 Lafayette Benedict Mendel (grad student)
Lien Nguyen Neuroscience2015 Barbara E. Ehrlich (grad student)
Jere Paavola Pharmacology20082010 Barbara E. Ehrlich (post-doc)
Luigi ProvasoliPhycology
Rajini RaoYeast biology, Ion transport, Fungicides19881992 Carolyn W. Slayman (post-doc)
Juliana Rengifo Physiology20012006 Barbara E. Ehrlich (grad student)
Juliana Rengifo Gomez2006 Barbara E. Ehrlich (grad student)
Carolyn W. SlaymanGenetics of Ion Transport
Clifford Leroy Slayman Carolyn W. Slayman (collaborator)
Frank Striggow
Edwin Thrower Pharmacology19992002 Barbara E. Ehrlich (post-doc)
Per Uhlen Pharmacology20042006 Barbara E. Ehrlich (post-doc)
Abraham Whiteprotein hormones of the pituitary